Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 8, 1954

Catholicism And The Bible: "Is The Bible The Sole Guide?"

R. Ervin Driskill, Birmingham, Alabama

The answer given by Roman Catholics, to the above question, is NO! (Ledger-Inquirer, Parade Section, p. 24) Quote: "Catholics have a genuine love and respect for the Bible. It could not be otherwise, for the Catholic Church is the Mother of the Bible. But we do not agree with the modern theory that the Bible is the one and only source of religious truth."

We of the church of Christ believe that such an attitude toward the Word of God, is unwarranted and can ultimately lead to the same condition that exists in Italy and many other Catholic dominated countries. By now the world knows of the doors of churches of Christ meeting places being closed, recently, by the Italian government. Anyone, who is familiar with the decrees of the pope and the history of the Roman Catholic Church, knows why the doors of the churches of Christ were closed. Truth and error always clash and when the Word of God is preached, where error exists (and it certainly exists in Italy) trouble will arise. It was true in Paul's day; wherever he went, with the Word of God, there was a revival or a riot. Paul, no doubt, lost his life in Rome because he preached ONLY THAT WHICH IS NOW IN THE BIBLE. Today, Paul's brethren are being persecuted for preaching the same doctrine, only now it is those who profess Christianity that are doing the persecuting. I can prove (if I am challenged) that the same will be done in America, if the Romish Church gets the political power to do it.

The church of Christ is willing to meet the Catholic Church (including the Pope) and discuss these issues publicly. We will affirm: "The New Testament is the Supreme Authority in the Christian Religion" . . . Will the Catholic Church deny it? Or, will the Catholic Church affirm: "The Catholic Church is the Mother of the Bible"? . . .. We will deny it. It is easy for the people to make these wild assertions but "methinks" they know their assertions cannot be proved hence, will decline.

Jesus said the Holy Spirit would teach the apostles all things and guide them into all the truth. (John 14:26; 16:113) Now, early Christians had revealed unto them (by these inspired apostles) all truth (Acts 20:20, 27); Paul kept back "nothing that was for their good" he declared the whole council of God; he not only declared it but he and John wrote it down (John 20:30, 31; Eph. 3:3) and they were to read it so they could understand it and believe it. That which they had declared and written is inspired (2 Tim. 3:16) and this inspired scripture will make the man of God perfect or completely equip him for every good work. (2 Tim. 3:17) This is the thing for which we are to contend (Jude 3) and we are "set for the defense of the gospel." (Phil. 1:17) The Bible thus affirms its all sufficiency; Catholics deny it and yet, claim to have a "genuine love and respect for it."

There are literally hundreds of things taught and practiced by the Catholic Church which the inspired book does not teach. This is one, of many evidences that prove the Catholic Church is not the "Mother of the Bible." These are things which no inspired man ever taught yet, they (inspired men) revealed all truth; therefore, these things are no part of the truth. Paul and other inspired men preached and taught the truth — these Catholic practices were not taught by these inspired men hence, they are false. If false they stand condemned before God. (Gal. 1:8, 9)

The Bible thus affirms its supreme authority and the Catholic assertion of it being a "modern theory" is groundless. These are facts (if the Bible is inspired) and facts are not theories. The Old Testament scriptures existed centuries before there was a Catholic Church. It was to the Jews the oracles of God were committed and yet Catholics have the unmitigated gall to say they gave us the Bible. The Sinaitic manuscript (one of the three oldest) dates back to about 350 A.D. (according to scholars) and this is long before history reveals a pope. But, the Sinaitic is a copy showing the New Testament existed long before the Romish Church. The Sinaitic is the only one of the three oldest manuscripts that contains the whole of the New Testament (with the exception of the last seven verses of Mark 16) The Vatican manuscript (possessed by Catholics) ends with Hebrews 9:14. "Our" Bible is a translation of the Vatican, the Sinaitic and the Alexandrian; the Catholics have never had possession of the last two and yet, they say, "WE ARE THE MOTHER OF THE BIBLE." It just simply isn't so!

The Old Testament, of the Catholic Bible, has seven books which "our" Bible does not contain. The Jews have never recognized these books. If the Catholics gave us the Bible then, "ours" would contain these books. To us, these are serious matters and, "they shall not pass."