Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 25, 1954
NUMBER 45, PAGE 14-15


Herbert L. Newman

Ralph Edmunson, 1708 Avenue "H", Plano, Texas, March 4: "Since moving to Plano from Wolfe City six months ago, one has been baptized and four have joined the disciples here. We publish a monthly paper which is mailed out to all the citizens of Plano, teaching the gospel. I printed Malcomb Hinckley's article on "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke" in tract form. They are available at one cent each in quantities over ten."

Louis J. Sharp, Little Rock, Arkansas, March 3: "During the past month we had two baptisms, two by membership, and two restored at the East Side congregation. Our Bible School average was 102 and contribution averaged better than $150 per week. This is our best month since our beginning. We have our first anniversary March 14. The work is looking better and prospects brighter for a good year."

Willis G. Jernigan, 1401 Ash St., Commerce, Texas, March 3: "Two were baptized during the month of February while two placed membership. Our spring meeting begins March 15 with Brother John W. Young of Beaumont as preacher."

R. L. Yancey, Box 31, Aledo, Texas, March 4: "Last Lord's Day (Feb. 28) we had two more baptisms and two to confess faults. These, with others in recent weeks, encourage us to believe we are making at least some progress in our work. We have been hoping to that end."

J. Lee Hines, Paden City, West Virginia, March 3: "The Paden City Church has just closed a two weeks meeting with Brother James Galagher, Barnsville, Ohio, doing the preaching. The preaching was true to the Bible. Five were restored, including one from the Christian Church."

Notice of Change In Address PAUL FOUTZ 125 Varsity Circle Arlington, Texas (Formerly — 111 Avenue "K", Sweetwater, Texas)

W. Earl Mansur, 241 E. Arlight, Monterey Park, California, March 1: "Two were restored and two were identified yesterday as the church in Montebello continues to grow. Bill Thompson of Groveton, Texas, will do the preaching in our Spring Meeting, May 16 through the 23. When in this area worship with us at 536 N. Poplar, Montebello."

Ward Hogland, 1900 Jenny Lind, Fort Smith, Arkansas, March 11: "If you know of service men stationed at Camp Chaffee, please send me their full name and complete address. We will see that they receive an invitation, as well as information relative to church services. The work here at Park Hill is encouraging."

Forrest Darrell Moyer, 18 W. Crescent Drive, San Rafael, California, March 11: "On February 21 I concluded my work with the church in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The almost three years of my work there were the most pleasant of my life. The church in Tucumcari is a good church with four fine elders zealous of good works. We believe that much good was accomplished in Tucumcari. A new building was erected that will be an asset to the church in years to come. During January and February there were twenty-three to respond to the invitation. Sunday. March 7. I began work with the church in San Rafael, California. We are trusting in the Lord to give the increase as we plant and water. Please note my change of address."

Robert L. (Bob) Craig, Lometa, Texas, March 10: "I am now working with the church in Lometa. This is a good church and an excellent work was done by Bob Bolton who preceded me. We have a daily radio program at 1 p.m. and a Sunday program at 10:45 over KCYL, 1450 kc. Before leaving Lockhart three were baptized and one restored."

M. C. Cuthbertson, 11464 Washington Place, Apt. C, Culver City, California: "Our work continues to make improvement. Two by membership and a fine young man, from an outside family, baptized, recently. I am to be with the church in Redlands, California, during the first part of April, for a meeting. Have recently spoken at Central Church in Long Beach, and at Venice, on Wednesday evenings."

S. L. Edwards, P. O. Box 142, Tipton, Oklahoma, March 9: "My family and I have just moved to Tipton, Oklahoma. We began our work with the church here last Lord's day. This promises to be a good work. We left the church in La Marque, Texas, after almost three of the most pleasant and profitable years of our life. The congregation in La Marque is zealous and growing. They have just completed a new auditorium which seats 435 and thirteen new class rooms. This is one of the best congregations in the country, and the people who comprise it are some of God's best. Note my new address."

Oaks Gowen, 332 Hobson. Hot Springs, Arkansas, March 15: "The date of our meeting has been changed from April 4-14, to April 18 through 25. Brother Foy E. Wallace, Jr., is to do the preaching. One placed membership and one was baptized yesterday. When in Hot Springs worship with us."

Arrangements Complete For Humble - Garrett Debate In Kansas City

All the necessary arrangements have now been completed for the debate in Kansas City, Missouri, between Leroy Garrett of Dallas, Texas, and Bill J. Humble, who preaches for the 39th and Flora Church in Kansas City. The dates are April 20-25, 1954, with a two hour session each evening. The place will be Ivanhoe Masonic Temple, located at Linwood Blvd. and Park in Kansas City. This auditorium seats well over 1500 people, assuring adequate seating facilities for the many visitors who are expected to attend.

The first night Bill Humble will affirm, "It is scriptural for a congregation with elders to employ a gospel preacher (evangelist) to preach the gospel regularly to the church." The second night Leroy Garrett will affirm that it is unscriptural for this to be done. The third night Brother Humble will affirm, "The organization by Christians of schools like Florida Christian College is in harmony with the New Testament." And the last night, Brother Garrett will affirm that the organization of such schools is not in harmony with the New Testament.

Immediately following the debate, on April 25, G. K. Wallace will begin a meeting with the 39th and Flora Church.

Horace Hinds, Harlan, Iowa, March 11: "If the faithful brethren could envision the dangers to the peace of the brotherhood from the lamentable experience suffered from the wave of broadmindedness that arrested the progress of the restoration movement in the latter half of the past century, they could more easily comprehend the importance of an ably supported conservative journal as a restraining influence upon the too liberal minds that will certainly head us again toward disaster upon the rocks. The Gospel Guardian will render a valuable service in this field and at an opportune time."

Thomas B. Warren, 4307 N. E. 28th Street, Fort Worth, Texas, March 1: "During the last week of March of last Year, the Eastridge congregation in Fort Worth was begun. This congregation came into being because of the zeal, vision, and sacrifice of the brethren of the Riverside congregation in Fort Worth. Brother Claude A. Guild labors with the Riverside congregation. No previous report of the work here has been made. During the first ten months of its existence, the congregation in Eastridge has had great cause for rejoicing. During this period there have been 200 .people milord to the Lord's invitation. Of these, 43 were baptized, 70 restored. The rest were identified as faithful Christians desiring to work here. Three men have been appointed as elders and three as deacons. The elders are Frank O.Allen, Wade L. Banowsky, and W. L. Burlison. The deacons are T. L. Cannon, Beryl Hooten, and Marvin Miller. The membership of Eastridge now stands at 384. Attendance in Bible Study is now averaging 400. We rejoice in the power of the gospel. When in Fort Worth worship with us at 4307 N. E. 28th Street, which is Highway 183."

Vaughn D. Shofner, 2002 Sixtieth Street, Lubbock, Texas, March 8: "March 7th marked the 52nd Lord's day the church has been meeting in Vandelia Village. This Sunday also marked the close of a meeting in which W. R. Jones preached, baptizing three and restoring eight. One year ago 135 people signed membership cards, and there are now 249 members. During the last month of the first year Sunday morning Bible study averaged 287 per Sunday, with a high attendance of 342, and the contribution averaged $452 per week. Thirty have been baptized and 22 restored during this first year."

Joie H. Morris, 2707 Kentucky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, March 1: "Clements Street work moves on. One baptized last Wednesday evening and one identified yesterday. Two hundred fifty-two in mid-week Bible study, 332 in Lord's day Bible school, 54 ladies in Wednesday Ladies Bible class. We had a fine singing school for ten days with Brother C. H. Woodruff recently."

Willis W. Cheatham, P. O. Box 1727, Hughes Springs, Texas, March 1: "During January and February seven confessed sins, one was baptized, and one was restored. R. D. Simmons of Los Angeles, California, begins a meeting here April 12. I have time for other meetings this summer. Any who may desire my services may contact me at the above address."

W. S. Boyett, 1320 W. Fourth Street, Pecos, Texas, March 1: "February was a good month for the work in this congregation. We had an average of 231 in Bible Study attendance. The contribution average $467.33 per week. There were six additions to the number. Considerable work was done on our Bible Study building and we hope to have this completed soon. Of the number added there were two baptisms, two restored and two placed membership."

Garin Rutherford, 1619 Jackson Ave., Loveland, Colorado, March 4: "The church in Loveland concluded a ten-day gospel meeting March 3. Delma Cherry and Travis Mimms, both of Loveland, led the singing. Interest was good. This was especially true when the subjects, 'Why I Left the Roman Catholic Church' and 'The Doctrine of Mary As Taught By the Roman Catholic Church' were discussed by Paul Woods, of Albion, Nebraska. Paul was a Catholic for about twenty-three years and prepared his Master's thesis on the doctrine of Mary. Churches should consider Brother Woods for a discussion of these subjects. He will help members of the church to understand the doctrine of the Catholic Church. His reasons for leaving the Catholic Church will be helpful in winning those of that faith to the Truth, and his background enables him to discuss the subject with any Catholic that can be interested. One who had been a Lutheran for many years and the father of a high school boy and girl was baptized."

Elvis E. Bozarth, T/Sgt, 532000 USMC, HqBn Spec Serv, 1st Marine Division, FMF, c/o FPO, San Francisco, California: "The Seoul Military Post Chapel where the Armed Forces church meets has moved to South Post, 8th Army, Yongsan, Hut 232. Our Bible class meets at 1:00 p.m. and worship and preaching at 2:00 p.m. Brother David Sprague (Chaplain) and I alternate in preaching. No more winter clothing is needed for this year. Please send summer clothing to me. Perhaps in six months no more clothing will be needed. We were saddened last week by the passing of Sister S. K. Dong in Seoul. Funeral services were held in their home on March 6th. We believe she was a fine Christian woman, and this fact will bring solace to her loved ones left. There is a good possibility I will get a leave to Hong Kong, China, sometime in the summer. My principal reason for desiring to go is to find any Christians that may be there and report my findings to those who may be interested in working there for the Lord. Those who may know of Christians there are requested to write me."

Bible Lectureship West Avenue Church Of Christ

West Avenue and Sherwood Drive San Antonio, Texas April 5th - April 9th Each Evening at 7:30 Theme: "The New Testament Church"


Monday, April 5th: "Church Leadership" — Melvin J. Wise Tuesday, April 6th: "The Work of the Church" — Harrell A. Collard

Wednesday, April 7th: "The Worship of the Church" — Trine Starnes

Thursday, April 8th: "Dangers Confronting the Church" — Glenn L. Wallace

Friday, April 9th: "Identifying the Church" — H. I. Taylor We especially invite our friends of the San Antonio area to attend this series of lectures. We are making plans to seat the largest audiences ever to attend a series of services at the West Avenue Church."