Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 11, 1954


Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Major) USAF, P. O. Box 207, Boerne, Texas, February 14: "One hundred seventy attended our service at 1:00 p.m. today in Chapel No. 4 at Lackland Air Force Base. Eight Airmen have been restored since last report, and two have been baptized. Among the latter, a Methodist from Corinth, Mississippi."

Hear Howard's Radio Sermons

Preachers interested in preaching the gospel will support a very worthy cause if they will announce, advertise, and help support broadcasts heard each Sunday night. Brother V. E. Howard is a splendid preacher, especially on radio. He receives thousands of requests from all sorts of people. He reaches the entire nation, Alaska, Canada, and lands to the south. He needs the help of some gospel preacher to get proper answers to hundreds of serious inquiries he gets in letters asking free copies of his sermons.

Tune in XEG at the 1050 spot at 9:30 any Sunday night, or if to the western side of the country you can hear tape recordings of the same at the 800 spot at 11:00 o'clock in the evening, Central Standard Time. He gets this splendid coverage for only $70 a week for each program. I hope preachers will publicize these broadcasts among brethren everywhere.

— W. W. Freeman, Commerce, Texas

NewsReport From Seoul, Korea

In the December 22 issue of the Christian Leader Brother Burton Coffman wrote an article about his Air Force preaching "mission" in the Far East and reported on conditions of the church in South Korea. In discussing the need for clothing among the Koreans and methods of sending this clothing he says, "Chaplain (Major) W. M. McInnis, Base Chaplain at K-9 concurs in the view that used clothing is greatly needed and also states that it is most impractical to try to send the stuff through GI personnel. In fact, most of the material thus sent is liable to be used at the convenience of the military for indiscriminate charity rather than as intended."

I am sorry Brother Coffman has depended on a denominational preacher for advice on Christians sending relief packages to needy Christians. If he had taken time when he was in Seoul to visit with Christian GI's, or had asked one Christian GI who flew from Seoul to Pusan for a short visit with him, he would have learned that it is NOT "impractical" to send clothing to us for distribution to the Korean Christians. He would also have learned that not one package sent to us has been "used at the convenience of the military for indiscriminate charity." He would also have learned that the Chaplains of the various units have turned over to us packages to give to members of the church which had been sent for "indiscriminate charity." Brother Choong Mo Dong would have told him the same thing we were told, that many packages sent to Korean Christians direct have ended up with denominational groups because the postal officials were either prejudiced or negligent. Such does not happen when you send packages to Christian GI's. Brother Coffman is the first person, American or Korean, that I know of to advise against sending packages to us for distribution.

Last week Brother George Ware (Army Lt.), was given five days and a truck to deliver more than 60 packages, two tents and rice from Seoul to Pusan for the Christians there who recently lost their homes. There are six preachers in Seoul who can testify to the number of relief packages we have turned over to them. WE appreciate your fellowship, ask that you continue to send the packages to us, and assure you that we will not allow any of it to be "used at the convenience of the military for indiscriminate charity."

ELVIS E. BOZARTH T/Sgt., USMC Hq. En. Spec. Serv., lst Marine Division

c/o FPO, San Francisco, Cal.

Bill Cavender, '7724 Mohawk Dr., Dallas 19, Texas, Feb. 20: "Three restored, three baptized at Love Field Church since last report. Of those baptized, one was a Baptist and another a Methodist. Construction of our new building is moving along rapidly."

Doyle Banta, Box 205 West Helena, Arkansas, Feb. 26: "We met in the new wing of our building on Feb. 7. At present we can seat 500. Carrel Trent just closed a very successful Bible Teacher Training study with us."

Foy Short To Return After Seven Years In Africa

The Foy Short family plans to return to the States this summer for the first "furlough" since they went to Africa seven years ago.

During the past year the young congregation of English-speaking Europeans (whites) in Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, where Brother Short labors, made a remarkable growth. Sixteen were baptized and seven members moved in from other places, more than doubling the membership of the congregation. There are now thirty seven members, with an average attendance of more than forty at preaching services and a Sunday School enrollment of more than one hundred.

The contribution of the group tripled during 1953. The members are being trained in personal work, and the male members are being trained to conduct the public services of the church. Brother Short had five debates last year, two with Apostolic Faith preachers and three with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

A $10,000 meeting-house is nearing completion. The local congregation in Bulawayo bought the lot, have furnished the labor, and propose to seat and equip the building. American churches have paid for most of the materials for the building thus far.

Another $2,500 must be raised to complete the building. Railway and steamship fare (with necessary incidental expenses) for Brother Short and his family's return home will come to 2,500. We are hoping to secure both funds in the near future. Your cooperation will certainly be appreciated.

Send funds for the building or the travel fund to Foy Short, Box 1831, Bulawayo. Southern Rhodesia.

The church at Ferris, Texas, has been responsible for Brother Short's personal support for the entire seven years he has been in Africa. We appreciate their faithfulness in this work.

— Bennie Lee Fudge James W. Reynolds, Pueblo, Colorado, Feb. 24: "The meeting which I held with the church of Christ in La Junta, Colorado, Feb. 8th through the 16th was exceedingly well attended. This group worships at 10th and Cimarron. Not only did brethren come from many congregations in that part of Colorado, but large numbers of non-members attended. One baptism, two restored and two identified in Pueblo in the last three Sundays. The attendance continues to increase by the week."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Kentucky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, Feb. 18: "Our very successful singing school with C. H. Woodruff, Tuscumbia, Alabama, teaching, came to a close last night. Much good was accomplished. Brother Woodruff preached at both services here last Lord's day. I nreached at the young Heath, Kentucky, congregation last Lord's day with three baptized. This is a young congregation but is doing a great work numbering now about 150 members. It was a pleasure to be associated with them."