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January 7, 1954

From The Written Record - Brother Brewer's Memory'

W. W. Otey, Winfield, Kansas

It is an unpleasant task to present one in an unfavorable light to the public. But Brother Brewer has so often set his memory up against established fact, and so often gotten away with it, it may be interesting to give a sample of his statements over his own signature. The following is clipped from Bibles Colleges, No. 2, pages two and three.

"The present discussion stems from the statement made by Brother G. C. Brewer during the lectureship in Abilene Christian College to an audience of perhaps 1,500 people, in 1938. A few days later I wrote him what I understood him to say in his speech, and added that "I sincerely hope that I misunderstood you." He promptly replied; date, March 2, 1938. 'As to my statement at the college, you did not misunderstand me, but left off a part of my statement that I think should be included. I said I had argued for the practice of putting colleges and orphan homes in the congregational budgets, and would be willing to argue it again if argument were necessary'."

"In the Gospel Advocate of August 1, 1935, Brother Brewer says:

" 'At Cleburne and at Sherman also we put Abilene Christian College in our budget for $1,000 a year. We put two orphan homes in our budget at each place for a definite amount. This made it unnecessary for agents to visit us in behalf of either school or the homes or the missionaries.' We are supporting all three regularly with a definite amount.

"'Just think of what the several hundred churches in middle Tennessee could do for David Lipscomb College if they could get a few of them to systemize their work, to utilize their resources, and to place the school in the budget for a definite amount'."

"In Firm Foundation, June 10th, 1947, he says: 'I shall try once more to make my position clear. I have never advocated supporting the colleges out of the church treasury; I have never even advocated putting colleges in the church budget, and no church for which I have ever preached has ever had a Christian college in its budget, yet it is a known fact that I have preached for some of the largest churches in the brotherhood and these churches have the most liberal budgets that can be found among the saints. Two of the elders of the Lubbock church for which I was preaching at the time I made the Abilene speech were and are members of the Abilene Christian College Board. One of the elders of the church at Cleburne for which I preached was a member of the board. Neither of these churches nor any other church for which I have preached ever put any college in its budget. Yet it has been reported and repeatedly published that I said at Abilene Christian College that any church that did not have the college in its budget had the wrong preacher! The facts given above should convince any reasonable man that I never made any such statement. Would I tell the Lubbock church that it had the wrong preacher?"