Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 3, 1953
NUMBER 30, PAGE 14b-15


Joseph H. Cox, 4422 Preston Hwy., Louisville, Kentucky, Nov. 22: "The meeting held the first of November at Middletown. Ohio, was well attended but there were no additions. The work here at Preston Highway is rapidly growing. The elders have arranged for Warren Rainwater to be my co-laborer in this great work. Eleven placed membership and one was baptized before my departure for the Middletown meeting. One was baptized here today. This congregation has not been in its new building yet two years but now we are forced to build more class rooms to accommodate our Sunday morning Bible school attendance. The project is now under way and is expected to be completed next spring. There will be six large class rooms in this addition. Those moving to Louisville should contact us."

Bill Cavender, 7224 Mohawk Drive, Dallas 19, Texas, Nov. 21: "Thomas B. Warren of Fort Worth recently debated John Staley of the anti-class, anti-woman teacher, one container group in the meeting house of the Love Field church. Warren did an excellent job. Staley was mighty weak. Twenty-two have been baptized, six restored since last report. Those baptized included six Baptists, two Catholics, one Jew, and one Methodist. We are now constructing a new building and classroom addition at Love Field."

Robert H. Bell, 672 Nineteenth St., San Diego, California, Nov. 25: "From November 1-10 we conducted our lecture series on "The Church In Prophecy and Fulfillment." Ten different preachers were used, each had his lesson well in hand and delivered it in a masterful way. From November 15-22 I did the preaching in a meeting with the church in Encinitas — the first that had been conducted there in about three years. The church is small and needs encouragement. The few members that are there supported the meeting well with their presence. No one responded to the invitation. This was a mission effort on the part of the Central congregation. Brother Robert W. Lehmann, a local man preached in my absence."

T/Sgt. Elvis E. Bozarth, USMC, HqBn Spec Services, 1st Marine Div. FMF, c/o FPO, San Francisco, California, Nov. 21: "The Seoul Armed Forces church moves forward. We are fewer in number due to rotation but we are attempting to grow spiritually. Brother Frank Cope, an Army Chaplain, recently was transferred to the Seoul area, and Brother Edwin Miller, another Army Chaplain, is also near. Brother Cope visited our worship on the 1st. We are happy to have their presence and assistance. We meet for worship 5:30 p.m. at the Seoul City Command Chapel. That is north of the capitol building. There are six Korean churches in Seoul. We are contributing $50 monthly to one preacher and $25 monthly to another. We have spent more than $100 in building materials for one church to winterize their tent meeting place. The total membership is about 400. They are all in need of clothing, food and medical supplies. Two of the preachers receive partial support through the 16th Street church in Washington. Any contributions of cash or clothing, etc., for our distribution should be, sent to our treasurer, Lt. George Ware. 38th Med. Det. 52nd Med. Bn., APO 971, c/o FPO, San Francisco, California. However, any of us that you may know and desire to send to, will be glad to receive, acknowledge, and pass on to those who are in need. Please send us names and addresses of men we can contact in the Seoul area. We ask your prayers and interest. Information will be gladly supplied."


We are sending this letter as a statement of the condition of the Oak Forest Church of Christ which meets at 1333 Rosslyn, Houston, Texas. Our growth in numbers has not been spectacular, but we feel that our growth has been sound in all things scriptural. The entire membership moves together as one. We feel that every member of this congregation realizes the great responsibility that rests upon them as Christians, and have been shown the great opportunities that surround them in this community to do good. Brother D. B. Sanders, has been preaching for this group since April 1, 1953, and since that time the membership has increased from 55 to 84. We feel that through our present arrangements for Bible study that the Body has been and continues to be edified and strengthened by more knowledge of the Truth. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless us in those things only which are good in His sight, and that we as individual members and as a congregation may bring glory to His name.

We had a series of gospel sermons during the month of September with Brother Luther Blackmon doing the preaching, and we feel that much good was done and will continue from this effort.

Your brethren in Christ, Lee T. Jones

Robert J. Faught

William N. Kelley

Elders of the Church

M. C. Cuthbertson, P. O. Box 6543, Tucson, Arizona, Nov. 28: "The year's work here at 145 N. Country Club Rd. church has resulted in 101 responding to the invitation. Thirty-seven of this number were baptized into Christ. Most of those baptized were from the denominations, and were grown people — Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Four Square Gospel, and one from Christian Science, also several of the others were from the Christian Church. Brother Floyd Thompson of Santa Ana, California, begins a meeting with us the 29th. I did the preaching in a meeting at Lefors, Texas, during this month. Brother D. C. Lawrence is the splendid preacher there and is doing a good work. We are out of room on Sunday mornings and cannot do much more until we get additional buildings."

Lecture Series

The Church of Christ in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 410 S. College St., announces the following lectures starting December 7th. Services at 7:00 o'clock nightly.

Monday, December 7th, "The Cost of Discipleship" — Jack Shackleford; Tuesday, December 8th, "Christian Conduct" — I. L. Wilkerson; Wednesday, December 9th, "Edification of the Church" — Earl Smith; Thursday, December 10th, "Seven Churches of Asia" — Lowell Brown; Friday, December 11th, "Christian's Use of Money" — Lloyd McConnell. (No service on Saturday night, December 12th.) Sunday morning, December 13th, "Reverence and Devotion" — R. C. Copeland, Jr.; Sunday night, December 13th, "The Christian Home" — Cecil E. Kelley.


W. S. Boyett, 1320 West 4th St., Pecos, Texas, Nov. 25: "After more than three years of very pleasant work with the good church at Altus, Oklahoma, I have moved to Pecos to work with the good church here. The opportunity here seems to be outstanding and we feel that we will be able to do much good in the Lord's work. Mardell Lynch, now of Phoenix, Arizona, preceded me here and did a fine work. A new building with adequate facilities for the work was erected while he was here. The church in Altus is one of the best and it was with much regret that we left them. From November 6th through 15th I did the preaching in a meeting at Visalia, California, where Floyd Mitten is the loved and respected preacher. The meeting was well attended and twelve responded to the gospel invitation. The Lord willing, I shall return for another meeting in 1955. Correspondents please note change of Address."

Joe L. Banks, 857 South High, Denver, Colorado, Nov. 24: "After two and one-half years work with the Logan Street church at 595 South Logan here in Denver, I am to move to Fayetteville, Arkansas on December 7th to begin work with the Lord's church there. The work here has been pleasant and some progress has been made. In recent weeks several have been restored to duty, some placed membership and last Sunday three made the confession and were baptized. We are looking forward to a good work with the Fayetteville church. Correspondents please note change of address. Our new mailing address will be: Box 84, Fayetteville, Arkansas."

Wm. E. Wallace, 641 Elma St., Akron, Ohio, Nov. 25: "Brother Jeff A. Martin, Jr., replaces me at the Hickory, North Carolina, congregation, effective December 1st. Brother Martin is from Texarkana, Texas. I believe he will do a fine work at Hickory. I am to begin work with the Thayer Street congregation in Akron, Ohio, November 29th. I have enjoyed over two years of pleasant, harmonious work with the Hickory group. They are prospering and in years to come will be one of the stronger congregations in North Carolina. Please note change of address."

Vaughn D. Shofner, 1524 - 24th Place, Lubbock, Texas, Nov. 18: "I preached in an interesting meeting at Arnett, Oklahoma, closing last Wednesday night. Frank Barnard is preaching there now. Other meetings of the summer and fall were with the Floral Heights congregation in Wichita Falls where Gilbert Copeland preaches; the San Jacinto church in Amarillo where Curtis Camp preaches; Ackerly, Texas, where Roy Phemister preaches; Dequeen, Arkansas, where J. B. Lancaster preaches; Eastside in Waco where Thos. McDonald preaches. The church here now has a few over 200 members, averages 240 for Sunday morning Bible study, and has a record attendance of 275 (last Sunday) for that service. Eighteen have been baptized and 14 restored here during the summer and fall."

Lloyd Moyer, 309 - 36th St., Richmond, California, Nov. 28: "After a little over four years of pleasant work with the church in San Leandro, California, I began work with the church in Richmond, California, October 18. Due to previous appointments for meetings I have preached at Richmond only four Sundays. At those services four were baptized, thirteen came for membership, and twenty-two confessed faults. In spite of the trouble that has been there we look forward to a profitable work for the cause of Christ. It was most difficult to leave the fine brethren at San Leandro. We shall cherish the years spent with them as among the happiest of our lives. They have selected Brother Roy Osborne of Nashville, Tennessee, to work with them. I recently closed a meeting at Sunnyvale, California, where my brother, Otis Moyer, preaches. There were four baptisms and one confession of faults. This finds me in a meeting at Watsonville, California, where Brother Clayton Bussard is the preacher. The results of the first five nights here are one baptism, one confession of faults and two by membership. When in Richmond we invite you to worship with us at the above address."