Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 15, 1953
NUMBER 23, PAGE 14-15


Garnie Atkisson of Fort Morgan, Colorado, did the preaching in a meeting with the church in Akron, Colorado. Charles Morton is preaching for the church in Akron and doing a good work.

Raymond Whittington, Carthage, Texas, Oct. 6: "After two years and four months of very pleasant work with the church in Carthage, I have accepted work with the church in Fremont, Texas, and will move about November 10. I will be in a series of meetings at Broaddus October 19-23."

Charles E. Crouch, 1051 Upnor Road, Baltimore 12, Maryland, Oct. 6: "The meeting at Sixth Street in Port Arthur, Texas, closed September 30 with two baptisms and one restoration. It was a great pleasure to work with this good church and their preacher, Gardner S. Hall."

George Tins, 211 West Grand, Jackson, Tennessee, Oct. 3: "Five baptized, four restored, two identified in a wonderfully attended meeting in Humboldt, Tennessee. Buford Holt preaches for this good church, and was a capable and congenial co-worker during the meeting. Tommy Nicks did his usual good job with the teaching and worship in song."

Gorin Rutherford, Loveland, Colorado, Sept. 30: "One was baptized and one acknowledged the errors of the Christian Church the last night, September 6, of a 10-day meeting conducted by the Church of Christ at Loveland in which Luther G. Roberts preached and Dan Smith of Fort Collins, Colorado, and Delm Cherry of Loveland led the singing. The West Side Church of Christ in Corsicana, Texas, supported Brother Roberts in this meeting, with his giving a part of his vacation. If you have friends who should be contacted concerning the church, please contact us."

I. D. Janney, 1201 Homer St., Charleston, West Virginia, Oct. 6: "The meeting at Saltville was well attended but no visible results. I conducted an eight days meeting at Culloden, West Virginia, in the Christian Church building. One took the stand for the loyal church. We are hoping to establish the true church there. The meeting at Clyde, Ohio, was a success. Two ex-service men were restored. There were visitors present from nine congregations. I will begin at Pine Hill, Kentucky, the 11th."

Ernest Raines Wants To Go To Denmark

W. A. Bradfield Ernest Raines of Humboldt, Tennessee, a graduate of both Freed-Hardeman and David Lipscomb colleges, is anxious to go to Denmark to work for the Lord.

Ernest is a capable, fine young married man and deserves the support of brethren who are interested in mission work.

Here is the story as he reports it:

"There are now three ladies who are members of the church in that country, having spent some time in the United States and being converted here. They are desirous of having one or two couples come and live with them and preach the gospel. Brother Myal D. Royse of Los Angeles, California, is somewhat interested in going, but because of having a large family, college age, it is difficult for him to get sufficient support it seems, but if possible he wants to go. We would be able to go any time, allowing me ample time to give the congregation where I preach a notice of my leaving."

Brother Raines is now preaching for the Little Mountain Church of Christ, Winchester, Tennessee. For information about him write the elders there, or Ferris White, Humboldt, Tennessee, or either the Dean at Freed Hardeman or David Lipscomb College.

Address Ernest Raines at 711 North High Street, Winchester, Tennessee.

Thurston, B. Kimbrell. 2522 Perry Ave, Bremerton, Washington, October 5: "I began work with the church in Bremerton the first Sunday in October. The first service two were baptized and one confessed error. The brethren are at peace among themselves and have a mind willing to work. I expect a very pleasant and growing work here for the Lord. If you know of any one living in this section that is a member of the church and not attending I will be glad to go and see them if you will send me their address. I have time for two meetings next year if any congregation wishes to use me. You may write me at the above address. When in the northwest stop and worship with us."

Thomas Sweeney, Jennings Apts., Butler, Missouri, Oct. 6: "The work in Butler, Missouri, has resulted in the following: Four have placed membership, two confessed unfaithfulness, and three have been baptized. Billye Fielder will hold our meeting October 18-30. I am to leave Butler by the middle of December. If there is a congregation that can use me I want to be of use in the Master's vineyard."

Luther W. Martin, 1009 Morrell Ave. Rolla, Missouri, Oct. 7: "The church meeting in Rolla, has asked that I submit this notice to the Gospel Guardian. The Rolla congregation would like to secure the assistance of a gospel preacher to devote full-time to the work there. They have never had any preacher to work with them on a full-time basis. Plans are underway to build a church building. The lot has been purchased, and they presently meet in a remodeled residence building. Along with several other Missouri churches, the Rolla church participates in conducting a daily radio broadcast over KTTR, Rolla, at 12:30 p.m. on week days and the Herald of Truth on Sundays at 8:45 a.m. Rolla is located within 30 miles of Fort Leonard Wood, which has a fluctuating population of 30,000 to 60,000 military personnel. Services are being conducted in Chapel No. 5 on the Post at Fort Leonard Wood, at 1500 hours each Sunday afternoon for the benefit of any military personnel who cannot leave the Military Reservation. Any gospel preacher desiring to locate in Rolla is asked to write to Rex E. Edmonson, 102 Hiway 72, Rolla, Missouri."

W. Curtis Porter, Monette, Arkansas, Oct. 2: "I have been thinking for a long while I would get time to write some articles for the Guardian, but I have been on the go so much with so many other responsibilities that I have not done so. However, I am sending with this three articles and I hope to write others before a great while. I just returned from California three weeks ago. I went there for my annual trip to my doctors. My condition remains about the same as usual. At present I am in Cleveland, Oklahoma, in a debate with A. J. Wall, Baptist. The debate will close tonight. Then I shall drive home tomorrow and will go on to Juno, Tennessee, Tuesday to begin another debate with L. H. Brown. Two weeks later I start one with Vernon L. Barr at Bolivar, Tennessee."

J. David Taylor, Gould, Oklahoma, Oct. 6: "The elders of this fine church, with almost everyone of the members, have come to us and asked us to stay another year, and have raised our support financially to a helpful degree above what we were receiving. Wonderful people here with a bright future. God has richly blessed this church the past year with fine people coming into its membership by baptism and some restored. We agreed with them to start toward another year. We do not know that we will stay that long. We love this fine church and love to work with them, but if another work would give us opportunity to do more for the salvation of souls, then of course we would feel it our duty to change to it. There are some of the finest congregations of the saints in this area I have met in years. Great opportunities seem to be all around the churches of this area, and the elders of the many fine churches seem to be taking advantage of the same to a better extent."

Stanley-Smith Debate

J. P. Lusby, Amarillo, Texas

Brother F. I. Stanley engaged Mr. J. Cullis Smith, president of the Orthodox Baptist Seminary, Ardmore, Oklahoma, in a four nights debate at Midland, Texas, September 22-25. I moderated for Brother Stanley. The matters discussed were salvation and the church. Brother Stanley did a very good piece of work, error was exposed and the truth was victorious. Even before the debate had closed two, one a Baptist, the other a Presbyterian, said they were convinced of the truth and indicated their intentions to obey it.

This was the fourth debate engaged in by Brother Stanley this year. He has also preached in nine meetings in addition to his regular work with the Southside church in Midland.

I have signed propositions for discussion with Mr. Smith to be held some time after the first of the year (dates have not yet been set) in Amarillo, Texas. The propositions are baptism, apostasy, and the third being a little unusual I give it in full: Resolved, That the Scriptures show plainly and unmistakably that J. P. Lusby and his brethren are following the doctrines and practices originated by Alexander Campbell, and are therefore Campbellites. Of course, Smith affirms this and I deny.

Murray Marshall, 2711 Reagan, Dallas, Texas: "After almost two and a half years good work here in Fredrick with the South Side church, we are moving to Dallas to work with the Oak Lawn congregation, which meets at 2701 Reagan in north Dallas. Our new address there is listed above, and we invite our friends to write and visit us there. We look forward to the new work with the fine church at Oak Lawn, with its many possibilities. Our work at Fredrick has been pleasant and fruitful. Twenty seven have been baptized, 13 restored, and 16 placed membership. September, 1953 marks the peak of the work in Fredrick during the past thirty months."

Eugene Britnell, Box 13, Newark, Arkansas, Sept. 30: "I have preached in meetings this year for the following congregations: Bradford, Charlotte, Air Base, Cow Lake, and Bethesda, Arkansas; Gibbins and Hayti, Missouri. and Wolf Springs. Alabama. There was a total of forty baptisms and thirty-six restorations in these meetings. I will be with the church in Judsonia, Arkansas, for a meeting beginning October 12th, and with the Central Avenue congregation in Batesville, Arkansas, November 1-10. The work here is going fine in every way with several baptisms in the last few weeks. Our radio program is now being heard each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:15 a.m. from Radio Station KNBY (1280 kc), Newport, Arkansas, by remote control from Newark."