Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 17, 1953


Floyd A. Decker, 533 Kirby Place, Shreveport, Louisiana, Sept. 10: "Just closed a meeting with the Bossier City (La.) congregation last night. Brother Jack Arvin is the preacher there and we had a most delightful meeting. Brother Arvin has been there almost since the beginning of the congregation. They have outgrown their present building and are now having two morning services to accommodate the crowds. Bossier City is planning to build in the near future and with their present attitude toward the work of the Lord they could soon be one of the largest congregations in Louisiana. I was able to stay at home during this meeting as Bossier City is just across Red River from Shreveport. Closed a fifteen days meeting at La Center, Kentucky, August 26th. This meeting was designed by the brethren of Bandana, Kentucky, to be the first in a series of efforts to plant the church of our Lord at La Center. We had good attendance but no one added to the body of Christ that we know of as a result of the meeting. I lived at La Center when a boy and many of my family are living in that section now. Bandana church was faithful, exceedingly so, in their attendance and fellowship. Lewis Randolph led the singing and taught a class of little children each night except three. He has great ability and a strong personality which he has given over completely to the Lord. Jerry Jennings, of Paducah, led the singing the last three nights. It would take more space than I have here to tell about Jerry — an excellent voice and ability. Was in Mobile, Alabama, August 30th and all the congregations there are going forward in a good steady way."

Steve Hudgins, Box 762, Gainesville, Georgia, Sept. 8: "The work here in Gainesville is very encouraging. We had 53 present last Lord's day. Several members have moved in lately and interest is growing. Gainesville is growing, new industries are moving in and our opportunities are constantly increasing. The brethren at West End in Atlanta are supporting a radio broadcast over station WGGA which just last week increased power from 250 to 5,000 watts and is now heard at 55 on the dial. This power with the low spot on the dial gives us great coverage — the northern half of Georgia, into parts of the Carolinas, Tennessee and Alabama. It is said that nearly 4,000,000 people are in reach of this station. As you can see such presents great opportunities in this great mission area. There are only four congregations in 32 counties of northeast Georgia. We are on the air Monday through Friday at 6:00 p.m. for 15 minutes. If you can hear the broadcast drop us a card. We are badly in need of a building to make our efforts as effective as possible and to get the cause firmly established in this city which certainly should prove a great radiating center for the truth. We need financial help and will greatly appreciate and acknowledge any and all assistance received in this great work. You can send contributions to the church at Box 762, Gainesville, Georgia."

Ben West, Lampasas, Texas, Sept. 9: "'The First Street Church of Christ here has grown in five years from one hundred members to nearly four hundred. Bible school attendance increased from around 75 to an average of 250. Prayer meeting attendance increased from 25 to 225. We have a perennial revival that is far more fruitful than the old method of an occasional gospel meeting. The recently completed stone church auditorium and Bible school buildings offer a challenge to the church to enlist others. We have auditorium capacity of 600. We expect to fill it. This steady growth has stirred some jealousy among the sects. Some of these groups can hardly bear to see the church of Christ lead. It has led some of them to misrepresent us in different ways, sometimes to our embarrassment. The last is anonymous letters to prospective members. Numbers from the Christian church and anti-class groups attend, several have been restored and others seem interested. It may be that it will turn out as a boomerang."

M. C. Cuthbertson, Box 6343, Tucson, Arizona, Sept. 8: "The work with Country Club Road Church of Christ continues in a fine way. The summer months are ending with some of the best work in the history of the church. Baptisms have been frequent during the entire year. Most of those baptized have been grown and married, from the religious world. Four baptized during August, with one from the Christian Church (church of Christ-Christian) so called, and two by membership. New records for both Sunday evening and Wednesday were set. I did the preaching in a good meeting with Culver Palms church in California. One was baptized. Many friends from Greater Los Angeles attended this meeting. Brother Bob Melear is the fine young preacher with them. He is available for some meetings when and where desired."

J. Lee Hines, 217 S. First Ave., Paden City, West Virginia, Sept. 5: "Last April I began a meeting at Moundsville, W. Va. — preached four nights, baptized two and one was restored; but was called to the bedside of Mrs. Hines. The same day Brother Charles Well, local minister, was taken to the hospital. August 2nd I resumed the Moundsville meeting, preached four nights, one restored, was taken to hospital for three days. But regardless of misfortune, we had a good meeting. After a weeks rest, I began a tent meeting at Shiloh, W. Va., where we continued for two weeks, which resulted in one being baptized, one coming from the United Brethren church, three placing membership; so we established a congregation which began its work Sunday, August 30th. The Paden City church furnished the preacher, song director and much of the congregation for this meeting. Many brethren from this church will preach at Shiloh and help that church, but the Shiloh church is not under the "supervision" of the Paden City church. The Lord willing, I am to begin a meeting with the Mt. Zion church, near Woodsfield, Ohio, September 7th to continue for about ten days, with Brother J. V. A. Taylor directing the singing. On October 6th I am to be with the church at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, with their local preacher, Brother Rock. About November 2nd I am to be at Wick, West Virginia. The work in Paden City is progressing nicely, with one being baptized occasionally. This is a very spiritual church with talent above the usual congregation. We are starting a radio program September 6th over METZ, New Martinsville, at 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. — Questions and Answers. Brother Charles Wells is my co-worker in this. At this time the West Virginia hills and the Ohio Valley are ringing with the gospel story as it is being told by many gospel preachers."