Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 20, 1953
NUMBER 14, PAGE 14-15


Jesse M. Kelley, Box 1381, Port Arthur, Texas, Aug. 12: "After a little more than two months with the church at 1601 DeQueen Blvd. m Port Arthur we are encouraged to report that there seems to be a general pick-up in this work. The attendance at all services is increasing gradually, and the contributions are also increasing. This church is sound in the faith and its members and elders alike have their eyes fully open to the dangers confronting the church of the Lord. This makes the work enjoyable and we are looking forward to a pleasant and profitable stay. When in Port Arthur visit with us."

Loye C, Ruckman of Carlsbad, New Mexico, did the preaching in a meeting in Fort Morgan, Colorado, closing August 9. Garnie Atkisson is the local preacher. The church consists of about 40 members.

O. E. Correll, Kinmundy, Illinois, Aug. 5: "I was with the brethren at West York over Lord's Day. This is a small congregation but faithful to their duty. They carry on the work in God's way. I was with them in a meeting a year ago last spring. They are located in a district where infidelity is abundant. I have been kept out of the harvest field of the Master since that time, due to the ill health of my wife who passed away June 6 this year. I desire, more than ever now, to get back into the field. I will go anywhere for a meeting of one or two weeks. I want nothing for my work, just my travel expense from place to place, and my keep while there. Any congregation that would like to have me come, write me at the above address. I can give references."

Sam Medford, Route 1, Box 456, Creswell, Oregon: "The London church has just closed a very interesting Gospel meeting with Grover W. Holton formerly of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, but now the regular minister of the London church, doing the preaching. Brother Holton is a young man well versed in the scripture and preaches plain Gospel sermons easily understood by everyone. Paul Randall and Foy Martin, home talent, did the song leading, and did it well. When vacationing in Oregon come to London--"That friendly church where you are a stranger but once'."

Robert C. Copeland, Jr., Box 146, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Aug. 8: "I worked with the congregation at Clarendon, Texas, almost three years before accepting the invitation to work here. My work started here August 2. I succeed Max L. Johnson who is working in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Brother Johnson did a great work here for over 43 months and it gives me great pleasure to follow a man like him in the work here. Before moving here I was in a meeting at Irene, Texas, one at Cee Vee, Texas, officiated at a wedding at Anton, Texas, and had a very busy month of July otherwise. We anticipate a great work here."

Hayden Mahan, Box 11, Cardwell, Missouri, Aug. 10: "We just closed a fine meeting with Brother H. F. Sharp of Conway, Arkansas, doing the preaching. There were twenty seven responses to the Lord's invitation — eighteen baptisms and nine restorations. Our building was filled throughout the meeting. Three more were baptized yesterday. We anticipate greater things for the church here."

Raymond Whittington, Carthage, Texas, Aug. 10: "I did the preaching in a meeting at Malta, Texas, where Neil Watson preaches, the last two weeks in July. There were four baptisms and two restorations. One was baptized at home last week. I will do the preaching in a series of baptized here meetings at Rio Grande City, Texas, beginning next Monday, August 17."

Murray Marshall, 309 South 15th, Frederick, Oklahoma, Aug. 10: "The South Side church here concluded a great revival in the City Park August 5, with Foster Ramsey of Tipton preaching. Alvin Bryan of Nashville, Tennessee, led singing. Six were baptized and two restored. Then Sunday, August 9, one more was baptized, one restored, and one placed membership. These good results are the outcome of plain gospel preaching, personal work, and the zeal of some working members. I am at Foster, Oklahoma, August 10-18 in a gospel meeting."

Robert C. Welch, 2230 Kaelin Ave., Louisville 5, Kentucky, Aug. 10: "I recently preached in a tent meeting at Smiths Grove, Kentucky. The interest was very good. This is the third meeting for me in that town. The church was established there with my first meeting two years ago. They have partially completed a very nice building, prominently located. They can now meet in the building but need to get it nearer completion, which they must defer until they can obtain funds. There are now approximately forty members. On August 5 a meeting closed at Coral Hill congregation near Glasgow, Kentucky, in which I did the preaching and Max Wagner led singing. There were three baptisms and one renounced the digressive church."

"A Eulogy To W. Curtis Porter"

Often times we wait till men are gone to say good things about them and to give our bouquet of flowers. There is an old song, "Give Me the Roses While I Live." I think this song teaches us a great truth. So I think it timely and befitting to give honor to a man to whom honor is due; to pay tribute to whom tribute is due and to give a prophet honor while he is still in this country.

Last week it came my good fortune to know this man more intimately than I had known him before. I went with him to Mobile, Alabama, where he met Mr. D. L. Welch, of the Pentecostal Church, in a four-night discussion. Let me say without flattery that Brother Porter took the situation well in hand from the very beginning and kept it all the way through.

In a debate he is as calm as Texas sunset; his humility is that of the sinner in the temple; in him is gentleness personified; he has the memory of an elephant; his logic is devastating; his words are as sharp and caustic as a two-edged sword; and his style is unsurpassed. Surely in the debating arena he is without a peer in this generation. Few men are his equal when it comes to debating and certainly none are his superiors. Let me say in the language of the Buick Motor Company, when better arguments are made, he will make them. A tribute to a great defender of the faith. — Howard Sawyer.

"The Little Brown Jug"

No doubt most of you have heard of the proverbial "Little Brown Jug"; and you might have heard the song written about it. But I wonder did you ever hear about "Eunuch's Jug." This is the jug the eunuch had in his chariot when Philip overtook him according to some people.

We read in Acts the eighth chapter about the Ethiopian eunuch returning from Jerusalem sitting in his chariot reading the scripture when Philip approached him and asked, understand what thou readest. He said, how can I except some man should guide me? So Philip began with the same scripture and preached unto him Jesus. As they went on their way they CAME unto a certain water and the eunuch said, here is water, what doth hinder me from being baptized? Philip said, if thou believest with all thine heart thou mayest. So he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they BOTH went down into the water, BOTH Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him. And when THEY came up OUT of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip; and the eunuch saw him no more. Now, some religious people think that when the eunuch wanted to be baptized that Philip took the jug out of the back of the chariot and sprinkled the eunuch. But even a casual reading will clear that up. The way some people read and interpret these passages would lead you to believe that they have had close contact with the "Little Brown Jug." — Howard Sawyer.