Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 13, 1951

The Overflow


That Douthitt Debate Again

A recent letter from brother Ira Douthitt, in response to my letter to him published in the August 23 Guardian, somewhat dims the hope we had entertained that a discussion might be arranged between him and his brother, Cecil. Brother Ira writes, "I would not be concerned about entering into a written discussion with anybody on any subject. I am not a writer."


Church and State alliance

"Mark this well, before our government is twice as old as it is now, Roman Catholics will make an effort to control it. Protestants will combine to defeat that effort. That struggle over, and the successful party and the State are in alliance. We look on this as so certain, that nothing but divine interposition can prevent it."

— Moses E. Lard (1867) N


Fanning Water Tank Some folks can't read, and some can't write; but we've had a communication from somebody who can do both. And he sends us a remittance of $2.00 to pay for one year's subscription to the Gospel Guardian. The money order is made out to "Fanning Water Tank." Okay, pal; and "t'anks" for the sub. You are about as close as Fanning Tater Yant, anyhow. (P. S.: It was the editor's son, with his slightly perverted sense of humor, who insists that "overflows" and "watertanks"' should go together—and that's why the item is on this page.)


Time changes things

"Wife to husband: 'I was just as unreasonable when we were first married, but you thought it was cute then'."

—Ladies Home Journal


"Have your picture taken"

In the last Tant-Bogard debate, held in the late 1930's in a little country church not far from Fort Smith, Ark., Bogard made the argument that baptism was a mere "declaratory" act, setting forth or declaring the fact that one was already a child of God.

He said it was simply a "photograph" of something that already existed. And for the rest of that debate Tant quoted Mark 16:16 as "He that believeth and gets his picture taken shall be saved," and Acts 2:38 as "Repent ye, and have your picture taken every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ unto the remission of your sins!"


Cock-roach religion Our colored brethren have their own way of saying things. One of them in Belton, Texas, the other day was preaching against what he called "Cock-roach Religion." And what kind is that? Why, obviously, it is the kind possessed by denominational people who "can't stand the light." When the light of God's truth is turned on, such people "runs for their denominational darkness like cockroaches when you snaps on the electric light!"

White preachers can't do it Then once in a while some white brother thinks he can preach like the Negro preachers—and makes himself look silly most of the time in trying it. Sort of like that west Texas brother not long ago who preached on the subject, "How To Give A Pig A Permanent Wave;" and made himself look foolish in announcing such a topic. (The sermon: The prodigal son waved a "permanent goodbye" to the pigs in the hog-lot, so ought Christians to give "a permanent wave" to the pigs of worldliness, etc.) A Negro could do wonders with that; with a white preacher it is inane.


Well, of ALL things!

Some months ago in an effort to help Ibaraki Christian College avoid some justifiable criticism, we suggested to one of the brethren connected with the school that they might do well to have a bonded representative or employee to receive funds for them here in the States, and that this agent (and NOT Union Avenue Church of Christ) could then forward all such donations to them in Japan. This, we thought, would be a step in the right direction in keeping the church and the school separated and independent, in every way. Comes now a writer in the Gospel Advocate (what WON'T they print next!) expressing himself as fearful that such an arrangement might lead to the "one-man-missionary-society" of a few years back, and "flatly" denying that any "scripture could be found to sustain this 'bonded agent idea'!" Since when have the brethren started hunting for "scripture" to authorize a human, secular educational institution to hire a financial agent and put him under bond? Where is the "scripture" that authorizes David Lipscomb College, a humanly organized, secular, educational institution, to employ a "president," or a "treasurer," or any other kind of worker, agent, or representative? And will our Florida brother please produce the "scripture" that sustains this "bonded agent idea" authorizing Sears Roebuck and Company to put its treasurer under a security bond! Really, brethren, we get kind of discouraged at the kind of "logic" (?) the Gospel Advocate thinks worthy of publication. Is THAT the kind of intellectual ability to which the brethren are to look for teaching and leadership?

Itinerary When this reaches you, the editor will just have concluded a meeting in Evanston, Illinois. Schedule for the next few weeks is as follows: Terre Haute, Indiana, September 16-26; Lorain, Ohio, September 28-October 7; Beamsville and Jordan, Ontario, (Canada) October 8-31; Ponca City, Oklahoma, November 4-11; Center, Texas, November 12-21; Tucson, Arizona, November 25-December 2; Freeport, Texas, December 5-16. That will be all for 1951; the year 1952 will begin with six weeks of meetings in California, starting first at San Pablo, January 6-16.


Why Wright is Wrong Brother Cecil N. Wright's lengthy series of articles on "The Cooperation Controversy" are based upon an assumption of congregational relationships that is dangerous and deadly—destructive of the very foundation principles of Christ's teaching. We plan a careful and detailed review of his position, and would like to have for it the very widest reading possible. Will our readers help us to get our review into the hands of every person possible — especially those friends of yours who subscribe to the Gospel Advocate and the Firm Foundation, journals which carried the Wright material? Ask such friends to subscribe now to the Guardian, or else send in a subscription for them. Our review will start shortly.