Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 19, 1951

Correction Please, Brother Caskey On Premillennialism In Africa

J. C. Reed, Stanton, Texas

Brother Guy V. Caskey in his article of defense or apology for Orville Brittell in the June 14, 1951 issue of the "Guardian' makes a statement which is not true: I have first hand information relative to the matters and I believe I can speak with more authority than brother Caskey in as much as I was present when some of the events took place.

The statement which I believe and know to be false is this:

"2. He opposes anyone teaching premillennialism."

We will now let the record speak for itself. Orville Brittell's mother, Mrs. J. A. Brittell, is a premillennialist. She taught it while living in Santa Rosa, Calif., their home congregation. This is a well known fact which can be easily proved by preachers who have worked with this congregation and by soldiers who visited there during the war. Does Orville oppose his mother? She is now at Sinde Mission in Northern Rhodesia, Africa, the very same place where Orville works. Orville, along with other workers named in brother Caskey's article (except Foy Short who was not present at the time), secured permission for Mrs. Brittell to come to Africa. Did they oppose her or help her?

They also secured permits for the same Arthur Phillips whom brother Caskey so positively names as a premillennialist. Orville took this same Arthur Phillips all over the field in North Rhodesia and introduced him to the native brethren where he also preached. Did Orville oppose Arthur Phillips or help him? Orville was asked to preach at Kabanga Mission in July, 1949 and asked Phillips to speak in his place. Phillips spoke.

Before the election of the Missionaries-in- charge in the July, 1949 General Meeting at Kabanga, Orville asked me to vote for Phillips as Missionary-in-charge for Sinde Mission. I refused but Phillips was elected. Whom did Orville vote for?

While Orville was in the States recently on a visit, he went to Louisville and showed his pictures to the premillennial congregation, and this was after his visit to Yosemite Encampment.

Is this the way Orville opposes those who teach premillennialism ? Sorry to have to disagree with you brother Caskey but I KNOW that in this case you are WRONG.