Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 24, 1971

The Firecracker Complex

From ignition to explosion takes but little time for both firecrackers and guided missiles. Firecrackers are more annoying than dangerous, but they can hurt you, or cause you to hurt yourself. Guided missiles will ruin you if they get to you, but they can be diverted from target by antiballistic devices. The best way to avoid both the firecracker and the missile is through control. Outlaw the sale of firecrackers, or exercise due control of their use, and the public benefits. Maintain a balance of missile power and anti-missile capability and war is forestalled.

The only point I wish to draw from the above introduction is that of the importance of control over against the dangers of explosion. Control is a most important factor in every aspect of life, yet one of the most difficult. Strict law and firm enforcement are essential to the general well-being of public life. Controls are essential in bookkeeping, vehicular activity, automation, locomotion, and in all of that hackneyed classification of things — "you name it."

This control factor we recognize, and we feel the necessity of respecting the controls so vital to the wellbeing of our lives. The controls with which we are now concerned involve personal, spiritual, and human relationships. We think of passions, attitudes, speech, conduct and motives.

Many who may be so concerned about government controls in our country, or who feel keenly about the need of curbs in the areas of inflation, environmental pollution and international politics, have failed to employ the controls in personal life which are so essential to the progress of the soul and the fellowship of brethren.

Perhaps all are familiar with the general commandments and exhortation to self-control in such passages as Romans 12 and Colossians 3.

But the exercise of such control in any given Circumstance is difficult for many. Some specific instances where self-control is enjoined are:

Sensual Temptation II Timothy 2:22 Personal Liberty Galatians 5:13

Individual Popularity Romans 12:16 Pride I Timothy 3:6

Power III John 9 The Bible thus addresses itself to such circumstances involved in a person's life. It behooves all, especially those who assert themselves into the public and general affairs of Christians, to restrain their passions, bridle their tongues, control their journalistic expressions and above all swallow their pride.

— W. E. W.