Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 24, 1971
NUMBER 8, PAGE 11-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor

The Lake Road Annual Lecture Series

Dyersburg, Tennessee August 2-6 is the date for the 1971 Lecture Series to be conducted by the Lake Road church in Dyersburg, Tennessee. You probably will be seeing our announcement regarding this, but I would like to share with you some thoughts which will not appear in the regular announcement.

Our Purpose

We had different things in mind when we made plans for our first lecture series. First in mind was to edify the local congregation. We felt this would be accomplished in at least two ways. One would be the effective preaching of the word of God five times a day through a period of four days. Also we believed that by asking members of the church to open their homes for out of town visitors, they would be strengthened by their own service as well as by the association of fellow Christians. The members of Lake Road, as well as some from other congregations, responded to this request.

The next thing in mind was to provide a week filled with study for a host of preachers around the country who would come, learn more of the Word they are dedicated to teach, meet fellow-workers, and go home with new zeal and more knowledge. Such is still our purpose in this work.

The Past

In looking over the names of the previous speakers and their subjects, I do not see how it would be possible to have subjects more needful or speakers more capable. For example, last year Irven Lee spoke five nights on THE HOME and Sewell Hall spoke the same five nights on THE GLORIOUS CHURCH. During the morning and afternoon meetings, we heard different speakers with a good cross section of lessons.

In 1969 Harry Pickup, Jr. spoke five nights on the theme, IN THE DAYS OF THY YOUTH, and Ron Mosby spoke the same five nights on QUALITIES OF TRUE RELIGION. Again, during the day services we heard different speakers with lessons well chosen, prepared, and delivered.

In 1968 Robert Turner presented a series of five lessons on THE HOLY SPIRIT, and Franklin Puckett presented a four lesson series on TEACHING METHODS OF THE MASTER. And in this series we also had several other speakers with lessons which benefited all who heard them.

Continuing to look back, the only disappointing thing I see about the three previous efforts in sounding forth the Word in such a way is the attendance. We did not expect our attendance to compare with any college lecture program, but we had hoped for better attendance than we had. Local attendance was good and some out of town visitors came from hundreds of miles away. But some homes available for sleeping were not needed.

We know we cannot offer the atmosphere of the college lecture programs, but we have offered, and continue to offer, the same quality of speakers and lessons. Our local Chamber of Commerce is active, but Dyersburg is not among the top ten vacation areas in the south. However, our building is air-conditioned and offers a quiet place to study the word of God. We wonder why more have not taken advantage of this opportunity.

Future Plans

The lecture series this summer with the interest, or lack of interest, shown in it, will determine whether or not we will continue such efforts in the future. YOU are going to help us decide what we will do.

This summer we are limiting the entire series to four speakers. They are: EUGENE BRITNELL, ROY COGDILL, DOUG BURGESS, SR. AND ROBERT JACKSON. There will be afternoon and evening sessions only. Their subjects and time of speaking may be seen in our announcement which will appear in this or a later issue of this paper. (It appeared in Last Week's Paper — Check it)

As before there will be some homes available for sleeping for out of town visitors. If these are all taken, of for those who prefer, we will be able to secure a certain number of motel rooms with rates running from $4.00 to $5.50 per person. We would like to see you in Dyersburg this summer.

Mason Harris PREACHER NEEDED: As of June 1st the church of Cleveland, Texas will be needing a full time preacher. Those interested should contact: Lloyd Matthews, 592-2042, or Marvin Reaves, 592-3436 (late evenings)

PREACHER NEEDED: Higby, Missouri, Contact Dennis White, Huntsville, Missouri.

AVAILABLE AGAIN: Extra large print New Testament with Psalms. Now $3.50 each postpaid.

NEW PRINTING WITH LARGER PRINT: Josephus — Cloth Bound. $7.95 plus 36 postage. Texas residents include sales tax.

THE RUSSELL — WARNOCK DEBATE James P. Miller Any of the readers of this journal who feel that debates do not do any good should have been present May 17-21 to hear the discussion between Weldon Warnock of the West End church of Christ in Bowling Green and W. T. Russell, Missionary Baptist of the same city. The plan of salvation was debated. Russell has had considerable experience in such encounters with gospel preachers for this is the 14th time he has met the truth.

It is with joy that we give our readers a report of the debate conducted in Bowling Green. The meetings were held in the National Guard Armory which was an ideal place for such a meeting. Brother Joe Durrett, one of the elders at West End where brother Warnock preaches, made the arrangements. Several hundred heard each session with the largest crowds the last two nights. Brethren came from as far away as Columbia, Tennessee and were of great encouragement to brother Warnock.

Our brethren outnumbered the Baptist each night but not by a great margin. On one or two of the nights there were 200 or more of them present including several Baptist preachers. It would take 25 gospel meetings to have that many who were not members of the church come to hear the gospel. This is one great advantage of debates, they are a wonderful opportunity to teach the truth.

No attempt to review the arguments will be made in this short report. Mr. Russell, like all Missionary Baptist debaters, was confused much of the time and so were those who came with him. He spent the time in twisting and turning plain passages of scripture, in reading from numerous books in regard to the Greek etc. Brother Warnock gave the plain passages that taught his position with force. As a matter of fact, Weldon Warnock can press a point as well as any man I have heard. He knows the issues and is able to make the audience see them with power. It was my pleasure to assist brother Warnock in this discussion.

Mr. H. C. Vanderpool moderated for Mr. Russell and is a debater of some experience having met brother Warnock in Bowling Green in 1968.

It can be said to the credit of both men that they have the courage to stand for what they believe. It is a shame that many others including our own liberal brethren do not have the courage to do so.

Brother Warnock signed propositions with Mr. Vanderpool to debate in Louisville, Kentucky. Watch for the announcement of this meeting possibly in the fall. Brother Warnock is leaving the work at West End after over four years to move to Paden City, West Virginia. He will be a power for truth in the upper Ohio Valley.