Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 17, 1971

Dress That Tempts

Lanny Parish

Tempting with immodest dress appears to be fast becoming a fad or favorite pastime, no, fulltime occupation of the majority of the flesh lusting world today. Even many of God's own children, Christians who once obeyed their Lord, are succumbing to the wiles of the devil. Note their condition before God: Luke 9:62; 2 Peter 2:20-22. Yet, these evil-doers who design and those who wear these ungodly soul-killing styles palm it off as "the fashion" or "the style." Yes, even some sisters-in-Christ adorn these fashions (?), fashions to lustful, sinful groping eyes of men and NOT fashions of a righteous God.

Perhaps one of the saddest things is, that the body of Christ (the church) and its overseers (elders) and members are tolerating it! Did God ordain elders to shepherd his flock (souls) to hell? What has happened to the "backbone" of God's children? I urge you to reread 2 John 11.

No husband loves his wife as himself when he allows her to wear lustful dress that would cause men to want (lust after) her. Even harder to believe is that a man who buys this type clothes and encourages his wife to wear them in public, loves her. He must want her to sin or be taken advantage of forcefully.

Any kind of dress that causes a person to lust, or desire to commit unlawful acts (adultery, fornication, etc.), that arouses emotions that cannot be fulfilled lawfully in the sight of God (this is why dancing is wrong!) is SINFUL and will cost the one wearing that type of dress to lose her soul!

This is why "hot pants" (nothing more than short-shorts), "mini-skirts," "tight-revealing dresses and clothes," "swim suits," "walking shorts," etc., are SINFUL to adorn (wear)! This is the type dress that makes men lust after a woman. Some women evidently need a course in the psychological makeup and anatomy of a woman in contrast to the emotions of men. God condemned a man for lusting - Read Matthew 5:28 - after the woman and God also condemns the woman who dresses in such a way ("hot pants," "short-shorts," "mini-skirts," "tight-revealing dresses," "swim suits," "walking or bermuda shorts," etc.) as to make the man lust after her. (Read 2 John 11)

Lasciviousness is another word God uses in the Bible to condemn the type of immodest dress mentioned above. Read Galatians 5:19-21. You know what lasciviousness is? The person guilty of it ("lasciviousness") CANNOT enter heaven! We can all see the importance of knowing what it is, can't we? Lasciviousness is defined as "wanton, lewd, lustful!" When women disrobe themselves, wear scanty revealing clothes that cause men to lust after their bodies, they are committing the sin of lasciviousness and CANNOT go to heaven! Also they will cause the man to lose his soul!

This is why if husbands love God and their wives they will not buy that type of clothes for their wives, and, if wives love God and their husbands they will not parade around in front of men and advertise their bodies and lose their souls and cause men to lose their souls by the way they are dressed!

I trust we will all wake up, sound out God's warning and take heed while we have time. You don't want to go to hell because of your immodest dress, do you? Parents, you don't want to be the cause of your daughter being sexually molested or be responsible for her soul being lost because of the way you allow her to dress or as result of the encouragement you give her, do you? Reread II John 9-11.

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