Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 27, 1971
NUMBER 4, PAGE 12-13

Gospel Guardian Tellalgram

The Faith In Foreign Fields

By Donald R. Givens 4349 Vassar, Port Arthur, Texas 77640

We continue to ask brethren in lands outside the states to send us your reports of gospel work. We desire to make this column factual, informative and inspiring. (If we make errors, please contact us, and such will be corrected.)

AFRICA: O. Fred Liggin, Jr., is preaching in Pretoria, South Africa. He plans to move to the Durban area or possibly Rhodesia if a visa can be secured, in 1972. Durban is the third largest city in South Africa.

Wayne Payne (P.O. Box 4064 U.I., Ibadan, Nigeria) writes: "The work in the Odo-Ona church, the one newly established, continues in an encouraging way. Seven were baptized in the past month and the attendance is averaging about 15 for each service. The brethren are encouraged and we hope that the work there will be fruitful indeed." He also reports that about $32,000.00 has been sent to brethren in the East Central state to relieve their needs (sent from those "do-nothing antis" back in the states! drg)

Ezekiel A. Akinyemi (same address as Payne) reports having profitable classes with about 20 Nigerian preachers and brethren who have been under liberal influence and support. They studied "Scriptural Organization" and Roy Cogdill's "N. T. Church" and "Walking By Faith." Bro. Akinyemi states: "The men have been learning a lot, and I do observe in most of them a sincerity that is admirable. Some of those who are receiving support by unscriptural methods have expressed a determination to renounce this. They have carried the news of our teaching to the congregations and we have been visiting some in the weekends. Message reached us from Aba, about 150 miles away that they would like such a class to be conducted among them. I understand there are more than 100 congregations in that area. Please, brethren, I want you to understand that I never gave these men any indication that they would receive any support from anywhere, but rather made them realize that the salvation of souls is involved in teaching and practicing error. But now, they have realized the truth, and the sincerity of most of them to stand and defend this truth I would not doubt at all. The Lord needs them and your support is important. I would say, therefore, that this is a good opportunity for you, willing brethren, to help in this work of rescuing. You have wonderfully responded to the appeal for physical relief of these brethren. How much more, therefore, would you be tiling to help these who also hunger and thirst for righteousness." Bro. Akinyemi asks all to contact him and he will furnish needed information.

AUSTRALIA: Several baptisms and many Christians strengthened has been the report following the gospel meetings held by Robert Turner in many places in Australia. (By the way, bro. Turner got to hunt for kangaroos, rabbits, and foxes during a week of rest from "fishing for men.")

James Sasser (P.O. Box 93-S, South Wagga Wagga, N.S.W. 2650, Australia) reports a baptism in Albury and a recent gospel meeting in that community.

AMERICAS (Excluding U.S.A.) Regarding The Faith in Mexico, we have the following reports: "Chihuahua City, Chih., seven were baptized the night of April 8, during meeting preached by Richard Soto and Joaquin Blengio."

"Laredo, Tex., Louis Trevino has lost a hundred dollars per month of his support and needs to replace it, lives in Laredo in the house which belongs to the English-speaking church, and preaches across the border in Nuevo Laredo. He is doing a fine work there and is worthy of your support. For first hand information about the work there write: Bill Burk, 4217 Logan Ave., Laredo, Texas 78040.

The following is from Philip R. Morgan; dated March 1, 1971: "Dear Friends and Brethren: This letter is a request for support and travel expenses for the work I have planned for this summer. I plan to spend 6 weeks in Argentina, 2 weeks in Mexico, and the other weeks in short preaching trips to a few of the Central and South American works that I am not acquainted with. This is a tentative plan that I had in mind since Chile was left nearly 2 years ago. . . .My wife plans to go and work with me in personal visits and classes. She will also teach classes for ladies.

In order to carry out this plan, we will need a minimum of $2,000 for support for the family for the entire summer, and we will also need about $1,500 for travel (though we are planning as much land travel as time permits in order to keep expenses down.)

We will be hoping to hear from you. ...please let us know as soon as possible for obvious reasons. Thanking you in advance for your prayerful consideration, I am, Yours in the faith, Philip R. Morgan, 3319 E. Thunderbird Rd., Phoenix, Ariz. 85032

Contact bro. Morgan very soon if you can help. . . .summer is upon us. . . In Tijuana, B.C., Juan Alvarado needs additional support. Contact Mel Rose, 3012 Rothettnel, Houston, Tex. 77016 for information. Do not forget to pray for all our brethren who are preaching and practicing The Faith in Foreign Fields.

Herbert Thornton: Ardie P. Brown was with the Edna congregation at 301 South Robison April 5-11. Interest was good throughout the meeting and there were three restorations. I was with the Beach congregation in Panama City, Fla. April 10-26. Interest was good throughout the meeting and non-members were present at every service. The Beach church is small in number but they have a wealth of talent among the members. There are a number of the men who are very capable preachers, teachers and song directors. I think this was the most enjoyable meeting I have ever engaged in. Edwin Hayes, the local preacher was a very congenial co-laborer. My next meeting will be at Tillman's Corner near Mobile, Alabama May 30 — June 4.

The church in Elsinore, California baptized three on a recent Sunday. This is a total of six since last August. This is a small, but growing congregation. Their address is, 32580 Wildomar Rd. Visit them!

Eugene Crawley: I have been with the church here in Harrodsburg, Ky. for seven months, and prospects for growth seem evident as increases in attendance and contributions have been encouraging. Two have been baptized recently, making a total of six conversions and two being identified. This church began about 17 years ago and we are located in one of the most scenic sections of the state. . ..The tract, "Lest We Drive Away" has been reprinted and may be obtained from at at this address: Box 292, Harrodsburg, Ky. 40330.

R.A. Gilbertsen, P.O. Box 8351, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis, Minn. 55408: This is to inform the faithful brethren that a new work has begun in Minneapolis (Minnesota) as of Sunday, May 2, 1971. The church consists of several Christians from the Mpls. area who have been meeting with the saints in St. Paul. We are the only sound church in Mpls., and in a city of almost one-half million population in a metropolitan area of two million souls. We are going house-to-house for the purpose of setting up home Bible studies. We also are doing a little newspaper advertising in the Mpls. Daily American. So far three have requested the Bible correspondence course we are advertising. All of these are returning their completed lessons regularly. Later on, we hope to do some radio preaching. There is considerable dissatisfaction with the social "gospel" being taught by these and other denominations. We hope to reap a harvest of souls from among these and others. Brethren, pray for us, and visit us when in Minneapolis.

PREACHER NEEDED: Savanna, Oklahoma. Write E.E. Sturgeon, Rt. 3, McAlester, Oklahoma 74501, or call him at (901) 423-1813.