Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 9, 1970
NUMBER 9, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

SPECIAL ON FELLOWSHIP: The first three issues of the month of August (August 6, 13, 20) will be combined into one 48-page special edition on the subject of FELLOWSHIP. There is a great deal of interest in this forthcoming special and we feel that it will be an important reference work for years to come. It will be edifying, informative, sound. It will serve as a valuable study and research aid. It is going to be great, and we believe it will be well received by sound brethren. Here is the "line-up:"

"The Fellowship of Saints" by Bryan Vinson, Sr.

"To Call Them 'Brethren!' " by Robert F. Turner.

"Some New Testament Guidelines For Fellowship" by Lloyd Moyer

"Constituents of True Fellowship" by Gordon Wilson

"New Testament Fellowship: Christians Sharing Together" by Edward Fudge

"Proper Attitudes Toward 'Moderate' or 'Temperate' Liberals" by Jimmy Tuten, Jr.

"Prognosis For The Future" by Yater Tant

"Limited Fellowship" by Wm. E. Wallace

"When To Disfellowship" by Jesse M. Kelley

"Word Study and Applications" by Franklin T. Puckett

... and more! Two or three other writers are slow in getting their material in, thus we are awaiting reception of their articles before announcing their participation in this special effort.

VOLUME XXI selling. We still have a good many bound volumes, the latest one — XXI. But they are gradually selling. Better get yours while you can. $6.00. This volume is especially interesting and valuable because it contains much reaction and response to the problem of fellowship. Fellowship will be an important study for Christians the rest of this century.

ON THAT CHURCH LIST: We previously announced that we would have a list of churches which do not endorse church support of institutions or sponsoring church arrangements. We "promised" this list by July 1.

Well, we are late but are working on it, and will go to press right away. Should be ready in two or three weeks.

COMMENTS: Mrs. T. A. Barfield: "I enjoy the Guardian very much and I'm proud that you stand four square for the truth." . . . Teresa Selvidge: "I enjoy the Gospel Guardian so much, and it has really been a help to me this past year." . . . Claude D. Anderson: "If people would wake up to the sense of duty we would have a better world to live in. I hope the G. G. will increase." . . . Walton Weaver: "I continue to appreciate your work and think you brethren are doing a fine job with the paper." ... Dewey Celsor: "Not a complaint but just an opinion: I believe two pages of the Tell-Al-Gram is enough in each issue. That will leave space for one more article." . . . Jim Barnes: "Keep up the good work. The Lord will bless you for it." Larry Ray Hafley: "Thanks for your efficient book service." . . . Bob Tuten: "The quality of Gospel Guardian continues to improve. I am enjoying it more and more. You fellows are doing a bang-up job. Keep it up."

ALTUS, OKLAHOMA — "Possibly you would report two baptisms and one restoration this past month at Southeast church in Altus, Okla., in addition to a family of six leaving one of the large liberal churches to work with us. Hoyt Houchen, of Aurora, Colo. to be with us in a meeting September... the church here is enjoying both spiritual and numerical growth and the members are at peace with each other as they should be." Gale Cummings.

CHRISTIAN UNITY, HOW PROMOTED, HOW DESTROYED — FAITH AND OPINION — by David Lipscomb, 1916. This 64 page book is a "must" in these days of discussion on fellowship, unity, et cetera. $1.00 plus postage 12 .

THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE CHRISTIAN by James D. Bales: George Welsh Tyler says, "I believe 'The Holy Spirit and The Christian' by James D. Bales is the best and most thorough treatise I have ever seen along that line. He follows James A. Harding's ideas in his editorials on this subject while he was editor of "The Way" afterward known as the "Christian Leader." Bro. Bales may have had the bound volumes of the paper at hand when he wrote his book. I think they have them in the library at Harding College. I studied under Harding. I know that Bro. Harding left Nashville Bible College because he and Bro. David Lipscomb could not agree on the Holy Spirit and elder questions." $3.50.

ALLIANCE, OHIO: "The Silver Park church in Alliance, Ohio has recently appointed Clyde Kelley, Garnet Kellar, and Wade Ray to serve as elders. These men are faithful and energetic in service to God and should greatly enhance the strength and growth of the church here. I look forward to a continued pleasant and productive association with the fine brethren here." Tom Oglesby, 351 Smyth Avenue, Alliance, Ohio 44601.

PAPERS FOR SALE: "I have some old Bible Banners and Gospel Guardians from 1938 to 1949, which I would like to sell if someone is interested. Only one year (1943) is complete. The others are as follows: 1939 — January through August; 1941 — all except April, Oct. and November; 1942 — All except June, August and November; 1944 — Only 4 — March, July, August and October; 1945 — Only two issues — June and October; 1947 — All except January, Feb. and April; 1948 — February through December; 1949 — January through April, and 4 weekly issues of December. Single issues are December 1940 and November 1938. Two issues in 1946. One in March and the other in July. Write R. R. Givens, 1007 North 5th, Pekin, Illinois 61554."

DECATUR, TEXAS: "Please announce that the Highway 81, Church of Christ of Decatur, Texas will have a Gospel Meeting, July 6 - 12. Tom Roberts, Crockett, Texas will be doing the preaching. Worship will begin at 7:30 p.m. each evening. Services on Sunday morning will begin at 9:45 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend." Eual G. Davis, Preacher.

ROYCE CHANDLER: "You might put a note in your paper that I am now working with the Par Avenue church in Orlando, Florida." 1500 Gay Road, Apt. 21-C, Winter Park, Florida 32789.

CAROL R. LUMPKIN, who has been preaching for the Lord's church at Marvell for a little over six years moves to Newport, Arkansas, to work with the Northside church. The church extends a cordial invitation to any who may be traveling that way to stop by and worship with the church.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS STUDENTS OR PARENTS: "R. L. (Bob) Craig is now working with the South 5th and Brodie church in Austin, Texas. This is the closest sound church to the university. We are new and small, but I believe we can help the UT Students and I am sure they can help us. We will be glad to meet students or parents at our home, 4501 Ramsey, Phone 454-7217. Anything we can do to counsel or just visit, well be glad to do."

BOB TUTEN: "After six years with the church in Warner Robins, Georgia from May, 1960 to June, 1963 and July, 1967 to April, 1970 with the intermediate years spent in Norway, I have moved to the Birmingham area to work with the Pinson church. I just closed a meeting April 12th with this church during which two obeyed the gospel. One was restored during April." — P. O. Box 366, Pinson, Ala. 35126.

M. F. MANCHESTER: "A few lines to report that we began work last week with the Westside church of Christ in Pocahontas, Arkansas. The meeting house is located about two miles West-Northwest of the city limits on Highway 90.

"The congregation being about 35 in number can only pay me $75 per week. The church at 13th and Main in Blytheville is sending me $25 per month, and Eastside in Blytheville will send me $50 per month. They would have sent more, but they were already helping in a number of other places. Inasmuch as we are having to pay 70 dollars per month house rent, plus utility bills and of course automobile and living expenses, I desperately need to get help from some other churches in the amount of $225.00 dollars per month, to keep our heads above water.

"Let me assure you that this is a worthy call. The Westside congregation is surrounded in every direction by liberal churches, but the brethren of Westside have a mind to work and I have no doubt that the cause of truth will prosper. Vacationing brethren take note: Pocahontas is located in the foothills of the Ozarks. The Black River flows through the eastside of town. The Current River about six miles North, and the Eleven Point River about 13 miles Northwest.

"Please note change of address from Marked Tree, Ark., Box 311 to Pocahontas, Arkansas, Box 43."

Urbana, Ohio

"The Church of Christ meets at 1515 Knight Road, Urbana, Ohio. Our work began here in June, 1969, and because of our position our near by congregation has refused to help us. We are opposed to human institutions to do the work of the church. I have personally had this conviction since I have been a member of the church for seven years. For a time I thought I could walk in the middle of the road but now see that is wrong. For a time I was identified with the no-woman teachers group but now reject that extreme.

"We desire your prayers and are willing to preach within a fifty or sixty mile radius. Please write, Robert Sumpter, 1515 Knight Road, Urbana, Ohio if you are interested in our preaching." — Robert Sumpter.

"Williamses In Africa"

"The Highland Street church is now into the third year of publication of the Williamses In South Africa, the monthly report of bro. Paul Williams.

"Can you put a note in the Guardian to the effect that we are willing to send bundles of the Williams report to any church that will send us their request. The reports will be folded and ready to insert in their weekly or monthly bulletin. (We feel that there will be better distribution if they are inserted in a bulletin than if they are just left laying around somewhere for the brethren to pick up.)

"We are currently mailing about 1750 copies per month and would like to increase this number so that each interested member of the church might have the opportunity to read it. Individual subscriptions will be accepted but we prefer bundles to churches because there is not the many address changes to take care of. (And to pay for. $.10 each.)" — Jim Barnes, 604 Highland, Hammond, Indiana 46320.

Voyd N. Ballard:

"Since the first of this year we have been working with the church meeting at 5th & Broadway in Atwater, California. This is a young congregation, established by good sound brethren less than two years ago. We are striving to reach the unsaved as well as wayward members in this area with the gospel. We have recently had two baptisms and one restored.

"Atwater is near Castle Air Force Base. If you know members of the church at the Base or know of those who may be coming to the base, send their names and addresses and we will contact them." 3435 So. Plainsburg Road, Merced, California 95340.

Larry Ray Hafley:

"On August 10, 11, 13, and 14th I will meet Mr. Wayne Camp of the Missionary Baptist Church in debate. Mr. Camp is President of the Illinois Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary. From all indications he appears to be a worthy opponent.

"The discussion will be held at the meeting house of the Paris Avenue church in Peoria. The first two nights will be devoted to the essentiality of water baptism, and the last two nights on the possibility of apostasy. Brother J. T. Smith has consented to moderate for me.

"We hope to have an honorable discussion that will exalt the truth and glorify God. Each session will begin at 7:30 P.M. and will last at least two hours as each speaker will have two thirty minute speeches per evening." — 602 W. Lee St., Plano, Illinois.

Herbert H. Thornton:

At the Spring Branch congregation in Houston, Texas on June 14, two were restored and placed membership. Luther W. Martin of Rolla, Mo. will be with us in a Gospel Meeting August 2-7. Worship with us when in the Houston area. Herbert Thornton is the local minister.

Preacher Needed:

"The church of Christ, meeting at 393 Cowan Road, Mississippi City, Gulfport, Mississippi, needs a full time preacher. We are a small congregation, about 35 in number. Support is available. Anyone interested please contact Leroy Henry, P. O. Box 1821 Gulfport, Mississippi 39501."

Preacher Needed:

The Marvell, Arkansas church of Christ is interested in a preacher to move there and work with them. They have a nice three bedroom house and are in position to pay most of his salary. If interested please write Lynn Lumpkin, or call him, Phone 829-2856.

JOHN BULLOCK, 13231 Emily Road, Dallas, Texas 75240. "I am kept busy in secular work and appointment preaching which I enjoy very much. I can be reached at the above address, or telephone: 235-6497, and if not already engaged, I can fill in during the absence of your preacher."

John F. Kelly:

"I wish to correct the information about myself appearing in the TELL-AL-GRAM section of the June 4th issue of the Gospel Guardian. Jack Gibbert, who submitted the information either misread or misunderstood a letter that I had written to him. The article stated that I was being supported $200 a month by the congregation in Uvalde and, thus, needed outside support. The fact is I am presently receiving $575 a month from this church. The need for outside support was due to the fact that this support was about twice as much as the contribution and was possible only as a result of the church using their savings (a building fund) which was rapidly diminishing. The use of this money was only to be temporary until outside support could be obtained. Since I have been here, I have been able to secure only $25 a month outside support. Since the appearance of the June 4th article, the church here (Highland Church of Christ) decided not to continue my support past September 1st in order to use the remaining savings toward obtaining a building in which to meet. I am, thus, NOW AVAILABLE TO RELOCATE with a congregation able to provide support for full time work. My address is 816 Maple St., Uvalde, Texas 78801. Ph. 512-178-6362."

"Tract Of The Month" Series Being Reprinted

We are in the process of reprinting the "Tract of the Month" series of gospel tracts. Some of the titles now ready for the press are as follows: The Church of Christ Versus the Churches of Men by Fanning Yater Tant; Jesus, a Divine Being — Fact or Fiction? by Robert H. Farish; The Bible of Divine or Human Origin? by Fanning Yater Tant; You Can Understand the. Bible by Robert C. Welch; and The Work of the Church by George T. Jones.

God Made It So

I cannot keep you young, my child,

Your stature small, your tender smile.

As years pass by, you will older grow,

Your acts more brave,

God made it so.

You must go out amid the throng,

Choosing either right or wrong.

Many trials and sorrows you'll know,

Each experience builds character,

God made it so.

I would gladly help you each burden to bear,

If I could live on in this world of care.

Lead you safely until through death you go,

But my feeble aid must end,

God made it so.

I can only point you to the infinite one,

He will hear the interceding of His son,

Who came to the world his love to show,

His judgment is unbiased,

God made it so.

If by God's power you will only bear

The burden of each trying hour,

His grace will sustain you through every woe,

He alone can guide you safely,

God made it so.

Edith Scott — Mother of Gary Scott, Pinecrest Congregation, Beaumont, Texas