Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 4, 1970
NUMBER 5, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Office Notes — W. E. W. New Pamphlet Series:

The Gospel Guardian is offering something different in the way of tracts. We have a new series of brochures 16 pages, 4" X 10". They are eye-catching and attractive and expertly printed. The content and print are professional. Three titles are now ready: "Sex Education: Church, School or Home?" by Kenneth Green. "Our Neighbor's Questions" by Judson Woodbridge. "Conversion" A sermon by the late Joe H. Blue on how we are converted. 30 each, $25.00 per hundred. You will find these pamphlets different and you will be glad to distribute them. Order from The Gospel Guardian Company.

"New Testament Church Today"

"New Testament Church Today" by Lloyd C. Moyer is beginning to catch on. This 92 page booklet contains an exhaustive study of what the Bible teaches about the church, in outline form. There are 24 outline lessons covering the work, worship, organization, and nature of the church. There are lessons which deal with the problems the church faces today, and this book is unique in that it offers scriptural solutions to problems. Excellent for class study and sermon preparation. $2.00 each. $1.50 in orders of five or more. Order now for your classes, young or old.


This tract has been a best seller. It deals with the question and the problem in a most excellent manner. We have it back in print again, and the new printing is of much better quality than former printings. $12.50 per hundred.

"The Christians Social And Recreational Activities"

This is the title of our best seller in the "Some Things You Should Know" Bible class series. It is a workbook for Junior High, Senior High or Adult classes. It draws attention to the passages and principles of the Bible with regard to modern social and recreational activities. A good classbook to study this summer. 50 each.

Volume Xxi Of The Gospel Guardian:

This bound volume is now ready for mailing. Volume XXI was one of the most eventful years in the history of the paper. The publication changed ownership. The "peace offensive" was launched. Controversy over fellowship broke out, and considerable interest was aroused by "pulse feeling." Order now — $6.00.

The War Question Again;

From recent issues of The Gospel Guardian, it appears that the so-called "war question" is coming to the limelight again. We have a few "Christians In Uniform" by Fred Amick left — 50. "The Sermon on The Mount and The Civil State" by Foy E. Wallace, Jr. is a most excellent presentation of the position contending for the right of Christians to fight in the army. $4.95. Amick's book takes the same view.


Good sermons to help the preacher prepare lessons for summer audiences. $3.00 each volume.

Hazard Of The Die

"Hazard of the Die" is the biography of Tolbert Fanning. Did you know that the editor of this journal, Fanning Yater Tant, was named after the pioneer preacher? The book sells for $4.95. Written by James R. Wilburn.

Special On Daniel Sommer Book This Summer:

"Daniel Sommer 1850-1940" is being reduced in price from $5.95 to $4.00 for summer sales. This bargain should prompt you to get a copy of this book and learn about the one whose life and work gave rise to the label "Sommerite." Your knowledge of 19th and 20th century church history is not complete without knowing of the work of Sommer.

Visiting In Texas This Summer?

Many travelers through Texas come within driving distance of Lufkin. Come by and visit us at The Gospel Guardian. We are located on north Timberland Drive near the intersection of U. S. 59 and 69 — on the north side of Lufkin. Your news editor will be preaching at the Union Road Church of Christ regularly — 1002 Pershing Road. We would be glad to have you come by.

Special Issue On Fellowship Coming Soon:

Sometime this summer our special issue on the subject of fellowship will be presented. It will be a 48 page booklet, combining three weekly papers into one. Writers include Lloyd Moyer, Franklin T. Puckett, Gordon Wilson, Jesse Kelley, Wm. Wallace, Yater Tant, Jimmy Tuten, Jr., Edward Fudge, Robert Turner, Bryan Vinson, Sr. and others. Place your order now for extra copies at 30 each or $25.00 per hundred.

Clyde O. Goff:

"After more than 20 years in San Diego, we have moved to Palm Springs, California to work with the small church here. We are looking forward to a good and profitable work for the Lord. They are few in number but have a mind to work. The church is meeting in a rented hall, 68192 Ramon Road, Palm Springs, California 92262. My mailing address is 74-180 Desert Star Blvd., Palm Desert, California 92260.

"We left the Seminole Drive church in San Diego, the first of March. They are a fine group of people who are working together in love and harmony. John Coffman of Odessa, Texas began with them the first of May. They were fortunate to be able to get a man such as John, with the ability and love for the souls of men. I am sure that he will do a good work there."

Savannah, Tennessee

"Would you include a little information in the news items about the new congregation now meeting here in Savannah, Tennessee? It is called the Savannah Heights congregation. The church here began in September, 1969. There were 13 present at the first service, including the preacher and his family. The church has shown numerical growth to the present time we have 21 members and attendance in the forties. This is one of the few churches in this area of Tennessee standing for the truth. If there are any readers who know of friends or relatives in the area I would be glad to contact them. Or if they are traveling in the area they can visit the church meeting at 703 Pickwick Road, Savannah, Tennessee. Services: Sunday morning at 9:30; Sunday evening at 6:00 and Wednesday at 7:00. I have been with the church here since January 18." Tom O. Bunting, Rt. 2, Box 93 A, Savannah, Tennessee 38372.

William R. Ward, Sr.

"We moved to Bonneville, Mississippi, September, 1969, after four very pleasant years in Prescott, Arizona. Bonneville is located in the Northeast section of the state. The church began with eighteen members in 1966. Brother Bill Farris was the first preacher and did a fine job. We have had Robert Turner, Hoyt Houchen for meetings recently and at present have Brother Cecil Willis scheduled for our fall meeting. In the past eighteen months we have had a total of 42 additions and our auditorium is now beginning to be nearly full . . . attendance is approaching the 100 mark. As of this fall we should be entirely self supporting for the first time. The brethren have a mind to work and are staunch defenders of the Faith. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

"The brethren have erected a very nice brick meeting house and it is located in the best section of town and located on a main highway just three blocks from the community hospital. When passing through this section, worship with us." — Box 15, Bonneville, Mississippi, 38829.

West Lafayette, Ohio

"In November, 1969, a sound congregation was established in West Lafayette, Ohio. This congregation is made up of members from Newcomerstown and West Lafayette who had to leave because of the liberal movement. The need for a strong conservative congregation here is great. The nearest conservative congregation is 25 miles away. There are those in local liberal congregations who can be taught the truth. Some do not go along with all that is taught there. The population of this county is 34,000 with West Lafayette having 1,600 population. The prospects here are very good.

"The faithful attendance, unity and co-operation of this congregation is outstanding.

"There are fifteen members and the average attendance for all services is 18 to 20. The contribution average is $87.00 per week.

"Bro. Robert E. Bryant of Tampa, Florida, has agreed to locate here and work with this congregation on or about June 1st. Brother Bryant attended Florida College and takes a firm stand for the truth. He is ambitious and a very good personal worker, the kind of man we need here. At the present the Seminole Church of Christ, Rome Ave., Tampa, Florida, has agreed to support Bro. Bryant $100 a month, but we need more support and need it quickly. Can you help us in this effort? Any amount whether great or small will be deeply appreciated until the time when we can become self supporting. You may contact the Elders at the Seminole Church of Christ for reference. Bro. Bryant's address at the present is 13620 N. 22nd. Street, Tampa, Florida, if you care to contact him.

"We here at the Main Street Church of Christ at West Lafayette, Ohio, meet in the American Legion Hall. Services are: Sunday Morning Bible Study ... 9:30 a.m. — Sunday Morning Worship . . . 10:15 a.m. — Sunday Evening Worship ... 7:30 p.m. — Tuesday Evening Bible Study ... 7:30 p.m.

"You are cordially invited to attend any of the services here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Address all mail to Earl R. Gibson, 540 S. Beaver Street, Newcomerstown, Ohio, 43832."

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: "We have now had six baptisms, some 20 restorations, and in all, some forty new men, women, and children attending. The bond of love is so strong you can feel it and the good news is spreading all over the country. We are determined to get rid of the bad reputation this congregation had and build up one of the best there is among the brotherhood. We are going to make Las Vegas a better place!" Terrell Cook, 10th and Bonneville, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101.

E. C. ASHBURN: "We like your paper very much, keep up the good work. I'm sending in a renewal for the paper." . . . ARNOLD HARDIN: "I continue to enjoy the Guardian." .... WELTON CRONIC: "I certainly enjoy reading the Gospel Guardian each week. I thank God for Bro. Wallace, Tant, Kelley, and others for sharing their vast knowledge of the Gospel with others. Keep up the good work." . . . MRS. PEARL MALCALM: "I think the magazine is wonderful." . . . . TOM BUNTING: "Congratulations on the excellent appearance of the Guardian of late. . . I was very pleased to see the front page article in the Guardian which I received today. . . the article on Race prejudice by brother Lipscomb."

SUPPORT NEEDED: "John Kelly and his wife got out of the air force this past year and are now living in Uvalde, Texas. John is preaching full time for the faithful church there. The Kelly's just had a baby and are finding it most difficult to make ends meet on $200 a month. Frankly, I don't know how they made it on that amount BEFORE the baby. John is willing to go to work in Uvalde to support his family, but fears he will have a difficult time finding much of a job in this farming community. John's a skilled electronics man, and feels he could get a good job in a larger town or city but doesn't want to leave Uvalde and the work so needful there. The brethren at Uvalde are carrying his entire support at present. Their treasury can't hold up under even this small amount of support. The attendance has grown to an average of 30 on Sunday mornings, they are meeting in one of the brethren's home. Brethren, if you have any support available please consider this fine preacher, brother Kelly is in GREAT need of your help. His address is 816 Maple Street, Uvalde, Texas. 78801." — Jack Gibbert MORRIS D. NORMAN, 877 E. Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio, 44380: "There have been three baptisms at Southeast recently. The work is pleasant and rewarding. The brethren are free in letting me go where I am called to work for the Master, even seeing that I am supported in areas unable to do so. I'm thankful for these good brethren. In my meeting at Clintwood, Virginia, in April there were two baptized. Shirley Mullins is doing a good work here while he works at secular work to support himself. He is assisted by some fine brethren. There were two restored in my meeting at Bedford, Ohio the first of May. Carol Bates is currently preaching for this church."

WARD HOGLAND, Box 166, Greenville, Texas 75401 — "Meetings for 1970 include, North Miami, Florida; Saratoga, Arkansas; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Houston, Mississippi; St. Augustine Road, Dallas, Texas; Haltom City, Ft. Worth area; Louisville, Kentucky; Pensacola, Florida; Conway, Arkansas and Carrolton, Texas. Rufus R. Clifford conducted a fine meeting here in the Spring."

JOHNIE EDWARD'S MEETINGS: Fort Myers, Florida, January 19-25, Pine Island Road church — Warrenville, S. C., March 2-8, 4 responses — Prospect, Indiana April 6-12 — Oak Grove in Louisville, Ky., May 4-10, 5 responses — Oak Avenue in Dickson, Tennessee, June 8-14."

YATER TANT: "Things move along here at Cahaba. I baptized another young married man on Friday night...this makes eleven baptisms since I came over last June. I had a fine trip to Old Mexico . . . have meetings at Pine Mountain, Georgia (June 14-19); and at Eastside in Blytheville, Arkansas, June 22-28."

RALPH JOINER, P. O. Box 1501, Titusville, Florida 32780 — "Due to the difficulty of obtaining sufficient support to move to West Bend, Wisconsin and work with the church there, we have abandoned those plans and will, in August, move to Cambridge City, Indiana. I was in a gospel meeting with these brethren early in April and was impressed with their fidelity and ardor and so, look forward to a good and prosperous work. Any brethren who are interested in moving to Central Florida are urged to contact the church here. Titusville is the north entrance to Cape Kennedy — the "Gateway to the Moon." For particulars write: Edward Barker: 27 Garnet St.; Titusville, Florida; 32780, or call, after 5 p.m., the same at (305) 267-7979."

Taylors, South Carolina Needs Help

"We have a small congregation here in the suburbs of Greenville, S. C. that is growing painfully slow it seems. We are standing for the truth in an area where error is being taught in seven or eight congregations in the immediate vicinity (Churches of Christ that is), plus the influence of Bob Jones University in the already confused denominational world as worthy opponents.

"We need help. Perhaps this will take on the appearance of a form letter from the struggling congregations I know must exist in many other places. We cannot support a man full-time yet, and wouldn't be able to for some time I would guess. We do have a very nice building with plenty of room for expansion of classes. With no elders to guide us, I feel we need the efforts of an experienced preacher who can help us grow first spiritually and then in number.

"We have had such men as David Tant, Glen Shaver, Frank Smith and others to hold meetings here for us. They are aware of the situation here and have helped us greatly. Could you through your contacts or through your publication please help us find someone who is willing to stand with us? We have enough to move someone in and that is about it. Contributions run almost $100 per week with attendance averaging about 25 on Sundays. There is much to be done here and we are not just looking for someone to do it for us.

"I personally travel all over the southeastern portion of the U. S. and will be glad to talk with anyone who may be interested, i.e., they don't have to come to us initially, we'll go to them if necessary. Please contact me at your convenience if there is anything you can do to assist in this effort. Taylors Church of Christ, P. O. Box 506, Taylors, S. C. 29687." — Roger A. Pink

Thetus Pritchard Passes

In April, Thetus Pritchard died in a hospital at Huntington, Tennessee. He had been in failing health for many years. He will be remembered by many for his work in earlier years.


Atop this mountain viewing The valley below;

My mind ponders heaven Where the streets are gold.

God is its maker and His Son Is the Light.

A place more beautiful than This within my sight!

My vantage point is a wonder To be seen!

Can you imagine heaven, In your wildest dream?

This colorful earth is a Living wonder;

To say it just happened is A terrible blunder!

If the earth so beautiful With heaven cannot compare,

Just think of the joy and bliss Awaiting us there!

God, His Son and those whom Have gone before

Await us behind that beautiful Pearly door.

From my high perch The living God I cannot see;

I can't see the wind, touch the sky, But do they cease to be?

Heaven shall be beautiful, A place of rest,

For God's true servants Who love Him best!

by Terrell Cook, Las Vegas, Nevada