Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 1, 1971
NUMBER 46, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Looking For Something Different?

Many teachers seek something new and different for their classes...something different from the various series which churches normally use. Here are some suggestions:

Pearls From Proverbs, Volume One and Two, A Workbook by J. A. McNutt. For High School and Adult Classes. 40 cents each.

A Workbook on Some Denominational Errors by Sam Binkley, Jr., High School and Adult 75 cents each.

Lessons on The Home, Volume One and Two, by J. Edward Nowlin, High School and Adult 30 cents each.

Outstanding Characters of the Old Testament, Volumes One and Two by J. A. McNutt, workbook 40 cents each. High School and Adult.

Outstanding Characters of the New Testament, Volumes One and Two by J. A. McNutt, workbook 40 cents each. High School and Adult.

God Speaks To Today's Teenagers by James Meadows $1.25 each. Workbook.

Counsel For Christian Youth, Volumes I and II, by J. A. McNutt. Workbook 40 cents each.


The Far West Robert A. Bolton — Reporter Preaching The Word:

California: James W. Adams, of Baytown, Texas, at Nelson Avenue in Garden Grove, March 1-7 James R. Cope, of Temple Terrace, Florida, at Brea, March 6-7 Kenneth Mans, of Phoenix, Arizona, at Bellflower, March 15-21 Roy E. Cogdill, of Orlando, Florida, at Mt. View in San Bernardino, March 22-28 Harry Pickup, Jr., of Temple Terrace, Florida, at Santa Barbara, March 23-28 and at Sepulveda, March 29-April 7 L.L. Stout, of Oxnard, at Wilmington, April 18-25 Arnold Schnabel, of Portland, Oregon, at Ontario, April 1925 Robert A. Bolton, of Ontario, at Orcutt, April 26- May 2.


Caldwell, Idaho - February 18, 1971: A new congregation has been established in Caldwell, Idaho. They are presently meeting in the Pleasant Ridge Grange Hall No. 135. The Grange Hall may be reached by going 3 miles West of Caldwell on Highway 19 to Weitz Crossing, then 1 mile South. They first met on Sunday, February 7, 1971 with 32 present. Thirty-six were present the next Lord's Day. Most of the membership consists of former members at Payette who live much closer to Caldwell. The church in Payette is still meeting and is presently looking for a man to work with them full time. Kenneth A. Sterling, who formerly worked with the church in Payette, but in recent years had returned to Selma, California, moved from Selma to work with the new congregation in Caldwell. He is being fully supported by the church in Sepulveda, California and may be contacted at the following address: Kenneth A. Sterling, 1124 North Michigan, Caldwell, Idaho 83605; Phone: (208) 459-1453.

Phoenix, Arizona - January 4, 1971: "A few months ago the Gospel Guardian carried a news item concerning a Roman Catholic priest, Jose Martinez, who was baptized here in March of 1970. Since that time he has concentrated on Bible study and preaching, increasing his preaching as he became able. He is supported by the Valley congregation in Phoenix.

"We have since learned that the name, Jose Martinez, was given him by the Catholic church, as a step in divorcing him from his family and making him the property of the church, when he began studying for the priesthood. He has dropped that name and now goes by his real name, Ramero (Ray) Narro.

"In recent months he has been quite active in preaching. The following is a report which he made to this congregation of his work in the lower Rio Grande Valley and Mexico. I am submitting his report with the thought that it might be both informational and inspirational to us all, especially to those with some direct interest in the Spanish work. The report, however, is not complete, as he has baptized eighty or more former Catholics of Spanish descent since he became a Christian." Kenneth Marrs, 3535 West Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona.

(Note: The report from Bro. Narro is too lengthy to be included in its entirety, so the following is a condensed version which includes all the pertinent facts and information. - R.A.B.)

Dear Brethren: January 4, 1971 I wish to give you a report of my work in the valley of Texas and in the border towns. On this trip fifty-one persons obeyed the gospel, and twenty-three were also baptized on my first preaching tour in California. Two people were restored in Raymondville, Texas, and this brings a total of seventy-six people coming to God. You will see that your supporting me was of much help to me and for this I thank you all. The following was my preaching schedule and results:

McAllen, Texas — 6 baptized; Harlingen, Texas; Mercedes, Texas — 5 baptized; Reynosa, Mexico — 1 baptized; Raymondville, Texas — 2 restored; Cd. Victoria, Tamp., Mexico; Brownsville, Texas — 4 baptized a week later; Weslaco, Texas — 3 baptized; Rio Bravo, Tamp., Mexico — 4 baptized; Matamoros, Tamp., Mexico — 1 baptized; Prolongacion las Cumbres, Reynosa, Tamp., Mexico; Weslaco, Texas; Harlingen, Texas — 2 baptized; Valle Hermoso, Tamp., Mexico; Rio Rico, Tamp., Mexico — 7 baptized; Matamoros, Mexico — 5 baptized; Colonia El Banco, Reynosa, Tamp., Mexico — 11 baptized (including a Baptist preacher and his wife, Jose and Antonia Guerrero).

Your brother in Christ that remembers you always in his prayers.

RAY NARRO Permanent Address: 302 W. Montevista Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Ontario, California - March 11, 1971: Arnold Schnabel, of Portland, Oregon, one of the nine preachers the church in Ontario is presently helping support, will be the guest speaker in a special series of meetings in Ontario, April 19-25. These meetings will involve a special series of lectures by Bro. Schnabel on the general theme: "The Bible, Science, And Evolution"' Following each lecture, there will be a period of 30 to 45 minutes spent in answering questions from the audience. Bro. Schnabel is eminently qualified for such a program in view of his scientific background and the special studies he has done in this field. He is one of the 50 recommended lecturers of the National Creation Research Society, which is composed of famous scientists who believe the Biblical account of creation. Each family attending these lectures will be given a free copy of Bro. Schnabel's booklet, "Has God Spoken?" It is hoped that young people from all over this area will avail themselves of this opportunity to hear a qualified scientist defend the Biblical account of of creation from the scientific viewpoint. Limited lodging in homes of the brethren is available for those who may desire to come from a distance to spend the week with us.

By The Way - "With taxes what they are, and welfare what it is, today, a fellow has to be unemployed to make a living."

One Year In A New Work

As of 18 January we completed one year in a new work in Marshall, Texas. Numerically we had the following results: started with 16 (including kids) and ended with 19 (still including kids). Five were baptized into Christ, one family moved away, another plus a young lady whose husband is not a Christian moved in and one deserted Christ. Spiritually we have grown.

We held two gospel meetings. The first was in June and from it, we ultimately immersed two into the Lord. The second dealt with the institutional problems and was designed especially to persuade those brethren who favor these things to study with us. In preparation we conducted an intensive campaign to induce them to do so, including a monthly bulletin on the subject, which each received, and a standing offer to study with any and all of them. They chose, instead, to try and ignore us out of existence.

In September we started a cyclic three-month effort to distribute a first-principles paper to the sectarians. We selected Jim Cooper's WORDS OF LIFE. 520 families receive this weekly by hand distribution for 90 days, then we switch to another group. In this manner we hope to evangelize most of the city and its surrounding developed area in four years.

For 1971 we plan, with God's help, a continuation of our efforts to reach non-Christians through printed material and personal contact. Our first meeting is scheduled in April with John Witt, to build us up to do our duty. The second is a 28-day tent effort from 6 June through 3 July. It is directed primarily at those in this area who are not members of Christ. We plan an extensive advertize campaign in support of it.

Stop and worship with us when in Marshall.

WALLACE H. LITTLE Post Office Box 1306 Marshall, Texas 75670

Here Is Something Good:

New filmstrip series on "How We Got The Bible". Over 200 frames in four parts - Part I "The Bible Comes Into Being,." Part II "The Manuscripts of The Bible," Part III "The Translations of The Bible," Part IV "The Bible and Recent Discoveries." Written by Neil R. Lightfoot, directed by Jule L. Miller. For youth and adult Bible classes, home Bible studies, College classes, Vacation Bible Schools, family devotions. Complete kit including four full-color filmstrips, four 12 inch records, and teacher's guides $49.95. Order From The Gospel Guardian.

Charleston, S.C.: "The church here has recently purchased a building and property from the Baptists. It is just off 1-26 from the Ashley Phosphate Road ExitWe plan to move in the first Sunday in April."

James L. Sloan

Better Hurry With Your Renewal To Beat The Price Rise:

We go up to $6.00 per year as of May 1, 1971. You can renew now for $5.00 for one year, $8.00 for two years, $15.00 for five years. Not much time left, the curtain falls on these bargains as of May 1, 1971.

Keep Writing Those Good Things!

We continue to receive commendations in every mail — commendations for The Gospel Guardian. Of course we read them all! We don't print them anymore, but we are tempted to do so. You just keep writing them, it does us good. And yes, we read the criticisms too! These don't come very often, but when they do we realize we need them. So, whether you commend or criticize, keep writing those good things. Bound to do us good.


Creative Bible Teaching:

Moody Press recently released "Creative Bible Teaching" by Lawrence O. Richards. "This book is destined to make a real impact in the teaching world." $4.95 Order From The Gospel Guardian.

New Booklet By L. A. Mott, Jr.:

It is entitled "Baptism In The Scheme of Redemption." 61 pages. $1.00. Very neatly printed, attractive, a worthy publication. Order direct from L. A. Mott, Jr., Box 155, Romulus, Michigan 48174. Buy 50 or more at 50 cents each.

Help Wanted:

The Gospel Guardian needs someone to do a regular news column for overseas work. We need someone to receive, organize, cull, and edit reports from sound brethren overseas, into an interesting and informative news feature. The pay is great $1.00 per year. If interested drop me a line.


BOUND VOLUME OF THE GOSPEL GUARDIAN FOR MAY 1, 1970 - May 1, 1971, OUR 22nd YEAR-READY IN JUNE. $6.00 now, $7.50 after July 1, 1971.

Brother Frank Hedges Passes:

Funeral services were conducted at Winfield, Kansas January 19th for Brother Frank Hedges. He had been a courageous preacher of the gospel for many years devoting most of his efforts to holding meetings and establishing congregations throughout Kansas and Oklahoma. He has defended the truth in many debates and has left a rich heritage for soundness. His strong convictions caused him to place membership with the church in Mulvane making the round trip of 50 miles each Lord's day rather than compromise with liberalism. His storehouse of knowledge has been a great source of help to this congregation. His faithfulness at his advanced age has been an inspiration to all of us and truly "he being dead, yet speaketh." His beloved wife, Sister Nora Hedges, still worships with us. — ROSS O. SPEARS

Walton Weaver:

"The church in Bartlett (northeast Memphis suburbs) recently purchased a five acre lot on Charles Bryan which runs between Summer and Stage Road. It is not in the Bartlett city limits, but it is in an excellent location. Of course, we do not need five acres, but we had to buy this much in order to buy the lot. Perhaps we will be able to sell a part of it off at a later date." — 1324 Boyte Cove, Memphis, Tennessee,