Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 18, 1971

A Letter To Ezekiel

Your faithful nephew Delmar.

Dear Uncle Zeke, We haven't heard from you all in quite a spell so I decided to write and find out how things are comin for you all. Trust the missus is doin well and that you have recovered nicely from that artheritis spell you had.

How does Mary Jane like being married now? She was as pretty as a speckled pup in that weddin gown of hers.

The wife and I bought a new television set the other day. It shore is nice for gettin the weather reports and the news from Washington. Some of the programs are unbelievable bad, howsomever.

One thing about television puzzles me a mite. Ever night at 10 o'clock, just fore the news, an announcer asks the question, "It is ten o'clock, do you know where your children are?" I s'pose the question is raised cause of all the problems some folks is havin cause so many children are runnin wild. It seems that some of the hill folk don't put no proper rein on their mavericks and all sorts of trouble breaks out as a result. I figger it shows that we hill folk are a funny breed. For instance, have you ever heard em ask on TV, "It is ten o'clock, do you know where your prize hound is?" Don't guess you have. Every farmer in the valley knows where his best dog is ever hour of the day and night. It kind of looks like some folks care more about dogs than they do about their kids. Now, don't figger me wrong. I think we should keep our hounds penned, too, but that don't lessen the need to keep an eye out for the goings on of our little ones.

I had best go now. It is gettin late and I don't want to miss "Hee Haw." That shore is one funny show. You know, uncle Zeke, there are some people just like the ones on that program. In fact, we have a couple right here in the valley that puts you to thinkin that Hee Haw ain't actin.

Yours truly,