Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 18, 1971
NUMBER 40, PAGE 11-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Wm. E. Wallace News Editor

Fort Smith, Arkansas:

Homer Halley will be with the church at 2323 South Forty-sixth Street in Fort Smith, Arkansas, February 28 — March 7. Lodging will be provided overnight in the homes of members of the congregation for brethren coming from a distance. Telephone George T. Jones at 452-0640 or 782-0588 to arrange for accommodations.

Preacher Needed:

Renton, Washington. Write Jerry Mullings, 1835 N. E. 12th St., Renton, Washington 98065.

10 Ways To Improve Your Writing Lucy R. Hoskins

1. Know your subject — either from experience or research or both. — A careful writer, with conviction, can research a subject, review the literature in the field, and write acceptably on several related topics.

2. Schedule time for writing. — The best time to write is early morning when (or if) your mind is uncluttered and you have fewer distractions. Get to the office early or guard certain early hours for writing in your study at home.

3. Write. — The only way to learn to write is to write. Someone has said there are five prerequisites to becoming a writer — table, chair, pencil, paper, glue. Pour the glue in chair and sit down on it!

4. Have a goal in mind — and aim for it. — H. G. Wells once said: "I write as I walk because I want to get somewhere, and I write as straight as I can, just as I walk as straight as I can because that is the best way to get there." Let whatever you say bring you a little nearer your goal. If it doesn't strike it out.

5. Think short. — As much as possible, use one and two-syllable words, short sentences, short paragraphs. If you can substitute two words for four, do it; if one, for two, do it.

6. Use words with specific meanings. — Not "He closed the door" but "He slammed the door." This appeals to both sight and hearing. There are fragile words, heavy words, sharp, cutting words, swift words, harsh words. Choose the word that best fits your meaning.

7. Avoid needless words. — Write your manuscript or news release. Lay it aside for a few days. Then go through the manuscript and cut out all superfluous words: prepositional phrases, hackneyed terms, unnecessary adverbs. Change passive voice to active.

8. Use clear, concise words. — Avoid words with double meanings. Use the familiar instead of the way-out word; the concrete word instead of the abstract; the single word instead of the wordy phrase; the short word instead of the long.

9. Learn to use transitional phrases. — "But that isn't all. . ."; "In addition"; "Better yet, . . ."; "More important than ..."

10. Stop when you get through. — Matthew Arnold said: "Have something to say and say it as clearly as you can." We add, 'Then stop." Learn how to summarize briefly, recap, or tie in with your opening idea.

— From "Church Administration"

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Brother Cecil B. Douthitt Passes

Brother Cecil B. Douthitt, 74, 2203 N. E. St., died Sunday at a local nursing home. He was a minister of the gospel for 55 years, author of several religious books and hymnal lyrics and a lecturer-debater. He is survived by his wife, Mary; one son, Cecil G.; two daughters, Miss Dortha Douthitt and Mrs. Carl Bowen; four brothers, Ezra, Boone, Ira, and Noah, two sisters, Mrs. Ethel Lester, Mrs. William Grogan; and three grandchildren.

Brother Douthitt's funeral was conducted at Edwards Chapel here in Fort Smith, Tuesday afternoon; and the burial was at Rose Lawn Park Cemetary. Pallbearers were Milton Minchew, Spencer Card, Arch Rollo-day, Floyd Kuykendall, Harvey Graves, and George Roberson.

Kyle McElroy of the Etna church lead the opening prayer at the service. Mike Rogacs, of the Southside church, read the 23rd Psalm. George Jones, of the South 46th Street church, gave a talk regarding the Douthitt family, and Guthrie Dean made a talk on the meaning of Death. Mike Rogacs offered the benediction at the grave-side. Many of the Douthitts' friends were in attendance at the funeral service.

Brother Douthitt was loved and appreciated by many, many people throughout the nation. All will be sorry to hear about his passing. I cherish my association with him, and join many hearts in prayer to God for sister Mary and the family. Truly, a prince and a great man has fallen in Israel this day. (2 Sam. 3:28).

— Guthrie Dean; 1900 Jenny Lind;

Fort Smith, Arkansas

(The Journey Of Life)

I started on life's journey, fair:

As everyone; a child.

I had fond dreams of soaring high, And riding billows wild.

These things did not escape from me;

I made my dreams come true.

I studied hard as anyone, For this I had to do.

I'd never linger, not at all, Nor would I pause or stop.

I had a goal that I must reach, It had to be the top.

I thought I'd find much happiness When I sat on the heap;

But when I reached the pinnacle;

All I could do was weep.

I found no happiness at all;

Though I had climbed so high.

It seemed I had to take a fall, For mirth just passed me by.

I wondered what had gone amiss, Wherein could I have failed?

Then came the answer to my mind, So I just moaned and wailed.

I'd gone so far away from God;

Just thinking of myself.

I did not think of Christ my Lord, Which rock for me was cleft.

But now I know the only way To find this rest and peace,

Is to return unto our God, For there is sweet release.

J. W. Middleton, Sr. 134 Manor Drive, Azle, Texas 76020

Viral M. Seagraves:

"On November 1, 1970 I moved once again to the Pacific Northwest to help a congregation that had just came into existence. The congregation in Bellingham is the farthest North conservative congregation in the state, and is located close to several large Canadian cities.

"Since moving here I have been unable to obtain the support that I had anticipated. Naturally this is having its effect upon the work. I am presently in need of a minimum of $500.00 support so that I might continue to labor with this congregation. There are ova 40,000 people in Bellingham that need to be taught the gospel and to date the reception of the truth has been far greater than I had anticipated.

"Any congregations seeking to support an excellent work, I pray that you will consider this opportunity. I can give my personal history, educational background, and personal references immediately upon request..

"Please brethren, come to the help of a preacher who is eager to bring the good tidings to the people in Northern Washington and Southern British Columbia."

— 2718 Patton St., Bellingham, Wa. 98225