Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 1, 1971
NUMBER 37, PAGE 11-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Algram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor

Preacher Needed:

Bald Knob, Arkansas. Contact Bill W. Emde, Box 643, Bald Knob, Arkansas 72010. Telephone 724-5260 or Raymond Gilreath at 724-5363.

Suit Filed Against Church In Macon, Georgia:

"The nine disorderly members, joined by one from whom we did not withdraw in August... filed a civil action suit in Bibb Superior Court for title to the land owned by the Bloomfield church of Christ. A hearing is pending. We think this action in itself should say something to those who have been so reluctant to believe the matter here is as serious as it is, . . . Perhaps a word of caution is in order to other brethren who may be planning to practice discipline against their disorderly. Make sure your deed and trustees are in good order." The Exhorter, Macon, Georgia, November and December 1970.

Preachers Moved:

Dwight Edwards to Waycross, Georgia. David Wood to North Birmingham from Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Help! York, Pennsylvania Calling:

John R. Toomey writes that it has become necessary for a few to withdraw themselves from the liberal church in York and begin meeting in a private home. "We now have 5 members of the church meeting in our home. I have tried again unsuccessfully to discuss the 'institution' issue and study the scriptures with the York church. . . but to no avail. We have real trials in standing on God's word for all religious authority. Any kind of support from brethren would be greatly appreciated as we stand alone in this area but spiritually strong with Christ. We do miss fellowship that is so important to brethren in the church... We don't mean to be critical, but it is so hard to even get letters giving spiritual support. So many preachers will write for publication, but how about personal letters to give a vary small congregation some spiritual strength?. . . My family is rich in the Lord just knowing we have taken the right stand against liberalism... ask for any support you can give. . . money is not necessarily the answer. Help to win more souls for Christ and some to actually work with us to this end is what we need. Can there be anyway some could come and work with us? — 151 W. Jackson St., York, Pa. 17403.

Jerry Ray Passes:

Jerry Ray passed away January 2 in Gainesville Florida. His condition gradually worsened until death, but there was no struggle of any kind — he simply went to sleep. He was buried near Brundidge, Alabama. Brother Ray had won the respect of those acquainted with him. . . a man of attainment, scholarship, dedication. . . a Christian gentleman. He was still a young man. He will be sorely missed in the kingdom of God on earth. His family resides at 418 N. W. 17th Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601.

Cecil B. Douthitt Gravely Ill:

Brother Douthitt suffered a stroke recently and has been in a coma. Thousands of friends of brother Douthitt will be saddened to know of this great man's affliction. At this writing the prospects for his future on earth are dim, but all who know him well, are confident of the blessings that await him on the other side. Sister Douthitt's address is: 2203 North E Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901.

Here! Church Directory Corrections:

Many have sent in corrections for the church directory we published last year. We are preparing to go to press with a revised edition. Thank you very much for your help in helping us to bring the list up to date, with proper corrections. If you have corrections to offer, please send them in now... thanks again... to all!

Our Fault:

"In my article titled, 'Qualify What You Say In Preaching,' issue of January 14th. . . closing statement.. . should read: 'Make it plain, brother preachers, for always there are those before you who know NOT the way of life.' " — John W. Hedge.

His Fault:

"In the article 'What Is Heresy? which appeared in the January 7, 1971 issue of Gospel Guardian, I failed to note that the word 'sect,' translated from 'hairesis,' is also used in Acts 28:22. I noted that the word 'sect' is used five times in the King James Version of the New Testament and then examined only four occurrences. This was simply a careless oversight. In Acts 28:22 the word is used by certain Jews at Rome who were ignorant of 'the way' to erroneously describe the Lord's church as Jewish sect or party. Please accept my humble apologies for this slip." — Keith Sharp.

W. R. Wolfrum Passes:

This report is submitted only as a matter of interest to long-ago friends who may still be among Guardian readers.

"W. R. Wolfrum, known to many brethren as Brother Billy and to many other friends as Preacher Bill, died November 26, 1970, at the age of eighty-three. In his early life he had been a student at Gunter Bible College. He also served in the A.E.F. during World War I. He served as minister for congregations at Wellington and Sanger in the twenties and early thirties, and preached for several other churches on monthly appointments. He "held meetings" for many small congregations, mostly in North Texas. In 1935 he moved to Mission, Texas, where he resided on North Stewart Road until his death. During some twenty-five years he fanned and at the same time preached for the church at Mission and then for two small groups meeting at Rincon and Sun Oil fields. At the time of his death he was a member of the Laurel Heights congregation, McAllen, where he had worshipped on Lord's Day preceding his death. Dan S. Shipley of Prescott, Arizona, conducted funeral services. Brother Wolfrum is survived by his wife, one daughter, five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and two sisters." — From Mrs. Wolfrum.

Vestal Chaffin:

"Harold Dowdy did an excellent job preaching the gospel in a meeting with the Powers Ferry Road church, December 7-13. Our local song-leaders did a very fine work in directing the song services. December has been an excellent month for the church here. One was baptized before the meeting started, one during the meeting, and two have been baptized since the meeting closed. Five, other than those baptized, have been identified with the church here, two of them coming from a liberal church in this area. If you are passing through our area, stop and worship with us." — 200 Carrington Way, Marietta, Georgia 30060.

J. W. Middleton, Sr.

"On January 3, we closed a meeting which began on December 28, with the Irene and Coke Streets congregation in San Angelo, Texas. The brethren said that it was the best meeting which they had witnessed at that place in a long time. I am sure that they were not speaking of the quality of the preaching, nor of the speaker, but the results were gratifying; and this speaker does not take any credit for the success of the meeting. There were seven persons immersed, and this took place the first night of the meeting. Evidently, someone else had taught them. I was asked to preach on first principles, the first night, and this I did to the best of my ability. There were no more responses during the rest of the meeting. Brother John Keeney did a good job of it. There are some of the worlds best at this small congregation. We learned to love them very much. They need some capable person, who could pretty well support himself, to move there and work with them. I believe that several others are almost persuaded to become Christians." — 134 Manor Drive, Azle, Texas 76020.

Tract Talk:

More tracts just off our presses and ready to mail:

"Can We Understand The Bible Alike" by Cecil Willis. The editor of Truth Magazine deals with the question in a fine manner. $10.00 per hundred.

"The Law of Moses and Christ" by Cecil Willis. An excellent study of the relationship of Christ to the Old Testament law, setting forth our authority for today. $10.00 per hundred.

"What Must One Do To Be Saved? by Cecil Willis answers the question scripturally. $10.00 per hundred.

"Answering The Sabbatarians" by Wm. E. Wallace. A booklet written in 1952 in response to a Seventh Day Adventist's reasons for keeping the Sabbath day holy today. 25 cents each. $20.00 per hundred.

"What Church Shall I Join?" by R. G. Lovelady helps the inquirer to find his way into the Lord's church. $10.00 per hundred.


This booklet originally published in 1967 went out of print in 1970. But we are reprinting it and adding a supplement. The outlines are of sermons preached at the Belmont Avenue church in Indianapolis, Indiana, preparatory to choosing and appointing elders. The articles in the supplement deal with questions and problems concerning the eldership and originally appeared in the Belmont Bible Banner. They were later published in The Gospel Guardian. We should have this booklet ready by the time you read these lines. Use it for class study, sermon preparation, or private study. 60 cents each. 50 cents in quantities of six or more.


Attractive Attendance charts for the classroom, printed by the Gospel Guardian. Two-color. 11 inches X 16 inches. 25 cents each.

Annual Bible Class Record Books, printed by the Gospel Guardian. Neatly done. 25 cents each.

Chicago, Illinois

Dear Sir: As readers of The Gospel Guardian, we want to tell you how much we enjoy, and the Spiritual Blessing we need from it, I especially enjoy Bro. Middleton, Sr., poems. We have his book on Acts, and really enjoy reading it so do our friends, for I too write poems. Hope to have some published soon. Here is one of my favorites that we Christians could use entitled Little Things.

This is what I most want to do,

Give to many instead of the few

Of little things that all may share

That all may know how much I care.

And as I try — in some small way

To spread good deeds along the way

Thru letters, phone calls, smiles, a word

Or cheer that will not go unheard.

A letter with some thought that will

Give some lone soul a friendly thrill

A smile to reassure some friend

That I'll be loyal to the end,

A phone call on a dreary day

May help chase some ones blues away-

All little things of little worth

Is a lot to the lonely soul on earth.

Submitted By:

Mr. & Mrs. Austin Coe, 5426 W. Ferdinano, Chicago, Ill.