Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 14, 1971
NUMBER 35, PAGE 11-13

Gospel Guardian Tellalgram

Wm. E Wallace — News Editor


On December 8, 1970 a great soldier laid down his battle scared armor and went to be with the great "Captain of our salvation." When Joab and Abishai slew Abner and all the people were mourning his death, David the king said; "Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?" 2 Sam. 3:38. This can truly be said of Hayes Damron who was a tower of strength for truth and righteousness in west Texas.

Hayes was born Oct. 15, 1903. He was married to Johnnie Foreman in 1925. Having been brought up under Baptist doctrine he often said, "When I learned to read I left the Baptist church." After having heard only two gospel sermons he obeyed the gospel's commands in 1937. Though he worked with his hands to support his family, he had such a strong conviction for truth and righteousness he began to preach the gospel in 1942. The most of his preaching was done in West and Southwest Texas where he was instrumental in establishing a number of congregations and by his godly life and sound teaching he led many to become Christians.

From 1950 until his death he served the Lord as an elder of the church in Crane, Texas. Though he had been in poor health for three years he remained active in the Lord's work. On the night of Nov. 27 he suffered another heart attack which proved to be the beginning of the end for him.

In my thirty years of preaching I have never known a man who loved the truth more than did Hayes Damron. His faithful wife was a great asset to him. His community was much better, the church is much stronger because of his godly influence. Though he be dead his influence will live on. We are reminded that we must take a stronger stand and a firmer grip on truth and righteousness to compensate for the loss of such men as Hayes Damron.

Funeral services were held in the building of the Crane church on Dec. 10 with an overflow crowd in attendance. This writer was assisted in the service by Walter Talley and David Bonner, both former preachers for this congregation. — Woodrow Plyler ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

THE "SACRED SELECTION" BIBLE LAND TOUR: Ellis Crum, publisher of the widely used Sacred Selection songbook has a Bible land tour scheduled for June 9-30. This tour includes Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. This is the "Biggest 22-day Bible Lands Tour". .. "you'll see more things of interest to New Testament Christians ... especially designed for members of the body of Christ." Tour price is under $1200.00. Write Ellis Crum, North Shores Drive, Kendallville, Indiana 46755 for brochure and further information.

EMERGENCE OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST DENOMINATION by David E. Harrell is now available again, in an improved printing. We have just completed the reprinting of the popular tract by brother Harrell. This printing is much improved over the last. The improvement we refer to regards the appearance of the tract. The material is the same excellent presentation which was so well received. Place your orders now: 25 cents each, $17.50 per hundred.

(All news involving churches and preachers in the Western States of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and Washington, should be sent to me at 126 West "E" St., Ontario, California 91762.) — Robert A. Bolton — Reporter

Preaching The Word:

Arizona: JACK HOLT, of Garland, Texas, at the Valley congregation in Phoenix, Oct. 11-18.

California: HERBERT FRASER, of Fort Collins, Colorado, at Napa, Oct. 28-Nov. 4. . . BOB MELEAR, of Ventura, at Rexland Dr. and Garber Way in Bakersfield, Nov. 1-8. . CHARLES LIMBURG, of Tustin-Santa Ana, at West Anaheim, Nov. 15-20. . . ROBERT TURNER, of Burnet, Texas, at Bellflower, Nov. 29-Dec. 6... PETER J. WILSON, of South Salem, Oregon, at El Centro, Nov. 30-Dec. 6. . . BILL FLING is the local preacher in Huntington Beach where a lectureship was conducted Dec. 6-11. Speakers were R. J. STEVENS of San Bernardino, DAVID WATTS of Long Beach, TOM BAKER, of Orange, FLOYD THOMPSON of Garden Grove, BRENT LEWIS of Long Beach, and GLEN LOVELADY of Wilmington... FORREST MOYER, of Bellflower, at Apple Valley, Dec. 7-13... ROBERT A. BOLTON, of Ontario, at Hemet, Feb. 1-7 and at San Gabriel Valley church in Arcadia, Feb. 22-28, 1971.

Oregon: A lectureship was conducted at Lebanon, Nov. 29-Dec. 6. . . BILL FAIN, of Gresham, at Cottage Grove, Nov. 29-Dec. 6.


Hemet, California: NORMAN DeWEESE is now working with the small group of saints meeting in Hemet. This is the first local work for Bro. DeWeese, an ex-professional baseball player who has been a faithful member of the Mt. View church in San Bernardino for years. He and his good wife will be an asset to the church in Hemet, and I look forward to being with them in a gospel meeting February 1-7, 1971. The DeWeese address is 43611 East Florida, Hemet, California 92343: Phone: 714-927-2549. — R. A. B.

Arcadia, California: The San Gabriel Valley church had its beginning approximately two years ago when several brethren from Montebello began meeting in the Masonic Lodge building in Temple City. In May of 1970, CARROLL FINK began working with them as preacher. At that time there were 14 members and today the membership numbers 28. On January 1, 1971, this small congregation will move into its own church building, a building which they have made arrangements to purchase, located at 601 E. Live Oak St., in Arcadia. The church here in Ontario is having a part in the support of Bro. Fink and we rejoice with them as they secure this permanent meeting place. I am scheduled to be with them in a gospel meeting February 22-28, 1971. Anyone knowing of persons living in that area you would like encouraged to worship with them, please contact: CARROLL FINK, 18803 Carreta Drive, Rowland Heights, California 91745: Phone 213-964-4787. — R. A. B.

Salem, Oregon: Thanks to my good friends VERGIL & HELEN SIMMONS, of Salem, I have been supplied with the following information concerning the new South Salem church, about which I reported last month. The congregation started with 81 members from the Market Street church. They recently had 110 present Sunday morning and 98 Sunday evening. At present they are meeting in the Salem Heights Hall at the corner of Liberty and Madrona St. S. E., but plans are already under way for the- erection of a building which will be located at 300 Ewald S.E. PETER J. WILSON is the preacher. — R. A. B.

Attention Song Writers:

Do you have a song or songs (spiritual, that is) that you have written and would like to have published? Perhaps you have written the words and would like to have them set to music. Plans are under way to print and publish several new songs in either "song-sheet" or "supplemental book" form. R. J. STEVENS, CLAUDE WORLEY, BRENT LEWIS, and this reporter are working together on this project. There seems to be a need for good new Hymns as very few have been written in recent years. If you would like to have your song included in such a "supplement," please send me a copy of it at once. We are making no promises at the moment, but would just like to see how much, if any, such new material is available. Robert A. Bolton, 126 West "E" Street, Ontario, California 91762.

BY THE WAY: "America is the only country in the world where a man can build a three car garage and fill it with cars he doesn't own!"

ROBERT H. FARISH has moved from Wonsley Drive church in Austin, Texas to work with the church in Lewisville, Texas (P. O. Box 142, zip code 75067). Note his change in address. He reported two restorations and a baptism at Wonsley Road early in December.

CHURCH DESIRES TO HELP IN GOSPEL MEETINGS: "The Judson Road Church of Christ, Longview, Texas offers its assistance in supplying a preacher to conduct Gospel Meetings in places where the churches are unable to support such, or in places where there are few members and who are desirous of starting the work of the Lord according to New Testament teaching. Those who are interested are requested to address the church, P. O. Box 545, Longview, Texas, 75601, giving all the particulars of your needs and your willingness to cooperate in such work as your ability will allow. — Walter Richardson, John W. Hedge, Edward Simpson."

BILLY W. MOORE reports about Missouri: "Progress is being made in the state of Missouri among conservative thinking brethren. A new work has been started in Sikeston, one in Joplin and another in the Kansas City area, but it is on the Kansas side." 205 Fulton, Butler Missouri.

C. R. SCROGGINS: "We are closing the year out with our number having doubled plus one. Two of these by baptism, two by confessing unfaithfulness and being restored, seven by leaving a liberal congregation and placing membership with us, and twelve moved into this area. For all of this we are thankful unto God, for without His power and grace, we realize these growths would not be possible. Southside Church of Christ, 1720 S. Turner Dr., Hobbs, New Mexico."

PREACHER NEEDED: Clintwood, Virginia. Membership about thirty. Nice building, debt free. Can provide about one-half preacher's salary. Church is 15 years old. Mailing address: P. O. Box 746, Clintwood, Virginia 24228.

ROYCE BELL: "After two years of being without a preacher to carry on the work here as a local evangelist, we have finally gotten a man. I have started working with this church and we intend to follow in the Master's steps. We have set up a five year goal and plan for growth that includes membership, contribution and 'mission work.' The church here is not able to pay me, but I work as a salesman so my bills are being paid. Any support in the way of prayers will be greatly appreciated. Brethren, pray for us." 2836 Kimball, Memphis, Tennessee 38114.

NEW WORK IN COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: "I would appreciate your mentioning in your paper a new work, of which I and my wife are members, in Columbia, South Carolina. At present we are meeting in our home, but we are trying to rent a suitable building. The average attendance has been about fifteen so far. This is the only work in the Columbia area which opposes the church supporting benevolent organizations. Columbia is the capital of the state and there are some 150,000 to 200,000 people in the metro area. Fort Jackson, an army base is located here, as well as the University of South Carolina. If any of your readers are planning to move to the Columbia area or know of someone here seeking to meet with the Lord's body; we ask that they contact Danny Holton, 3514 Palmetto Avenue, Columbia, South Carolina 29203, phone 254-4697, or M. C. Reynolds, phone 396-0873." Danny M. Holton.

BILL CREWS SEEKS SUPPORT: "It has been almost 16 years since I moved from the state of Louisiana and came to live and preach in Texas. For more than 51/2 years I preached in Lake Charles and Opelousas. Now my plans are to return in the summer of 2971 to the state where churches of Christ are few and far between, and sound churches even more so. Baton Rouge, a city of more than 160,000 (275,000 in the parish), the state capital and the home of Louisiana State University and Southern University, is my destination. For several months now a small band of faithful Christians (now about 20 in number) has been meeting in Baker, La., a suburb. These brethren have a nice corner lot, nearly paid for, in a growing subdivision of greater Baton Rouge. They plan to construct a building as soon as they are able to do so. Even though small and while doing this, they plan to furnish part of my support. Could I hear from some churches who would be willing to have fellowship with me in the furtherance of the gospel in a needed area? There is presently no sound church meeting in Baton Rouge — the one that did exist in years past has been lost to the truth. I would be happy to furnish more detailed information concerning this new work or make a personal visit to any churches that are interested. I have been in Texas since March of 1970 and have worked with the DeQueen Blvd. church in Port Arthur, the West Orange church in Orange, the West Side church in Fort Worth and the Central church in Beaumont." — Bill Crews, 1363 Central Drive, Beaumont, Texas 77706, Phone: 892-4100.

ROYCE CHANDLER: "I am available for singing schools, song leader training classes, and the like." Write: 107 Burke Street, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701.