Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 17, 1970

It Just Isn't So Says —

Floyd Chappelear

Much too much is being made of the supposed divisive spirit which characterizes the brotherhood of Christ's disciples. Isolated cases of little old ladies who oppose the use of indoor baptistries, or of fine old preachers of sincere heart who build two story church buildings, and other equally limited examples of some who resort to extremes for the sake of "purity of pattern" are hailed forth as evidence of our factional disposition. Brethren, to call upon such witnesses is neither honest nor fair.

Let us rather consider the thousands (Yea, the hundreds of thousands) of brethren who do all that they can to bring peace to the broken body of Christ by bearing injuries meekly, by restoring lost souls to the fellowship they once enjoyed in Christ, and by encouraging others to dwell together in love and honor one for another. The vast majority of brethren with whom this writer is personally acquainted do all they can to effect peace among brethren, rather than to destroy the sacred body of the Lord as the self-righteous alarmists claim that they do.

If those who are so quick to condemn the churches of Christ would spend as much energy in promoting the cause of Christ and the salvation of sinners as they spend in fraternizing with sectarians and in reputation seeking they would have far more success in healing any breaches that may exist than they do now. One cannot break down the walls of sectarianism, supposed or otherwise, by building a personal following through the ruse of "peacemaking."

The majority of the sincerely faithful saints are truly interested in unity and peace and are doing all that can be done to effect it. And, my friends, all that can be done is to preach the gospel of Christ in its simplicity and its purity. As for the rumor that the majority are sectarian minded — it just isn't so.

— 1925 Gerard Park, Hazelwood, Mo. 63042