Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 17, 1970
NUMBER 32, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell — Al — Gram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor

EIGHT BAPTISMS reported by the Kent, Washington congregation, in a meeting with Jim Puterbaugh preaching in November. (The Kent-Kangley Road church)

THANKS! We are receiving good-sized lists of subscriptions of late. This week we received lists from Cardwell, Missouri, one from James Brand, from J. E. Posey, from Mrs. J. S. Johns, and from M. F. Manchester. Keep 'em coming in, as The Gospel Guardian enters 1971 we continue to serve the best interests of conservative brethren. Thanks too, for those remarks which keep coming in your orders and correspondence. W.E.W.

NEW ENGLAND: Connecticut, Main, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island Vermont.

MIDDLE ATLANTIC: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, NORTH CENTRAL: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia,


REPORTER; Elvis Bozarth, 387 Nobottom Road, Berea, Ohio 44017, Telephone — 216 234-0027


Mrs. Paul (Alice) Kelley, 2 LaPlante Ave., Claremont, New Hampshire 03743, reports the church meets in the Goodwin Community Center, 130 Broad Street. They have been meeting about two years. Preachers who have assisted that work are: Bill Echols, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Earl- Robertson, Xenia, Ohio; A. H. Payne, Richardson, Tex.; W. C. Sandefur, Millbridge, Maine; Donald Trask, Macon, Ga.; and James Hahn, Scottsville, Ky. Sister Kelley makes an appeal for preachers with outside support to move there. So far as this reporter knows, this is the only loyal church in New Hampshire.


Bill G. Echols, 5 Marwood Dr., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 12601 reports the work there is moving forward. He makes a fervent appeal for brethren to move to Dutchess County, "The Computer Center," and serve the Lord. He is also working contacts in Columbia County, 40-60 miles north, and preaching one Sunday night monthly in Kingston, N. Y. Write to him for his New York Newsletter. . . Brother Echols preached for the German School Road church, Richmond, Virginia, Nov. 16-22. . . The Annandale, Virginia church where J. W. Evans preaches had a gospel meeting Oct. 18-25 with Bob Crawley of Lexington, Ky. preaching. . . O. C. Birdwell was with the church at Sherman and 7th, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania in October. .


Illinois: John Clark of X-Way church, Louisville, preached for the White Street church, Champaign, Oct. 19-23. Two nights he spoke on the University of Illinois campus on The Theory of Evolution and Special Creation. He is a co-author of a paper on this subject that may be obtained from him at 4437 S. 6th., Louisville, Ky. 40214. .. Jimmy, Tuten of High School Road, Indianapolis, preached in a meeting with the Benton church in September.. . Gordon Wilson of Spring and Blaine in St. Louis was with the Westside church in Aurora in an October meeting. Gordon Pennock is the regular preacher at Westside. Billy James preached in a September meeting for the Ritchie church near Wilmington... Guthrie Dean of Park Hill church in Ft. Smith, Arkansas preached in a meeting at Grand Avenue in Chicago in October. The preaching at Grand Avenue is now being done by one of the members, W. L. Landers.. .

Indiana: The Connersville church had Jimmy Tuten in a meeting Oct. 19-25. John Clark was with them Nov. 2-5 in a special series on Evolution and while there was able to speak at the local high school... The Brownsburg church had Harold Corner for a meeting in September. Bro. Corner formerly worked with this church before he went to Australia. Vic McCormick now labors there. . . Luther Blackmon of Clermont, Florida was with the Morgan St. church in Spencer for a meeting in August. . . The Hobart church had an October meeting with Roy E. Cogdill of Orlando, Florida preaching... Bill Cavender of the Imhoff church in Port Arthur, Texas preached in a meeting at Plainfield Oct. 19-28. Raymond Harris is the regular evangelist. . . John Gerrard moved from the Margaret St. church in Joliet, Ill. to Peru, October 1. . . The church meeting at 604 Highland in Hammond had Keith Burnett in a gospel meeting Nov. 30- Dec. 6. One of the neatest bulletins I receive is published by this church and edited by Jimmie Barnes and W. C. Hinton, Jr. who is the regular preacher. . . Cecil Willis of the South Marion church was with the Mooresville church Oct. 26-Nov. 1. . Raymond Harris preached in meetings at Alexandria, Oct. 5-9 and Alamogordo, N. M., Nov. 2-8. . . L. A. Stouffer of the 40th and Emerson church in Indianapolis preached at Alexandria, Nov. 1-11. . . W. L. Wharton of the Highland church, San Antonio, Texas was with the South Marion church in a gospel meeting Nov. 2-8. . . The Central church in Terra Haute had a meeting Oct. 26-31 with the preaching being done by D. Niemeier and Johnnie Edwards. . . Granville Tyler of Decatur, Ala. was at Caroline and Calvert in South Bend, Sept. 14-23 where Larry R. Devore preaches. . . Earl Robertson of the Knollwood church, Xenia, Ohio preached at Greenwood, Oct. 5-9. . . The Lafayette Heights church in Indianapolis had a meeting with Jimmy Thomas, Oct. 5-11... Jimmy Tuten preached at 40th and Emerson Oct. 12-18. . . Bill Cavender was with the Crawfordsville church, Oct. 12-18. Johnny Paschall is the regular preacher. . . The Southport church in Indianapolis had a meeting Oct. 12-18, with Raymond Harris doing the preaching. . . Harry Thetford was with the 2nd Street in Bloomington, Oct. 19-25... A gospel meeting Oct. 19-25 at West Washington in Indianapolis had Aude McKee of West Murray, Ky. doing the preaching..

Kentucky: The Simpsonville church had a meeting Oct. 5-11 with J. F. Dancer preaching... Jess Garcia of Home Gardens, California preached at Big Clifty, Nov. 2-8. . . Harry Pickup, Jr. was at South End in Louisville, Sept. 20-27. . . Cecil Willis was at Haldeman Ave., Louisville, Oct. 4-11... Don Bassett of East Memphis, Tenn. was at Shively, Oct. 12-18. . . Billy James held a November meeting at Shepherdsville... Rodney M. Miller edits the Wendell Avenue Bulletin, 2222 Wendell Ave., Louisville, Ky. 40205. It is an excellent bulletin both in mechanics and teaching. . . A. C. Grider was with the Manslick Road church in Louisville for a meeting Oct. 28-Nov. 4... Robert Jackson was at West Murray, Nov. 2-8... Bobby Witherington was at Irvine, Oct..12-18. Bro. Witherington is the regular preacher at Haldeman Avenue, Louisville. . . . James Cooper of Mason, Ohio was with the Leitchfield church Oct. 12-18. He formerly lived there and preached a few years ago...

Ohio: The Barnesville church had Robert M. Cooper in a meeting in October... The church meeting at 819 E. Broadway in Toledo has purchased lots in view of building in a few months. R. E. Come of Gibson-burg does the preaching for this small group. . . The singing school scheduled at Berea for November was cancelled due to the teacher's auto accident. Bro. Glen Shaver has recovered very well but could not hold the singing school. . . Leslie Diestlekamp of Rochelle, Ill. was with the Northend church in Ashland, Oct. 9-16. . . Paul Casebolt was at Creighton Ridge, Nov. 2-8. . . Rufus Clifford was with the New Lebanon church Oct. 19-25. . . Connie Adams of Manslick Rd., Louisville was with the Knollwood church in Xenia, Oct. 19-25... Hiram Hutto was at Franklin, Oct. 19-26... The Tallmadge church recommends two of their members for preaching anywhere within driving distance of Akron. They are Darrell Cordi (673-5350).. . and Jack Jones (773-8526). . . James R. Cope was at Mason, Ohio in late September. . . Plan Ahead — Connie Adams will be with the Mason church (104 E. Main St.) April 19-26, 1971. . . Billy Murrell of Barberton preached at Norton, Nov. 16-23... Jim Ward of Brown St., Akron was at Brunswick in October. . . . The Albrecht Ave. church of Akron where Charles Campbell labors had a lectureship Nov. 8-15 with the following preachers: Jim Ward, Morris Norman, Billy Murrell, Bruce Taylor, L. J. Nicholas, Lloyd Baker, George Lemasters, Austin Mobley, and James Lovell. . . The Medina church where Lloyd Baker preaches had Fred E. Dennis in a meeting in late October... Morris Norman was at Uhricksville, Nov. 9-15. Ronnie Chaffin is the regular preacher... W. R. Jones of Bellaire, Texas was at Fredericktown, Oct. 5-11.. Gary L. Fiscus of Hamilton preached in an October meeting at Warrenton, Mo. He is leaving Hamilton after three years, Jan. 1 to work with the Southport church, 7202 Madison, Indianapolis. The elders at Hamilton would like to hear from preachers interested in the work. Write to them at 1040 Azel, Hamilton, Ohio 45003 or call 893-9166 or 894-8217. They had a lectureship Oct. 26-30 with the following speakers: Edgar Walker, Richard Pentecost, Earl Robertson, Wright Randolph, Clyde Peck, James Cooper, Forest Hurst, and Gary Fiscus. . . The church meeting at 1400 Paradise View Rd., Rt. 42 North at Laver Rd., Mansfield, Ohio have a guest preacher each third Sunday at 3 p.m. Bill Reeves of Fredericktown spoke in October and Lloyd Baker of Medina spoke in November...

West Virginia: The Elk Fork church had a meeting Oct. 19-25 with Clarence Rice doing the preaching.

Michigan: A new church has started in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the home of the University of Michigan. It meets in the home of Stan Myers, 1428 Harpst St., Tel. 662-9753. They meet on Lord's Days for Bible study at 10, Worship at 11 and 6. Their Mid-week Bible Study is Tuesday at 7:30. This report comes from Rolland Fritz of the Northside church in Ft. Wayne, Indiana who recently preached for them a couple of times. Bro. Fritz also reports Johnny Edwards was with the Northside church in a gospel meeting, and that he has just begun his fifth tar of work with the brethren there.

A Plea From Nigeria By

WAYNE PAYNE Ibadan, Nigeria Dear Brethren:

Greetings from Nigeria!

I have received numerous letters, reports and requests for help from Eastern Nigeria since returning to Nigeria in June. I had an idea of the conditions that must exist in the area since brother Pennock and I had an opportunity to see the effects of the war in the South East State in 1969, when we carried relief to those brethren there.

I received a personal visit from some preachers in the East in August who also told of the terrible conditions of life and plead for my help. I had a strong desire to try and do what I could, but realized that more substantial information was needed before I could make an appeal.

I was in no position to leave the work here and make a personal survey of the area but brother Ezekiel Akinyemi and brother Felix Bassey said that they would go. Both of these men are honest and efficient, and I knew that they would do a good job, even better than if I went along, in the appraisal of the situation, so I was happy for them to undertake this in my stead.

I thought that it would be good to let you see their own report and appeal to you for help. This report tells of their trip and the conditions of the brethren, but the half has not been told. They didn't take a camera, but wished that they had — then you could see also. (Editor's Note: For a copy of this lengthy report, send airmail letter to brother Payne.)

Brethren — sick and hungry, but with no food, no shelter or medicine. Brethren — living on grass and leaves and what little morsels that other hungry brethren are able to furnish them with. Many without homes, sleeping wherever they find a place, even using the floors of meeting houses, where the meeting house still stands. (Many of them were completely destroyed in the war.) They sleep on the good mother earth, not even a straw mat for their bed.

Brethren — wandering from village to village in search of their families from whom they hope to get some relief; digging in the bush for roots and leaves to make soup, and as one preacher wrote me, ". . . eating what we never thought we could." Sisters — bearing their babies on the side of the road because of no place to go and no money to go to a hospital, even if one was near.

Yes — hunger, nakedness, and even death still prevails in that area. The people need help.

I am here and willing to help to deliver your assistance to these brethren if you desire to use me in this capacity.

I hope that you will read the report given by brother Ezekiel and Bassey and note not only the physical but also the spiritual needs. There is a great need for good, capable teachers in the East now, men who will stand for the truth and carry it forward. There are some men here who are trying to do just that, but they need proper support and means of transportation. It is indeed true, that a capable Nigerian can do more in reaching his own people than two Americans. We have a great work to do here in teaching and training, but the Nigerian must be the one to convert his people. He knows them. They can't hide from him. He must do the job. Brethren, if you desire to help the work here, this is a way to really help, and I will be happy to place you in contact with some good men in this respect.

Brethren, we eagerly wait upon your reply and pray that you will not hesitate to give out of the plenty that you have to help those who have nothing at all.

Yours in Christ, Wayne L. Payne

P. O. Box 4064 UI, IBADAN, Nigeria