Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 14, 1970
NUMBER 2, PAGE 10-11

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

William E Wallace — News Editor

Help Needed At Pocahontas, Arkansas

Some three years ago a small group of brethren left the liberal congregation and started a new work. They met for some time in an old store building, until they built their own modest little building just outside the city limits of Pocahontas on State Highway 90.

They want me to come and work with them, but can only pay $75.00 per week. I would need at least $80.00 more per week, inasmuch as we would have to pay from $75.00 and up for house rent.

The brethren there have a mind to work and are working, and I can assure you that this call for help to go there and work with them is a worthy one.

We offer to any congregation who might be interested in helping the following references where I have preached.

Elders of Capps Road church of Christ, Harrison, Ark. are R. E. Hill and Duncan Henderson. The church in Cardwell, Mo. in care of D. W. Bishop. The elders of the church of Christ, 409 Broadway, Marked Tree, Ark. Also we give you the names of preachers who know me well. H. F. Sharp, Billy W. Moore, Paul Lusby, and Mack Kercheville.

We hope to move sometime in June if we can get enough help from other churches. We believe the work will grow and prosper if we can devote our full time to it. — M. F. Manchester, Box 311, Marked Tree, Ark. 72361.

THIS CHURCH IS WILLING TO SEND — George T. Eldridge, P. O. Box 96, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 (seven miles NW of Columbus.) Phone (614) 876-4089. I am working with a faithful and zealous church meeting at 5000 Cemetery Road in Hilliard. The average attendance at Sunday A.M. assembly is 91. The average Sunday contribution is $335.75. The Cemetery Road Church presently supports me full-time and assists Jack Gibbert in the amount of $25.00 per month. This congregation began meeting in Hilliard in September of 1963 in the American Legion Hall. She started meeting in a new meeting house in February, 1968 and became self-supporting in September, 1969.

Realizing that people need to hear the gospel and that Bible preaching saves them that believe (1 Cor. 1:21), these godly brethren are willing to let me have twelve Sundays per year for meetings and/or Sunday appointment preaching. No pay is expected, save travel expenses!! This is to start immediately. I await your call. May God richly bless this church for their attitude.

MAILBAG: Tom W. Phillips II — "May God bless you in your work with the Guardian unto edification of our brotherhood and also unto unity of fellowship." . . . Mrs. Myrtle McPherson — "The prayers and best wishes for the Gospel Guardian and your family." . . . Jack L. Holt — "The Guardian is serving a good purpose." ... Louis Page — "I sure enjoy the Guardian and appreciate your willingness to print both sides of an issue. Error is never more revealed for what it is nor is Truth so clear as when they are displayed side by side. Such is the case in public debate." . . . Robert E. Werner — "We enjoy reading the Guardian very much. I should say some articles do not make one happy to read them, but we feel it is far better to be informed and warned of some digressive trends among the churches, rather than to be ignorant of such things." . . . Milton L. Anderson — "Enjoy the Guardian very much. . ." . . . Ben M. Shropshire: — "You are doing a good job with The Gospel Guardian too. It is still the best in the brotherhood as far as I am concerned. . ."

CHURCH OF CHRIST, CLARE, MICHIGAN — "The Church of Christ at Clare, Michigan, was established some years back. Brother Fred Dennis of Marietta, Ohio, encouraged this work and donated $1,000 to start it. It is in the heart of the city, just one block north of U. S. 10, and one block east of old U. S. 27. The city has a population of about 2,500, with about the same number in the suburbs. We have our own neat little building free and clear, which seats around one hundred. The attendance goes and comes — at present it is around 25. Weekly contributions run around $40 to $50.

"We are in urgent need of a full-time preacher. At the present time, we have in our treasury enough to support a minister at $100 per week for one and one-half years.

"We hope to contact a man, 40 years or older, sound in the faith, using the gospel as his only means of converting people.

"Anyone interested contact: Harley O. Worstell, 2001 E. Ludingtop Drive, Clare, Michigan 48617."

JAMES W. MIDDLETON, JR. — "The Southside Church of Christ in Azle, Texas, needs a full-time preacher. For a year and a half, two and sometimes three, members rotated the preaching. This will carry a congregation through difficult times but will not help it grow.

"Although the church is small, there is a possibility of help for the preacher from two locations in Ft. Worth. Anyone interested please contact F. E. Robinson, 200 Locust St., Azle, Texas 76020."

ROBERT S. SWAIN, P. O. Box 54, Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia 31823 — "I began work with the church that meets at Hwy. 116 in Pine Mountain Valley, on January 3, 1970. I would appreciate being added to the Mailing List of Sound Churches everywhere. When visiting our area, plan to stop and visit with us. We will conduct a series of Gospel Meetings 14-19 June 1970, with Yater Tant of Birmingham, Alabama doing the preaching. The work at this location is growing steadily as we report 9 to be baptized and 4 restored since January. We thank God continually for the increase."

PAUL PRICE, Duncan, Oklahoma — "I have worked out an agreement with another Jesus Name Church for a debate here in Duncan. We have selected David Bonner to do the debating for Southside. The debate will be in July with six different propositions. I will send you copies of propositions later."