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November 26, 1970

Scriptural Principle Of — Benevolence Administration

Xenia Church Of Christ

In the church's infancy and in her world-wide development a definite principle is shown, the practice is established and examples are given for benevolence administration. That principle and practice are the selection of a few competent men from among many Christians to administer the business of benevolence. Not only are these facts taught in Acts 6 but verse 5 denotes that such an arrangement was acceptable to all Christians without a single exception or complaint. Verse 7 indicates that this behavior was also very influential in accelerated growth of the church.

No indication or intimation appears in scripture that such administrators were ever called deacons. Their qualifications are quite different (I Tim. 3: 8-13). Paul, a bachelor, volunteered his service for such administration (I Cor. 16:4). That Corinth approved one other beside him, for this particular duty, is indicated (I Cor. 16:3; II Cor. 8:19); as some other churches also furnished one or more members to this administrative group (Acts 20:4; II Cor. 8:19).

Further, at least one of these members functioned as a special fund raiser with Titus and company at Corinth (II Cor. 8:16-24). Such brethren are not only messengers of the churches; they are the glory of Christ (II Cor. 8:23). Liberal giving and honest administration glorify God through subjection to the gospel of Christ, and also supply the needs of Christians and others (II Cor. 9:1213).

To refuse to teach these truths is to take away from the teaching of the Book. To teach that compliance with this principle and practice is unscriptural institutionalism separate and apart from the church and her duty is to add to the words of the Book. Note Rev. 22: 18-19.

Although men are converted individually, give cheerfully and bountifully of their own personal goods and often preach and teach individually, yet the church of our Lord is a body of people and functions as a body in her workings (I Cor. 12:12). Else, men are charged with duties outside the body, with no one to watch for their souls.

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