Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 19, 1970
NUMBER 28, PAGE 11-12

Gospel Guardian Tellal Gram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor

AN AMATEUR DONE IT: A recent issue or two of The Gospel Guardian contained an unusual amount of errors in composition. In the absence of the craftsman, Jesse Kelley, because of Major surgery, the publisher took over some of the printing chores. He tried his hand at typesetting and thought he had done a pretty good job until the paper (November 12) came off the press. So if you noted the errors, it was an amateur what done 'em.

PREACHER AVAILABLE: "I am nearing my sixty-fourth birthday. I'm in good health and employed. We are looking for a job some place where the local congregation is small. I would like to be of service to the church. We would accept a job as apartment complex managers or small motel managers. I would work as parts man in store or something along that line, preferably for a brother in Christ." (If interested write PREACHER AVAILABLE "'The Gospel Guardian and your letter will be forwarded to this preacher - his request.)

ROBERT J. WHITE - MICHIGAN REPORT — "I would like to let it be known, to whomever it may concern, that the saints in Upper Michigan began meeting in private homes as of 25 October. The first part of August two families of sound Christians began a series of Bible studies which included three families from the local congregation. The primary purpose was to show the unscripturality of supporting human organizations, i.e. Herald of Truth, Orphan's Homes, Preacher Schools, etc. out of church funds. This study was doing real well until the local preacher contacted outside "experts" and was advised to mark us as teachers of error. We were notified Wednesday afternoon that we had been removed from all public acts of the service and that all members had been advised not to participate in any class that we were conducting. After three months teaching and having to put up with hearing these institutions praised from the pulpit, it was determined that our usefulness had come to a halt. I might add that I pleaded for the chance to present a series of lessons on the issues during the midweek assembly. This would give the preacher the opportunity to be present during discussion and be able to counteract any error that, in his opinion, was being taught. Of course this met with great opposition from him. We would like to know of any saints in this area that we may be able to contact. Our number is small but our desire to see the Word spread is not small. Both families are military and we want to see a sound congregation established here before we leave. Any help that we can get will be greatly appreciated. We don't have any money problems at this time due to the lack of overhead. We feel that if we can increase our number great enough to demand a building, then the contribution should increase enough to take care of even that. What we need more than anything is the prayers of others and names of individuals in this area. Also, if we could find other faithful saints within a 200 mile radius that we might be able to draw on for moral support."-TSgt. Robert J. White, Lot 24 Sabre St., KI Sawyer AFB, Michigan 49843.

THOMAS S. KEATON - KENTUCKY LAKE REPORT - "I am a student at Murray State University. I have been preaching for these people (Kentucky Lake Road Church of Christ ) full time since June of 1970. We have a 25 minute radio program which is broadcasted from Paris, Tennessee each Sunday morning. We also have a bulletin which is published and mailed once a month. These works were just started this summer when I volunteered my services for these efforts. Even though this congregation is engaged in these works they do not have enough money to support a full time preacher. They pay me ten dollars a week, they are making payments on a small building which they have, and they are supporting the works listed above. The average attendance is about 35 people. Eighteen of this number are members of the church. Their average contribution is fifty to sixty dollars a week. A number of churches have either promised support or said they would consider giving us some support in the event that we obtain a full time man. The reason I do not continue to preach full time for these people is because I am a Math and Physics major and my studies and pursuits require a great deal of time. Also I do not have time to do the personal work that should and could be done by a full time man. You may obtain references for this church and its work from the elders of the church of Christ in Plano, Illinois. My father is one of the elders and his name and address is as follows: Thomas H. Keaton 816 E. Fifth St., Sandwich, Illinois 60548." All correspondence should be directed to Thomas S. Heaton, Winchester Apts., No. 6 Murray, Kentucky 42071.

AMOS MILES - DESOTO PARISH LOUISIANA CALLING - Recently Cecil I. Jones who preaches for the church in Stanley near Logansport, Louisiana, baptized a number of negro people. Amos Miles, a faithful negro preacher of Lufkin, Texas was contacted and asked to help start a new congregation for black people in DeSoto Parish, where no other congregation for black people exists. The parish is 65% colored. Brother Miles is a most excellent Christian gentleman and a capable preacher of the word. He needs some financial support for this work. Who will help him? For further information write Cecil I. Jones Rt. 1 Logansport, La. 71049.