Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 29, 1970

"Just Tell Me The Truth"

Just Tell Me The Truth, 0 Friend Of Mine,

If a friend you are indeed.

Flatter me not with flowery words, For the truth is all I need.

Though I may not like the things I hear, But if truth is all you tell,

I surely will stop and lend an ear, For the truth will save from hell. (Jno. 17:17, Jno. 8:32)

The way of man is not in himself, Jer. 10:23 For his steps he cannot guide,

But God has promised to save the ones Who within His truth abide.

For the Lord is true in all He says, He can never tell a lie.

But men are the erring worms of dust, On them we cannot rely.

The works of men are as empty tales, No truth in man can there be, Rom. 3:4

But the words of God are truth in love, And abide ETERNALLY. Matt. 24:35

So hearken not to the words of men, With thoughts no higher than mine,

But rather hearken to Him on high Whose teaching is all divine.

Divine in truth, divine in His love, Divine in all of His ways,

He is the one who spoke from above, His name, The Ancient of Days. Dan. 7:13

— Jim W. Middleton, Sr. Dekalb, Texas