Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 3, 1970
NUMBER 17, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

"We Christians who constitute the Oakdale church of the Lord in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, wish to make it known to our brethren throughout the country, and especially to the southeastern states, that there is in this city a congregation of the Lord's people who have taken a stand against all unscriptural doctrines and practices. We publish this information especially for the benefit of college-aged Christians who may be planning to attend the Tuscaloosa campus of the University of Alabama or who might be interested in doing so. There is a church here with which you can work and worship without violating the truth. We ask all who know of Christians coming to this area to encourage them to seek us out and to inform us of their presence in our community. We meet on U. S. Highway 11 South, immediately across from the B. F. Goodrich plant. For further information, call Michael Tanner at 205-345-6213. P. O. Box 1276, 35401."

Debates Wanted:

"If anyone has a copy of any of the following published debates which he would be willing to sell, please contact me at P. O. Box 1941, Decatur, Alabama 35601. Wallace-Stauffer; Hathaway-Deaver; Warlick-Phillips; Whitten-Lanier; Rudd-Johnson; Nichols-Holder; Woods-Porter; Hardeman-Bogard; McQuiddy-Folk; Rogers-Baker; Stevens-McDonald; Tant-Harper; Russell-White; Wildenson-Show; Bogard-McPherson; Franklin-Manford; Oliphant-Rice; Ballard-Borden; Smith-Ballard; Borden-Bogard; Graves-Ditzler; Hunt-Inman; Kurfees-Calhoun; Goodwin-Causey; Woods-Nunnery; Bogard-Warlick; Jackson-Smith; Jones-Wilhite; Kelley-Garner; Evans-Fishback; Penick-Bogard; Braden-Kelley; Lawson-Thompson; Bullard-Ellison; Cook-Miller." — N. T. Thrasher, P. O. Box 1941, Decatur, Alabama 35601.

Attention University Of Texas Students Or Parents

Robert L. (Bob) Craig is now working with the South 5th and Brodie St. church in Austin, Texas. This is the closest sound congregation to the University Campus. We are comparatively new and small in number but I believe we can help the UT student and I am sure they can help us. From the UT campus get on Guadalupe (The Drag) and go south; it will angle onto the South First St. bridge. Follow South First to Mary St. (traffic light) turn right about five blocks to South Fifth (the new post office); turn left one block. We will be glad to meet students or parents at our home, 4501 Ramsey, Phone 454-7217. (See our ad in the Church Directory next week.) — R. L. (Bob) Craig.

Denver, Colorado:

"Recently Brother Richard Holloway of McAlister, Oklahoma conducted a series of meetings for the UNIVERSITY HILLS congregation. Although there were no visible results of his efforts, the truth was presented forcefully; and, we feel that the members were strengthened. We did have several visitors during this series, and we hope and trust they received as much benefit as we did. Bro. Henry Smith of Spencer, Indiana will be with us September 13-20 for a series of meetings, and we are looking forward to that joint effort.

"Bro. Raford Petty is working with us and doing a creditable job. We are currently attempting to reach those outside the body of Christ, as well as members who have not remained faithful, through a mailing list to those who live near our location. We have high hopes for this effort, and any other opportunity that may be presented to us. If you know of someone who should be receiving these monthly bulletins, please let us know of them.

"The University Hills congregation is less than two years old and is still fairly small in number — 9 families in all. We appreciate visits from travelers and/or anyone moving into this area. The next time you are in Denver, please call on us. Our services are at 11:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on the Lord's Day, with classes at 10:00 a.m. We meet on Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. for more study of the scriptures. To reach our meeting place, turn off 1-25 (Valley Highway in Denver) at exit 92. Turn west on Yale one block to Glencoe; then south on Glencoe to 3098 South Glencoe. To contact us by phone call 798-0580 or 343-2102." — University Hills Church of Christ 3098 South Glencoe, Denver, Colorado 80222.

Reporter — Robert A. Bolton

(All news involving churches and preachers in the Western States of ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, IDAHO, NEVADA, OREGON, UTAH, and WASHINGTON should be sent to me at 126 West "E" Street, Ontario, California 91761.) PREACHING THE WORD:

Arizona: HOMER HAILEY, of Temple Terrace, Florida, at 5th Avenue and 12th Street in Yuma, July 20-29... BILL MOSELEY, of Northside in Tucson, at Deming, New Mexico, August 10-16.

California: DON BASSETT, of East Memphis, Tennessee, at Carmichael, June 1-7 and at Napa, June 8-14... FORD CARPENTER, of Spring and Delta in Long Beach, at 10th and Rockwell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, June 3-10 and at Fallbrook, California, July 27-August 2. . . DON BLACKFORD at Vallejo, June 7-10... STANLEY Lovett, of San Antonio, Texas, at Loomis, July 6-12. . . AL CRAIG, of Salem, Oregon, at Santa Rosa, July 8-15. . . DAVID TANT, of Atlanta, Georgia, at Nelson Avenue in Garden Grove, July 26-31... . ARNOLD HARDIN, of Dallas, Texas, at Westside in Redondo Beach, July 27-August 2... R. J. STEVENS, of Mt. View in San Bernardino, at Ontario, October 5-11.

Nevada: A vacation Bible School was conducted at Sparks, June 15-19.

Oregon: With a different speaker each evening, a gospel meeting was conducted at Dallas, Oregon, July 12-19 ... JIM RURY, of Beaverton, at Hillsboro, July 20-26. . . LOWELL WILLIAMS, of Kirkland, Washington, at Cottage Grove, July 26-August 2.

Preachers On The Move:

JOHN J. MILLER, JR. moves from Bremerton, Washington to Montebello, California around September 1.. O. MAX BRADFORD moves from Clovis, California to Montclair, California August 1. His new address is 9867 Del Mar Avenue, Montclair, California 91763... NORTON DYE moves from Sparks, Nevada to Clovis, California, September 1. The church in Sparks is looking for a preacher to follow Bro. Dye... BRENT LEWIS moves from Eau Gallie, Florida to Studebaker Road in Long Beach, California around September 1.


Madera, California — July 12, 1970: "The church in Madera is in need of some used pews. The seats they have been using are the old iron-and-wood theater type that are approaching the point where further repair is nearly useless. And, like so many small churches, they are simply not able to buy new pews. They are in need of 18 pews, about 11 feet long. If anyone knows of a congregation that is replacing their present pews and might have them available, please let the church in Madera know. Any assistance anyone is able to give them in this regard will be appreciated. Contact: DON BROWN, Church of Christ, 29111 Avenue 13 Madera, California 93637."

Glendale, Arizona — July 14, 1970: "We have just completed a good meeting with brother GARRETH L. CLAIR from Brawley, California. Brother Clair has done an excellent job of proclaiming the truth. There were three souls added to the body of Christ through immersion. Brother Clair had worked with us two years regularly before he returned to help us in the meeting. We heartily recommend Garreth as an able, as well as tireless, proclaimer of the pure gospel. When in the Phoenix area feel free to come and worship with us. We are always happy to have visiting saints stop for awhile." — CHURCH OF CHRIST, 7161 North 55th Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85301.

By The Way: "Have Character' Don't Be One!" Hurricane Celia

Dear Sirs & Brothers: The following report so that our brethren might know.

The storm Celia that did much damage in and around Corpus Christi, Texas, on August 3rd, has left the church on Hwy. 9 in Corpus Christi with the following losses. We are thankful to report that we had no deaths or injuries among our members. However, with about 60 members representing 24 families we had two home owners to suffer complete loss of their property, and able to salvage only a small part of their furniture and personal possessions. Three families suffered a complete loss of their Mobile homes and furniture. They did salvage a few personal items. Two other families, renting their homes, had at least one half loss of their furniture and personal belongings. All such families have found places to live even though under crowded conditions. We have been able to provide, with the help of others, food, clothing, and shelter at this time.

So many have contacted us directly and indirectly and asking what they can do. We are so grateful for so many thoughtful brethren and friends. In the near future we will need some financial assistance over and above what our government, Insurance, and Red Cross can provide. If any individual or a congregation would like to help us you could send money to our Elders for them to distribute as each family has need. Address your correspondence to: Elders — Hwy. 9 Church of Christ, P. O. Box 3328, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404. You may address all personal mail to me at the same address. Our elders will acknowledge all such monetary gifts and give an accounting of disposal of such funds to all concerned.

My wife and I live in a duplex apartment and suffered very little damage to our place. Almost all families in the church were hit with various degrees of property damage and personal losses. We are most thankful to our Lord for those who came to our immediate aid. Our members have practiced mutual aid and sharing, and shall continue to do so.

We are in the process of purchasing a nice comfortable worship building from a Lutheran church. We did have some damage to the building, but our Insurance policy is taking care of that. We held services there last Lord's day, and shall continue to do so on a limited basis until repairs are made. Broken glass and the rain caused damage to our class rooms.

The church at Parkway here had no great property damage, and just slight damage to their building. At this point they have been able to care for their own where losses were sustained. The Spanish speaking church that meets in Meadow Park had considerable loss in property and personal things. Working together we hope to supply all those in need. There is enough food and clothing at our disposal to provide for all those in need of such things.

Some may want to contact the preacher at one of these congregations. We give their names and addresses. R. D. Simmons — P. O. Box 3328, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404 — Preacher at Hwy. 9 and Lexington. Elden Givens — 4230 Sherwood, Corpus Christi, Texas — Preacher at Parkway — Salvador Magana — 5341 Bowie St., Corpus Christi, Texas — Preacher at Meadow Park on Cheyene St.

Again we wish to express our thanks to so many of you everywhere for your prayers and concern.

In behalf of the membership at Hwy. 9 and Lexington, we remain, Faithfully, R. D. Simmons, Sr.

Kenneth R. Hoyle:

Kenneth R. Hoyle is now working with the church in Rosenburg, Texas. James Moore "had been working with the church the past two years on a part time basis and did a very fine job," reports "W.R.K."

Papers Wanted:

"Needed, GOSPEL GUARDIAN, Volume 1, either bound or unbound; RESTORATION REVIEW, Vol. 3, No. 2, Spring 1961; BIBLE TALK, bound or unbound, BIBLE BANNER, any issues. Send information, issues, and price, as follows: Chaplain (LTC) T. F. McNabb, Box 30, 97th General Hospital, Frankfurt, APO NY 09757.

Woodrow Plyler:

"My association with the Pear Ridge church in Port Arthur, Texas terminates on August 10. I will begin work immediately with the fine congregation of the Lord's people who meet at 1400 S. Mary in Crane, Texas. When traveling in beautiful west Texas you are invited to visit and worship with us. My new address is 911 S. Vivian Crane, Texas. 79731."

Book Review by Carl A. Allen IS THE BIBLE FULLY INSPIRED? by Wilson - Lion

In the year 1962, brother Gordon Wilson engaged Mr. Dan Lion in a religious discussion. The title of this book was the proposition discussed. The former is a Christian and the latter is a Unitarian.

The Gospel Guardian Company published this 33 page booklet and it is sold for the total of $.60 each.

There are two speeches each from Mr. Wilson and Mr. Lion, and is very interesting to read. The material is light and does not include an in-depth study of the subject — how could it in only one night! For those who are just beginning their study in this subject it is worth the price.

Such subjects as certain passages in the N. T. that are not part of the original text; whether the men in the Bible were speaking from inspiration or just as some men of old — Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, are discussed. It is worth $.60.

Order from Gospel Guardian Company, Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901.



Our special issue on the subject of fellowship will prove to be a most significant publication. A typical response: "I have just read the special issue of the Guardian. Let me commend you on a fine job. I am sure that much good can and will be accomplished through this effort. Had we all stopped and studied this subject back in the fifties maybe we would not be so far apart today." Order extra copies at 354 each. $30.00 per hundred.

Volume Xxi:

The bound volumes of the Gospel Guardian for our 21st year are selling — supply going down. $6.00. Much important material in this volume!


This book of Kurfree's sermons was published by William G. Thompson and James R. Cope in 1953. It contains about 65 outlines. Recently we obtained a supply of 100 copies. We believe these to be the last available. They are slightly damaged so we are selling them for $1.00 each.

High-School-College Class On Evidences:

Recently I began teaching a class on "evidences," assurances of our faith. I chose, more or less at random, Posture of Faith ($1.00) by Gordon Wilson. I had not used this book before. A wise choice I made! It is great. Each student has a copy of the book. In my personal preparation for each class I also use "Evidences in Brief," (754) "Set For The Defense," ($2.00) both by Wilson, and Internal Evidences of Christianity by Homer Hailey.

Preacher Wanted:

"We are in demand for a Gospel minister here at Cash Church of Christ. Would be glad to have you help us locate one by putting an ad in your paper. We are on a good road and have good schools. We are 16 miles from Jonesboro. We have a nice brick home for a minister." Church of Christ, Cash, Arkansas 72421.

Full Time Preacher Needed:

"For details contact the following — Luther Harris (919) 627-7941 Eden, N. C.; J. E. Smith (919) 632-7975; Hugh L. Meadows (919) 627-7330. Hugh L. Meadows, Rt. 2, Box 236, Eden, N. C. 27288."

Preacher Needed:

Contact — Church of Christ, 4806 Greenbay Road, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140.