Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 23, 1970

Material For One Hundred Thousand Sermons

J.W. Middleton

"Paradise Lost And Regained"

It was back in the beginning, when with His mighty hand Our great eternal Father, out of chaos brought forth land. He made the earth, the skies and seas, and all things which are seen.

He made the mountains great and tall, with valley in between.

He made a Paradise for man, and placed him there to live, And told him that if he'd obey, all things to him He'd Ore.

There was but one restriction made, one thing he must deny, For if he ate a certain fruit, that day he'd surely die.

This fruit was in the garden's midst, then Satan came along And told the woman that her God had been entirely wrong.

This fruit, said he, will make you wise, (`Twas pleasing to her eye), For God doth know that when you eat, you shall not surely die!

Then Eve believed what Satan said, and of the fruit she ate;

When Adam had partaken too, he sealed our awful fate.

Twas lost! Their home in Eden lost! The sinful deed was done, But God, the Father said to them that He would send His Son. Gen. 3:15

He promised them a Savior then, before their son was born, Hence, not a man is born on Earth, with right to be forlorn.

For God, His promise has fulfilled, He gave His only Son.

And Jesus said, while on the cross, "Thy blessed will is done!"

Twas on the cross He died for us, in death He bowed His head, He lay within a rich man's tomb, He slept among the dead.

Then on the first day of the week He came forth from the grave, The conqueror of Death and Hell, with mighty pow'r to save.

— Bridgeport, Texas