Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 23, 1970
NUMBER 50, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

Book Review — By Carl A. Allen

I have, in the past, read several books and tracts on the "Jehovah's Witnesses" and had come in contact with the so called "Miracle Wheat" and the famous "Divorce Trial" of Charles Taze Russell. Mr. Stan Thomas, in his book, "JEHOVAH WITNESSES" shows that these are not so. All the efforts of men in the past to diminish the influence of Mr. Russell, is to no avail. You ought to read it — found on page 26-27.

Did you know that Jehovah's Witnesses Organization is only 94 years old (1967)? That at that time (1967) the Watchtower was regularly printed at the rate of 4,200,000 copies twice a month? We can phrase it another way and state that a total of 100,800, 000 Watchtowers are circulated throughout the world during one year alone! During the year 1964, those Witnesses residing in 194 lands and islands of the sea, distributed an almost unbelievable 144,790,318 separate pieces of Watchtower published literature (books, booklets, magazines, etc.). In doing this they spent 162,808, 312 hours going house-to-house, making return calls, conducting "Bible Studies" in the homes of interested persons. Placed end-to-end those hours would total 18,585 years of time! "Impressive figures," you say, "But; does all this activity get any real results?" Indeed it does! During that same year, 1964, no less than 45,222 people were converted to Watchtower belief. If you care to work that out on paper you will find it means a ' little more than one conversion ever 12 minutes of every twenty-four hour day in that year! The material for this paragraph was taken from page 7-8 of this book.

A resume of the life of the Jehovah's Witnesses is included in this book and the highlights of Charles Taze I Russell's life. Attention is given to "Judge" Rutherford and Nathan Knoor. The last half of the book is given to a refutation of the principle doctrines of the Witnesses.

There is to be found some good material on the following subjects: Who is Jehovah, What about the Trinity, Everlasting Life — Where, What about Hell, The Second coming of Christ, The blood Transfusion Issue, and I All things New. You will note some points that you will not agree with the writer, p. 12, 118-119, 142, etc.

But for the most part there is some good material and deserves to be read. This book may be purchased from I the Gospel Guardian Company, Box 470, Lufkin, Texas.

NOTE: For those who are interested, there is a group of "Witnesses" in Florida who are making a diligent attack on the "Watchtower" order. There has been a breach in the camp! All of the material that is published by them is published under the heading of "The Bible Way Publications." They will be most happy to send you some material FREE if you will request it. Their address is: The Bible Way Publications, 517 N. E. Second St., ; Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

; HOUSTON, TEXAS — "Please announce a meeting April 13 thru April 19th with Elmer Moore. Church in Cypress-Fairbanks, Houston, Texas. Fred Melton local preacher. Building located 21500 Hempstead Hwy., near the high school." — W. D. Medlin GOSPEL MEETING — Church of Christ, 3510 Chandler Hwy., (Inside the Loop) — April 19-24, 7:30 P.M. 1 nightly except Sunday, 6:00 P.M. Hear Tom Roberts of Crockett, Texas speaking on the theme: "In Search of The Truth." This is your personal invitation to attend. Local Preacher Ron Lloyd, Phone 592-7869.

Reporter — Robert A. Bolton

(NOTE: All news of gospel meetings, singing schools, debates, new congregations, preachers moving, etc., involving churches and preachers in the Western States of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, should be sent to me at 126 West "E" Street, Ontario, California 91761. --Robert A. Bolton)

Preaching The Word:

Arizona: KEITH BURNETT, at North 60th Avenue in Glendale, April 5-12 . . . ROY COGDILL, of Orlando, Florida, at Northside in Tucson, May 4-10 . . BILL MOSELEY, of Northside in Tucson, at Eau Gallie, Florida, March 29 — April 5 . . . R. J. STEVENS, of Mt. View in San Bernardino, California, will conduct a singing school at Northside in Tucson, April 13-24.

California: JADY COPELAND, of Sepulveda, at Los Molinos, March 2-8 (1 baptized) . . . FLOYD THOMPSON, of Fairview in Garden Grove, at Dyersburg, Tennessee, April 5-12 . . . JESS GARCIA, of Elsinore, at Fontana, April 5-10 . . . MACK KERCHEVILLE, of El Paso, Texas, at Fallbrook, April 5-12 . . . BILL CAIN, at Rose Avenue in Bellflower, April 6-12 . . . FOY LAYTON, of Irving, Texas, at Sepulveda, April 20-26 . . . OTIS MOYER, of Lancaster, at Home Gardens in Corona, April 12-17 . . . ROBERT A. BOLTON, of Ontario, at Mt. View in San Bernadino, April 27 — May 3.

Nevada: O. MAX BRADFORD, of Clovis, California, at Sparks, March 16-22 . . . FORD CARPENTER, of Spring and Delta in Long Beach, California and JADY COPELAND, of Sepulveda, California will be engaged in a singing school and gospel meeting at 10th and Bonneville, in Las Vegas, May 11-17.

Washington: S. L. EDWARDS, of Southside in Greenville, Texas, at Walla Walla, March 22-29 . ... AL CRAIG, of Market St. in Salem, Oregon, at Bremerton, April 13-19.

Preachers On The Move:

*DON WILSON, of Sepulveda, California, is no longer preaching at Gardena, and is available for preaching appointments in Southern California . . . H. OSBY WEAVER, moves from North Shaffer in Orange, California to Canoga Park, California, April 5 . . . TOM BAKER, who recently left the Pleasant Run church in Lancaster, Texas to return to Phoenix, Arizona, will move to Orange, California to work with the North Shaffer congregation around May 1.


Bakersfield, California — March 7, 1970: The church meeting at 5300 Pioneer Drive in Bakersfield is interested in securing a faithful gospel preacher to work with them. At the present, they are not able to fully support a man, but feel they will be able to do so within a short time. ROY E. GULLEY has been working with them on a part time basis for several years. Any preacher interested in moving to work with these brethren, where their potential for sound growth is excellent and their need is great, may contact them at the above address. I am to be with this good church in a gospel meeting, April 13-19. — ROBERT A. BOLTON.

Eugene, Oregon — March 22, 1970: From THE WEEKLY COURIER, bulletin of the Coburg Road church in Eugene, Oregon, I have learned of the beginning of a new congregation in Medford, Oregon. The first Lord's day meeting was held March 22 at the POTTER'S (first name unknown) residence, 1309 Murray, Phone: 772-8584. We are happy to see such work undertaken, for the need for a sound congregation in Medford has been evident for many years. Any of our readers having knowledge of Christians in that area who may be influenced to join themselves to this small band of disciples, should send such information to the above address, or to the church of Christ, 1005 Coburg Road, Eugene, Oregon. 97401. — R.A.B.

Pinole, California — March 25, 1970: "The church which meets at 755 Pinole Valley Road, Pinole, California has decided to change the meeting time for Sunday morning Bible classes from 11:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. The schedule of other services, beginning April 5, 1970, is as follows: SUNDAY: Worship at 10:00 A.M. and 6:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY: Bible Study at 7:30 P.M. Any brethren who might be visiting in this area are invited to come by and have fellowship with us as we strive to worship God according to His precepts." — DAN MAHAN.

Preaching The Word:

Oregon: BEN PUTERBAUGH, of Cottage Grove, at Roseburg, April 5-12 . . . BILL FAIN, of Portland, at Canby, April 5-12.


Phoenix, Arizona — April 3, 1970: "A Catholic priest was baptized on March 10 here at the Valley congregation in Phoenix. JOSE MARTINEZ proclaimed the moment he came up out of the water the happiest moment of his life. Having removed the crucifix from about his neck he said, 'I did have Jesus on the cross, now I have Him in my heart.'

"Brother Martinez was almost completely self taught up to the time of his baptism. He had studied a Bible correspondence course sent out by brother PHIL MORGAN while in Chile. On his own he had read the Bible through sixteen times and the book of Acts many more times because, as he explained, that was the only place he could find what to do to become a Christian.

"While enroute to a western diocese to which he was being sent, he stopped to look up the local Spanish preacher, brother ANDRES GUTIUERREZ. Together they went to study further with brothers PHIL MORGAN and CHARLIE MANN, who both speak Spanish, and from there to baptism.

"Brother Martinez is thirty five years of age, very intelligent, highly educated, and has a fine sense of humor. He speaks four languages correctly. Unfortunately, English is not one of them. Although he was born in Texas, his rearing and training was away from his family, in South America in Catholic institutions, from his small childhood. He has studied and served Catholicism in some of their highest places in several countries.

"Now free from this system which he declares is worse than Communism, he wants to preach the gospel of Christ among the Mexicans. He is continuing diligent in study and in writing. We hope that he will be ready to begin preaching soon. If any who read this have any good doctrinal works that are written in Spanish, he would love to receive them or to know about them.

"Brother Martinez is especially desirous to tell why he left Catholicism, and to reach all Catholics, including, priests and nuns, with the gospel of freedom and salvation. Any Spanish congregation desiring to hear him can get in touch with him at: 302 W. Monte Vista, Phoenix, Arizona 85003." KENNETH MARRS, 3535 W. Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona 85019.

Tustin, California — April 5, 1970: "Our spring meeting this year will be of the lectureship type — a different speaker each service. It will begin Sunday morning, May 3rd, and continue nightly through Friday evening, May 8th. The theme for this series is: CHRIST IN YOU. Our speakers and the general subject area that they will be discussing follows:

Sunday A.M., May 3rd: R. J. STEVENS, of San Bernardino — 'My Responsibilities To The Lord And The Local Church.'

Sunday P.M., May 3rd: DAVID WATTS, of Long Beach — 'What Being A Christian Really Means.'

Monday P.M., May 4th: GORDON WILSON, of San Diego — 'The Christian And The Theory of Evolution.' Tuesday P.M., May 5th: ROBERT A. BOLTON, of Ontario — 'Problems Facing Those In Christ In The '70s.' Wednesday P.M., May 6th: GLEN LOVELADY, of Wilmington — 'My Responsibilities To My Brethren.' Thursday P.M., May 7th: H. OSBY WEAVER, of Canoga Park — 'The Christian And Civil. Government.' Friday P.M. May 8th: FORREST MOYER, of Bellflower — 'Applying The Ethics Of Christ Today.'

The Sunday services will be at the regular times: 10:30 A.M. and 6:30 P.M. During the week the nightly services will be at 7:30 P.M." — CHARLES A. LIMBURG, 16481 Main St., Tustin, California 92680.

BY THE WAY: "Talk is cheap because the supply always exceeds the demand!"

GOSPEL MEETING — "There will be a Gospel Meeting at 19th and Calla Avenue church beginning June 15th and running through June 21st. Meeting time each evening will be 8 P.M. Glenn Melton from Highlands, Texas, will be doing the preaching. The place is Frederick, Oklahoma. John M. Wilson, local preacher, phone 335-5755.

SOUTHSIDE CHURCH OF CHRIST — Ninth and Kiowa, McAlester, Oklahoma — "The work is going well here. In the last two months we have baptized nine adults and six children and have had several adults restored who had moved here and were out of duty. Our attendance is back as high as ever and the contribution is higher than it has ever been." — Richard A. Holloway OLSEN PARK CHURCH OF CHRIST, AMARILLO, TEXAS, REPORTS: "Mrs. H. E. (Ethel) Morton passed away March 29, 1970, after a long illness. She was the wife of Ezra Morton, one of the elders of the Olsen Park church of Christ. Prior to his being an elder in the Olsen Park church he served as an elder in the Central church in Amarillo for many years. Sister Morton has been a member of the Lord's church for more than forty years, during which time she faithfully worked by the side of her husband. Their son, Charles L. Morton is a faithful preacher of the gospel, presently laboring with the Caddo St. church in Cleburne, Texas.

"The family of God at Olsen Park and other brethren over the land who knew her and loved her, sorrow at her passing. However, we take new hope and rejoice in the promise of the resurrection even as she did. Her influence for good will be felt for generations to come. She was a godly woman." — Billy T. Jones, preacher CHURCH OF CHRIST, PORT CLINTON, OHIO — "The Church of Christ in Port Clinton, Ohio is desiring to obtain someone to work with the church full-time. Anyone interested contact Ken Lohrbach, 4336 E. Ledge, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452."

MILBRIDGE, MAINE: "Over the past six months we have had 22 restored and 12 baptisms. The work continues on a steady pace as we reach into another small town of South Addison each Lord's Day afternoon at 3:00. After three sermons and some visiting around the community throughout the week we have had as much as five visitors from this community. Here in Milbridge we anxiously await our Spring meeting April 19-26, with brother Gene Warman of the Southport congregation in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are thankful that the brethren at Southport are able to send brother Warman to help us. A tremendous growth is evident among the brethren here and we continue to expand our efforts throughout Washington County." W. C. Sandefur, Box 186, Milbridge, Maine 04668