Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 15, 1970
NUMBER 36, PAGE 10-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

HAZELWOOD, MO.: Elders appointed. Brethren Lynn Campbell and Coy Perkins ordained to work of elders November 30. Floyd Chappelear, preacher.

BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: "The work here seems to be going along good. We have baptized 8, had one restored and one to place membership since the last of September." Olin Kern.

THOMAS J. ELLIOTT: "After three and one half years with the church in Marion, N. C., we have moved to work with the Winston-Salem church that meets on 8th-Buxton St. N. W. While working with the church in Marion, I was supported by the following churches: Huffman church in Birmingham, Ala.; Jonesboro, Tennessee; Washington Avenue, Russellville, Ala.; Hassville church in Hammond, Indiana. These good churches are sending support that will allow me to work with the saints here in Winston-Salem, N. C. Any Christian traveling this way or thinking of moving to Winston-Salem, can rest assured that there is a faithful church with which to worship. My telephone is 784-7393. My address is 520 Hemingway at N. W., Winston-Salem, N. C. 27107."

ELDEN GIVENS: "I moved to Corpus Christi, last September to begin work with the Parkway church. Since that time, three have been baptized, one restored; and twelve have identified themselves with us. Prospects for future growth looks good in this boom town of South Texas." P. O. Box 6531.

JOHN W. PITMAN: "I am at present with the Chapel Hill church near Brockwell, Ark. Paul Keller and Franklin Puckett have held several meetings there. Will preach there until June, when we plan to move to Jamestown, North Dakota to help in a new work started there last November 1968. Roy Ferris, Albert Wanaus and other brethren have had a part in the starting of the church in that much neglected area of the U.S.A." P. O. Box 272, Mt. View, Ark. 72550.

WEST HELENA, ARKANSAS: "Some seven months ago a new congregation was established here in West Helena known as the Church of Christ at Parkdale. Due to the fact that the other two larger congregations here are 'liberal' minded we started without knowing but one family that would come. We have been averaging in the twenties. We have three faithful families and have had two mission meetings. One in Austin with Doyle Banta from Athens, Alabama and another with Granville W. Tyler from Decatur, Alabama. Both labored in this town some four years each in the fifties. During the last meeting we had four baptisms and three to be restored who indicated they wanted to work with us. Though we are few in number and small in finance; we would like to secure someone who can furnish his support or one who would be able to secure support from one or more congregations. Anyone desiring support in some mission field whose views are 'conservative' may contact either Carol Lumpkin, Marvell, Arkansas 72366 or myself, Warren G. Allen, 42 Edgewood Circle, West Helena, Arkansas 72390."

PREACHER NEEDED — DE KALB, TEXAS: "We are a small rural congregation of about 30 members. We have a nice frame meeting house and very comfortable living quarters for a couple. Due to our small number, our financial strength is limited so that it is necessary for our preacher to have other income. A retired man would be ideal, or one who could secure 'outside' employment. We furnish housing and furnishings, utilities, and pay $25.00 per week." V. L. Mehaffey, De Kalb, Texas 75559.

PREACHER NEEDED — MYRTLE BEACH, S. C. — "The Southside church of Christ is in need of a preacher.. Some support will have to come from 'outside.' Very small congregation and mostly military. Anyone interested might call COLLECT 238-2359 or write the brethren at Southside church of Christ, Rt. 1 Box 48, Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29577."

D. J. SANDERS NEEDS SUPPORT IN ATLANTA, TEXAS: Recently D. J. Sanders led the way in starting a sound church in Atlanta, Texas. He supported himself by working in a local factory. The factory has "laid off" some workers and brother Sanders is among the number. In order to stay with the new, small church in Atlanta he will have to have support. Write him at Rt. 2, Box 265C, Atlanta, Texas 75551.

COMMENTS: Billy J. Raymer — "We enjoy the Gospel Guardian very much. It is much profitable both from the teaching standpoint and the knowledge of the work in various localities, and the need of brethren. It is profitable." . . .D. B. Whittle — "Keep up the good work you are doing and may God bless you through the coming years is my prayer." . . .John W. Pitman — "Keep up the good work" ...Randall Elrod — "I sure enjoy the Guardian. I think you are doing a good job with it." . . .Olin Kern — "I enjoy the Guardian" ...Lloyd P. Atherton — "It is my firm conviction that we all need, from time to time, to re-assess our ATTITUDES with regard to the current issues. We can never allow or condone error and must always oppose false doctrine but we must also 'speak the Truth In Love." ...


On the evenings of December 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, Bro. Jack H. Kirby met Bro. Moore Eubanks in a public discussion of the Bible class question. The first two nights Bro. Eubanks affirmed: "Authority for dividing the congregation into the classes to be taught, is not found in the N. T." The second two nights Bro. Kirby affirmed: "Teaching the Bible in classes, using women teachers in some classes, is Divinely authorized." The debate was held in the meeting house of the May, Texas church of Christ — a non-class group — at their invitation. Bro. Eubanks had full endorsement of the non-class brethren, and is considered a most capable defender of that position. Bro. Eubanks and Bro. Kirby have been personal friends for several years and treated one another with the utmost kindness. They were still friends when the debate was over. The audience was most courteous throughout the discussion and a good atmosphere prevailed among all present. I have never witnessed a debate that was conducted more orderly or befitting of Christians. I believe that much and lasting good will come from this discussion. As moderator for Bro. Kirby, I would highly recommend him as a most capable defender of the truth and would say that he is especially well prepared to defend the Bible class arrangements. The truth did not, and will not, suffer in his hands. — Gene Lyles, Box 243, Brady, Texas 76825.

Book Report Carl A. Allen

FLESH and SPIRIT — by William Barclay Have you considered, "FLESH and SPIRIT" by William Barclay? This little book has only 127 pages; but, is one of the richest little books I have read. Mr. Barclay proves his scholarship and insight into the meaning and history of words.

Each sin listed in Galatians five is dealt with — in Classical and Koine Greek. The different uses that each word is given in the New Testament is dealt with. He has a keen insight into these sins that is worthy of consideration.

The Fruit of the Spirit, listed in the same chapter, is given the same treatment. Love, Joy, Peace, etc., are all dealt with and the meaning set forth. A general introduction at the beginning of the book on the "Words of the Flesh" is excellent.

I have talked with many preachers who have read this book and were not able to put it down till they had finished every word. Also, every one who preaches, that I have talked with, have had to preach a series of sermons on this subject — after reading the book. I feel this should be recommendation enough.

This book may be ordered from the Gospel Guardian Co., Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901. The price is $2.00.

Used Song Books Available:

"The church meeting at St. Augustine Drive has about 150 copies of Great Songs of The Churcb, that it would like to dispose of. Would you announce in the Guardian that if any church needing them would write to us requesting the same, we would ship them postage paid. If you know of a church that needs them would you kindly let us know." Church of Christ 1707 N. St. Augustine Drive, Dallas, Texas 75217; David Fraser, preacher.

NEW CHURCH — CHICKASAW ROAD, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 38655 We would like to announce the beginning of a new work in Oxford, Mississippi. The church began to meet October 26 at 10081/2 Jackson Avenue. The Bible Study hour being at 10:00 A.M., Worship at 11:00, Sunday night Bible Study at 7:00.

Oxford is a bustling city, the University of Mississippi being located here makes it one of the more outstanding small cities in Mississippi.

We are presently trying to locate a full time preacher to work with us, there is much to be done. The church can assist with $150.00 per month toward a preacher's support and we feel sure we can help him in getting support from other places until we can support him ourselves. We have been assured of this support from other places just as soon as we can locate one who is willing to come here. If some preacher desires to do work at the University we can assure him this too can be arranged.

The average attendance is approximately 30 and has been as high as 38 Sunday A.M. We have already had one to obey the gospel, one who came out of a Methodist church, and for this we are indeed happy. We are most anxious to do the work the Lord intended us to do and feel sure the work has "been planted, and watered, but God giveth the increase." Woodrow Lee, Greg Adkins, Homer McDonough.

The Cause Of Christ In The Philippines

The pure gospel of Jesus Christ is also being preached in the Philippines in spite of the barriers built by the forces of liberalism. The circumstances which led a few Christians (set apart in different places not knowing each other at first) to examine these modern digressions are filled with moving examples of individual tribulation. Having been involved in this struggle through the grace of God, it is my pleasure to inform you dear brethren of these things hoping that somehow it may encourage others in the Lord to the glory of the Father.

Early in the 1900's, missionaries supported by different man-made organizations came with their own brands of religion. Many Filipinos embraced the Protestant teachings for radiating a greater light from the Bible, especially when compared to what Romanism shed (or unshed) for hundreds of years. These highly centralized religious groups built numerous church buildings. But later, the glowing appeal of Protestantism was impeded by a feeling of disenchantment. There was growing skepticism among the uninitiated, because of (1) the inconsistencies discovered in these denominations, (2) and the conflicts each has against the others in matters of faith and practice. These problems could not be resolved because each denomination failed to offer an acceptable standard of authority to which all the people could and should call upon. There was no "court of last appeal" upon which the unity of believers could be achieved.

A few years after the start of the Protestant movement, individuals and groups of missionaries sponsored by an aggregation of "churches of Christ" arrived. Bible Colleges were established in Luzon and in Mindanao to teach and propagate the work of God. But the churches that were established were molded according to these Institutions' doctrines. (Different from such procedures was the work done by H. G. Cassell who came earlier in 1928 and taught personally from house to house and with occasional gospel meetings, thereby establishing churches, i.e., in Oriental Mindoro. A few of those converted brought the first principles of Christianity down to Mindanao. Some in Central Luzon were also influenced by this missionary. When he left, many churches in Or. Mindoro and in Mindanao later came to be identified with the rest of the liberal churches of Christ under the influence of some of the sponsored missionaries.) Presently, the Philippine Bible College through its sponsoring churches in the States has secured a sizeable tract of land and built a spacious building. The Baguio church rents a space in the building for worship purposes. Other religious organizations rent spaces there also from time to time. Similarly, the mission work in Quezon City (a branch of the PBC) has purchased a building-lot with the help of churches in the States. A missionary in Baguio is also planning to acquire a large tract of land in Occidental Mindoro. A home for the aged is to be established there. (I was personally asked by this missionary if I could help him convince the churches here to pledge a token financial support for this project.)

This writer was among a number of young men who studied in the PBC. Afterwards, I was sent to the field. In the course of my labors, many churches in Luzon (including Or. Mindoro) used me for gospel meetings and sometimes in debates with the denominations. Churches used me also in preparing their young men for the ministry. I have shared in the establishment of churches in Or. Mindoro, Olongapo, Bulacan and the Manila Area; was instrumental in converting two Christian Church congregations located in the Tondo section of Manila and Cavite. I translated tracts into the vernacular and authored a few articles. So laboring, I was motivated by a firm desire to expose any form of transgression of the word of God pleading for a return to primitive Christianity with the New Testament as the sole basis for religious faith and practice.