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November 13, 1969

Questions And Answers

Send All Questions To: Eugene Britnell, P.O. Box 3012, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

I sincerely appreciate the invitation to conduct this question and answer column. I am fully aware of the serious responsibility which rests upon me. Teaching God's word is an awesome responsibility (Gal. 1:8, 9; James 3:1 ASV).

The very nature of a work like this makes it a difficult undertaking. The questions which people submit to such a column usually deal with difficult passages or issues — principles which the querist obviously does not understand. Consequently, the answers will be difficult and controversial. It will be impossible to answer some questions to the satisfaction of all.

This service will have to be a part of a busy schedule on my part. As brother Tant has stated (Gospel Guardian, Oct. 16, 1969), there will not be a column each week. At least I can't guarantee such. While I recognize that a busy schedule is no excuse for error, I do plead for your understanding when you detect imperfect arrangement or a lack of thoroughness in my answer to some questions.

I shall strive to answer each question honestly, kindly, briefly, simply, and most of all, scripturally. I believe that there is a safe position on all questions and issues, and I shall endeavor to present that at all times.

Without your cooperation, this column cannot be successful. Send in your questions. You may seek information for your own personal knowledge and understanding, or you may send questions which will elicit truth which you want others to consider.

Address your questions to P. O. Box 3012, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203.

From Danville, Kentucky:

"I would like for you to answer a question about Abraham and Lot. I have heard preachers say that Abraham did not completely obey God when he took Lot along when he left his homeland.

"I feel that Lot was his responsibility, therefore he must take him. I would like to see this explained in the Gospel Guardian." J.W.R.

Since God told Abram to get out of his country and from his kindred as he left to go into another land, the question here is did he disobey God by taking Lot who was his kindred. (Gen. 12:1-4.) I don't believe that he did. In the first place, Abraham was a man of faith who rendered implicit obedience to the commands of God. The Bible says that when he was called he obeyed God (Heb. 11:8). God never accused him of disobedience in connection with his leaving his land.

I agree that Abraham felt that he had a responsibility to Lot. Lot's father, Haran, was dead. From Genesis 11:31 we understand that Terah, Lot's grandfather, realized a responsibility to his grandson. So it seems that Abraham felt the same way and considered Lot a part of his family and his responsibility, along with Sarai his wife.

There is a great lesson here for us today. The Bible teaches that Christians have an obligation to their relatives (1 Timothy 5:4, 8, 16). Parents have a responsibility to their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. when they are in need. Children have a responsibility to their parents and grandparents. If everyone would recognize and discharge this God-given responsibility, many worthy people would never be turned over to welfare, the church, or some other institution.