Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 25, 1969
NUMBER 21, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

"News From Way Out West"

Robert A. Bolton, Reporter

Preaching The Word:

CALIFORNIA: R. J. STEVENS, of Mt. View in San Bernardino, at Parkway in Corpus Christi, Texas, Sept. 8-14. . .BRENT LEWIS, of Eau Gallie, Florida, at West Anaheim, Sept. 22-28. . .LARRY DAVIDSON, of Oceanside, at Spring & Delta in Long Beach, Oct. 6-12. . .DON WILSON, of Sepulveda, at Nelson Street in Garden Grove, Oct. 20-26.

Singing School:

DAVID SITTON, of Garden Grove,California, informs us that FORD CARPENTER, of Long Beach, will conduct a series of singing classes at Nelson Street, Sept. 29 — Oct. 3.

Preacher Needed:

DOSS BRADFORD, of Ojai, California, writes: "We wish to announce that we now have a new location. We purchased a building at 619 El Roblar St. in Meiners Oaks. We assemble on Sunday for Bible Study at 10:00 A.M.; Worship at 11:00 A.M. and 6:30 P.M., and Thursday at 7:30 P.M. We invite those who might be in this area to meet with us. We do not have a preacher at this time, so would be glad to hear from a man that might be able to support himself, as we are not in a position to do so now. Our mailing address is still P.O. Box 388, Ojai, California 93023."


JADY COPELAND sends the following report: "Having spent over four years at Studebaker Road in Long Beach, I moved to work with the Lassen St. church in Sepulveda, August 24. I follow bro. DONALD WILSON in the work here. Don will continue to worship here when not preaching elsewhere. He is one of our most able young men, and has done a fine work here for the past seven years. He is highly respected by the brethren here.

"Bro. Jim Parsley, formerly of Santa Clara, began work at Studebaker Road in Long Beach the next Sunday after I left." — 16324 Lassen St., Sepulveda, Calif. 91303.

NOTE; While at Long Beach, Bro. Copeland developed some plans and materials for use in "cold Canvass" personal work. There are some excellent ideas and material here that possibly others could use. If you are interested, contact Jady at the above address. — R.A.B.

By The Way:

"They say a fool and his money are soon parted! Now, what I can't figure out is, HOW did they ever get together in the first place?!"

SMITH — HOLT DEBATE CANCELLED: "The following is a statement that I received from Charles Holt Aug. 23rd. 'This is to advise you that I have decided to cancel my part of the 'debate' with you. After much thought, consideration and advice, I think that this is in the best interest of truth and righteousness. I have several definite, valid and honorable reasons which demand and justify my decision and action. I could give them, but in view of your past actions and reactions, it would apparently be of no real benefit. '/S/ Charles A. Holt.

"You will recall that I had an article in the Guardian some time ago in which I would apologize to brother Holt for saying that he would not defend his doctrine, but that I had better wait until AFTER the debate. Some brethren had already warned me that he would not go through with it. I didn't believe them. Obviously, they were right." — J. T. Smith.

NEW PUBLICATION COMING UP — ON EVIDENCES: "Facts For Faith" edited by Gordon H. Wilson will appear in the mails in January 1970. It will be a monthly, dealing with "Christian Evidences." It will be a 12 — page paper. Subscription price: $2.00. Address: 3451 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, California 92117. Your news editor has seen the copy for the first issue of the is great! You will do well to subscribe to "Facts For Faith."

SPENCER C. TALLEY: "I have retired from my old trade as operating engineer of heavy equipment. I have been preaching for the congregation here that meets in the Y.W.C.A. building since January 1ST." 1505 Pleasant, Walla Walla, Washington 99362.

RODNEY M. MILLER: "After almost three years of very profitable and pleasant work with the Haltom City congregation in Fort Worth, Texas, we will be moving to work with the Wendall Avenue church in Louisville, Ky. Bro. Ward Hogland helped to provide a great climax to our labors here with one of the greatest meetings in the history of the congregation. Record crowds were in attendance and two souls were baptized into Christ. The work stands yet to make great gains for the cause of Christ with a very able and talented young man, Bro. David Lewis, who is coming September 1 to begin work. Now, we look forward to working with the Wendell Avenue church and realizing the potential that is there. Our new address will be 2222 Wendell Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 40205.

DELBERT MILLS: "I just returned home after conducting a wonderful and progressive gospel meeting at Daniels Creek, Ky. The attendance was good and there were two restored to Christ. We also just closed a good meeting here in Mansfield, Ohio with Bro. Lewis Willis, where we had four to obey the gospel. We believe this was one of the best and most fruitful meetings we have ever had. While here, Bro. Willis and I conducted a home discussion based on the Herald of Truth with one of the liberal preachers in the area, upon which bro. Willis did an outstanding job of defending the truth. We even went so far as to offer a debate with this brother, to which our answer came to be a definite "No." Like so many others he was unwilling to defend what he practiced and taught. We here at the congregation in Mansfield suggest that if any congregation is looking for a good sound preacher to conduct a meeting they would do well if they would contact bro. Willis at Valley Station, Ky. Also we are looking forward to our next gospel meeting with bro. Ellis Webb of Columbus, Ohio September 22-28, 1969. At this time we want to encourage any and all that can, to be with us during our meeting and any other time that they can." — 1135 Seminole Avenue, Mansfield, Ohio.

DONALD R. GIVENS: "Bro. Jack Holt will preach in a gospel meeting at Thomas Blvd., October 6-12. I will preach in a gospel meeting at the Pine St. Congregation in Napa, Calif. October 19-26." 2948 Thomas Blvd. Port Arthur, Texas.

YATER TANT: (Progress Report at Cahaba Heights, Birmingham, Alabama) "Five baptisms, one restoration, six to place membership. Our fall meeting will be held by David Tant, October 19-14.

J. ED NOWLIN: "I have time open for some meetings in 1970. Just closed a good meeting at Tunnel Hill, Ga., with five restored. Brother Ralph Oliver is the hard-working preacher with this small, new congregation, and the Glenwood Hills church is helping to support him. The church sent me there for the meeting." 2957 Glenwood Road, Decatur, Ga. 30032.

An Urgent Appeal:

"Dear Brethren:

At this time I want to come to you with a message of great URGENCY concerning the Lord's work at Albion, Michigan.

Brother Charles Gentry has recently moved from there to Portage, Indiana. Until just recently (Monday, September 1) he had been planning to maintain the building for the church in Albion, but since some who were supporting him heard that he was moving, they did not send him any August support. Also, one congregation which sent him $130.00 has since asked him to return it, stating that it was sent only by mistake! Obviously this has left him in straits, as it were, and with $200.00 needed by him to help pay for his mother's surgery — and $130.00 to make up the afore mentioned amount — he simply is not able to pay for the building as he had planned to do.

This means that this month the congregation shall be two payments of $100.00 each behind. Unless something is done quickly the building shall be lost back to the Free Methodist Church in Albion, and with it, whatever influence for good it has in that area!

How did the work get into this fix, you ask?? During the last six months over thirty (30) persons (approximately) have moved from there (ouch!!!), and that has left one faithful woman holding the bag for the time being.

An immediate need there is for some one (s) to help make up those payments, and to help make those payments until the congregation can get back on its feet.

During September 17-21 there will be a Gospel Meeting there. Gordon Wilson from San Diego, California will be doing the preaching. During the day time hours, there is to be a concentrated effort in personal work among the members there who are unfaithful, contacts, and with those who are presently taking a correspondence course in the city. The church in Fort Wayne, Indiana is sending brother Rolland Fritz there to help for a few days during that week; the Grand Avenue church is sending me there for the week to help in this endeavor. As you can see, the most work will actually take place in the day. If any can be there to help in this effort, it will certainly be appreciated!

Perhaps there are some of you (collectively or individually) who can help in either one or both of these areas.

An additional note: The Fort Wayne congregation will be able to send someone to preach on each Sunday after the meeting is completed. And, of course, we shall know a great deal more about things after this effort takes place. Let me hear from you. --Ercel Ray Warren, 1639 N. Parkside Ave., Chicago, 111.

HELP GULFPORT BUILD: A natural disaster of unbelievable proportions has now come upon the people of South Mississippi, and along the Gulf Coast once thriving communities now lie in ruins. Those who have seen for themselves, including the President of the U.S., say that it is impossible to describe the extent of damage and desolation, but that only by personal inspection can one comprehend the total loss suffered by so many.

A wonderful spirit of helpfulness has been shown by so many people. The work of clearing and rebuilding has been in progress from the day following the disaster, with assistance of every kind pouring in from throughout the state and nation, and one day in the distant future the scars of this disaster will begin to slowly heal.

A report is to have preceded this article which described the minimum loss among the Christians at Gulfport and related that all personal needs have been met. We marvel at the small loss among these Christians in comparison to that among their neighbors.

Since so many people have wanted to help, I want to make a suggestion whereby a genuine contribution can be made toward the progress of the church along the Gulf Coast and in Gulfport particularly. Let us, as individual contributors, help these brethren in Gulfport get out of the old (and now damaged) store building in which they meet and into an adequate meeting house of their own, by sending our private offerings, great or small, to: Church of Christ, 393 Cowan Road, Gulfport, Miss. These brethren have agreed to accept this kind of help and they deserve it. — A. H. Payne, Jackson, Mississippi.

HAROLD FITE: On July 20, 1969, I concluded nine years of labor with the Castleberry church in Ft. Worth. I am now working with the saints who meet for worship and study on 62nd and Indiana Sts., Lubbock, Texas. We would be happy for you to visit with us when in Lubbock. My new address is: 5438-33rd St., Lubbock, Texas 79407, Phone 795-9731. Pat Farish followed me at Castleberry and began work Sept. 7, 1969.

News From Illinois, Indiana, Ohio And Kentucky

George Eldridge, Reporter

Gospel Meetings:

ILLINOIS: Luther Blackmon preached at Paris Avenue in Peoria August 25-31. Carrol Sutten preached on September 15-21 at 406 Lew St. in Plano. James P. Needham preached September 15-21 for the church in Pontiac. The church (Pontiac) had an all day Saturday service on August 23 with five or six different preachers. More all day services needed. INDIANA: Claude Wilsford preached September 15-21 at 344 N. Griffith Blvd. in Griffith. Yater Tant preached on "How To Do Personal Work" from September 8 to 12 at 604 Highland St. in Hammond. The Highland St. church has scheduled Harry Pickup, Jr. for their fall meeting, Nov. 3 — 9, Karl Diestelkamp preached in a meeting August 13-24 in Williams. OHIO: All of the following meetings are by dates. J. Frank Ingram, Sept. 7-16 at Cooper Road in Blue Ash (Cincinnati area). W.G. Bass, Sept. 7-14 at Pisgah (Cincinnati area). Luther Blackmon at 1031 Welford Dr. in Xenia (Dayton area). Sept. 15-21. Lowell Blasingame at Glendale-Milford Rd. (Cincinnati area) Sept. 22-28. Delton Porter in Lockland, Sept. 29 — Oct. 5. James E. Cooper in Somerset, Ky., Sept. 29 — Oct. 5 Paul Kelsey at Broad St. in Columbus, Oct. 6-12. Luther Blackmon at Columbus Avenue in Lebanon, Oct. 13-19. Wendell Watts at Cemetery Rd. in Hilliard, Oct. 19-28. Hilliard is the home of this reporter. I extend a personal invitation to every to attend the Hilliard meeting. Carroll Sutton in Franklin at the Franklin-Lebanon Rd. church, Oct. 20-26. Charles Brown at 110 W. Main St. in Mason, Oct. 27 — Nov. 2.

Weldon E. Warnock was in a meeting at Waynesburg, Penn., Sept. 8-14. Cecil Belcher was in Bossier City, La. Aug. 3-10. Jere Frost is scheduled for Moundsville, W. Va., Sept. 22-28.

KENTUCKY: David Claypool at Caesarea, Sept. 29 — Oct. 5. Eugene Britnell at Manslick Rd. in Louisville, Nov. 5-12. Roy Cogdill at Rockford Lane (Shively), Oct. 13-19.

Note About The News....

We have had a tremendous amount of news recently. Consequently we are running a little behind of "current." We are confident that next week's issue will catch us up. After that all news will be "fresh" when it arrives in your paper.