Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 18, 1969
NUMBER 20, PAGE 12-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

PHOENIX, ARIZONA; Your news editor promised a report on a visit to Phoenix. .I promised it for "next week." Well, several weeks passed, but here 'tis' "The Valley of The Sun — where irrigation waters produce lush vegetation, there are evidences of the waters of John 7:38, 39. A number of fine churches and sound preachers are upholding primitive Christianity where ancient Indians once built a highly advanced civilization. Today, the modern Phoenix, arising from the ashes of an ancient city, is blessed well with first century Christianity. The work in Phoenix area reflects unity, peace, and good will as to relations among" conservative" churches and "conservative preachers. There did not appear to be major issues of divisive proportions. I was well received by the preachers, and their cheerful counsel was well received and appreciated by me. The work in the Valley of The Sun looks good!" — Wm. E. Wallace.

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA: Building construction on new classrooms nears completion. This is a most active congregation. Records: Sunday A. M. worship 279, Sunday P. M. worship 207. Wednesday P. M. Bible classes 214. Weekly contribution $1, 262.00. (From July report, "The Master's Business At Sunnyvale.")

GEORGE T. JONES is now preaching for the South 46th St in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His address: 2419 South 64th St., Fort Smith, Arkansas, 72901.

Letter From Camille's Destructive Path:

"ON SUNDAY EVENING, August 17, Hurricane Camille struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast with such force that many people were killed and a tremendous amount of property was destroyed. Since so many concerned brethren from all around the country have called want to know what they could do, I thought this report might be helpful.

"Among the saints meeting at Pascagoula and Gulfport (Mississippi City) there were no deaths and no report of physical harm. What makes this so wonderful is the fact that the population along the coast is confined to an area about ten miles wide that has hardly any elevation.

"Nearly everyone sustained some damage to their property. One family in Pascagoula had their house gutted by rising water and in addition lost about 95% of their belongings. Another family in Gulfport lost most of their clothing. However, the immediate needs of these families have been met. Insofar as I know, NO member of the two mentioned congregations is destitute and in need of immediate aid at this present time.

"The two meeting houses suffered only minor damage, and the two churches continue to meet without interruption.

"I know that I speak for all the Christians in this area when I say that all the calls expressing concern for our wellbeing are greatly appreciated and are heartening beyond measure. I won't attempt to list all the congregations that have offered help for fear of leaving even one out, but your prayers on our behalf are deeply appreciated." — Ron Lehde, 936 Cherokee Drive, Pascagoula, Miss.

NEWS FROM THE WEST COAST Robert A. Bolton, Reporter Regularly, in this section, we hope to present news in "capsule form" from the following states; ALASKA, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, HAWAII, IDAHO, MONTANA, NEVADA, OREGON, UTAH, and WASHINGTON. All "Newsworthy reports," as well as regular bulletins from these areas, should be sent to me at the following address 126 West "E" St., Ontario, California 91761. Our aim is to keep the news "fresh and up-to-date" rather than "stale and worn out" Thus, to insure publication in advance, all news of "coming events" should reach us at least 30 days beforehand. Of necessity, news this week comes primarily from Southern California.

Meeting Reports:

California: R. J. STEVENS at Pomona, Aug. 4-10 . . . STEVE MAHAN at Ventura, Aug. 17-24 . . DAVID L. WATTS at 10th & Termino in Long Beach, Aug. 17-24 . . . OTIS MOYER at Colton, Aug. 18-22 . . MARSHALL DAVIS at Apple Valley, Aug. 20-27 . . . DON BROWN at Oceanside, Aug. 24-29 . . . W. L. WHARTON, JR. at Del Rosa in San Bernardino, Aug. 24-31, at Fairview in Garden Grove, Sept. 1-7, and at Ontario, Sept. 8-14 . . GLEN LOVELADY at Home Gardens in Corona, Sept. 1-7 . . MILTON ANDERSON at Stockton in July ... ROBERT A. BOLTON at Pleasant Run in Lancaster, Texas, July 6-13.

Oregon: At Albany, where THOMAS E. CAMPBELL is the local preacher, AL CRAIG, of the Market St. church in Salem, presented lessons on "personal work," August 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12, 13.

Washington: MILTON ANDERSON at Pasco in September.

New Buildings:

California: TUSTIN, 16481 Main St., Bob McCurdy, preacher . . . ORANGE, 1838 N. Shaffer, H. Os by Weaver, preacher . . . COLTON, 12th & "C" Sts. , Otis Moyer, preacher.

Preachers On The Move:

California; WRIGHT RANDOLPH from Canoga Park to Evendale church in Cincinnati, Ohio . . . DANNY MAHAN from Wilmington, to Pinole ... GLEN LOVELADY from Gardena to Wilmington . . . BOB McCURDY from Tustin to San Jose . . . JOE NEIL CLAYTON from 10th & Termino in Long Beach to secular work . . . DAVID L. WATTS to 10th & Termino in Long Beach . . . JEFF WASSON from Newbury Park to Covina . . . JAMES H. PARSLEY from Santa Clara to Studebaker Road in Long Beach . . . JADY W. COPELAND from Studebaker Road in Long Balch to Sepulveda . . . DON WILSON from Sepulveda to secular work . . . HOMER WALKER from Norwalk to Bakersfield . . OTIS MOYER from Colton to Lancaster . . . GEORGE HARRIS from Mira Loma to Colton.

MORRIS D. NORMAN REPORT& "Richard Weaver's father died this A. M. (Aug. 30, 1969). That is Raymond Weaver of 'Pallmadge, Ohio." . . . "Lloyd Barker has moved from Beckly, W. Va. to Median, Ohio. Marvin Young has moved from Roseville to Salem, Ohio; James Lovell has moved from Salem to Thayer Street, Akron, Ohio."


September 29 -October 5, Robert Jackson at Southeast in Akron, Ohio . . October 12-20 Morris Norman at New Carlisle, Ohio . . . October 19-26, Morris Norman at Waco church in Canton, Ohio . . . November 16-21, Morris Norman at South Cullman church, Cullman, Alabama.

Dyersburg Lectures

"DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST I had the privilege to attend a portion of the Lake Road Lecture series in Dyersburg, Tennessee. In my estimation brethren are doing themselves an injustice by not attending these lectures. Timely topics could be heard throughout each day as they were discussed by capable speakers. Here is a church doing a great service to brethren under its own auspices and these lectureships should be as well attended as any college lecture program. Brethren should plan their vacations for the first week of August in 1970. It will be time well spent. I might also add that the brethren in Dyersburg are very hospitable." — Dick Blackford, Trumann, Arkansas.

Book Report By Carl A. Allen ATTITUDES AND CONSEQUENCES by Homer Halley is a book that should be read and re-read. Such men as James O'Kelly, Rice Haggard, Mr. Rafferty, Barton W. Stone, Elias Smith, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott, J. T. Johnson, John Smith, John Rodgers, Isaac Errett, Robert Own, John Purcell, N. L. Rice, D. S. Barnet, W. K. Pendleton, Jacob Creath, Jr. , Benjamin Franklin, Moses E. Lard, J. W. McGarvey, D. R. Dungan, C. L. Loos and others are noted in the book.

What do you know about, "The Christian Baptist," "The Millennial Harbinger, ""Christian Intelligencer," "American Christian Review," "Lard's Quarterly," "Christian Standard," "Independent Monthly," "The Scroll," "Christian Century," etc. ? These works should be recognized by all preachers and members of the church.

Have you considered the "Springfield Presbytery," "The Declaration and Address," "Valley of Brush Run," "The Redstone Association," "The Mahoning Association," "Third Epistle of Peter," "Lunnenburg Letter," "American Missionary Society," "Elkhorn Association," "The Church at Connelsville, Pennsylvania," "General Christian Missionary Convention," and other facts that are related; which, will cause one to appreciate the 19th century more?

Brother Homer Hailey — Professor, Preacher, Teacher, Historian and a Christian Gentleman — has left in the hands of others, material that will be studied as long as society stands. His book is one to possess, read and cherish. Bro. Halley has shown his unlimited work and keen mind in the publication of this book.

If you do not recognize the material presented above, you are sorely in need of studying the contents of this book. Every young preacher MUST be acquainted-Saturated-with the contents of this volume.

Send your order today to: The Gospel Guardian Co. , P.O. Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901. Send the cash and you get free postage. The price - $3. 00. I have this book completely cataloged. if there were enough requests to justify the cutting of a stencil, I would be glad to do so. If you think you would want a copy - drop me a card to Box 724, Lufkin, Texas 75901