Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 28, 1969
NUMBER 17, PAGE 11-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

ROGERSVILLE, TENNESSEE: "Gospel meeting June 22-28 with the Guntown Church of Christ. This area is over run by liberalism and needs very much the plain and simple gospel taught in it...BRIDGEVIEW, ILLINOIS: On July 28th three were baptized and two made public confession of sins." Marshall Stubblefield, Streamwood, Illinois.

KENNETH A. STERLING: — Consider Idaho —

"After two very pleasant years with the good church in Payette, Idaho, we have returned to work with the congregation in Selma, California. Previous to our move to Idaho, we enjoyed slightly over four years of association with the brethren in Selma and anticipate a good association again. While in Idaho, six California congregations (Compton, Coalinga, El Centro, Escalon, Clovis and E. Blemont in Fresno), assisted in my support. With the assistance of these good congregations, and hard work on the part of the brethren in Payette, a sound and stable congregation meets in Payette. At the present time, Bro. LaGard Smith (son of Bro. Frank L. Smith who preaches for the Huffman congregation in Birmingham), is doing the preaching. Bro. Smith is a Deputy District Attorney for Malheur County, Oregon (across the border from Payette), and is a very capable young man. Because of the press of his duties, however, he is unable to devote as much time to the work as is needed. Thus the men are interested in securing a full-time gospel preacher to work with them. At present they are able to supply at least $150.00 per month toward support. Anyone interested in the work there should contact: Marlos Jimison, 1104 No. 11th St., Payette, Idaho, 83661, phone (208) 642-3539. Payette is located about 60 miles North of Boise and is the only congregation in the state which publicly stands against institutionalism at this time. In addition to the great amount of work which needs to be done in this area of the North West, Idaho is a good place to live and rear a family. With less people in the entire state than in the 8 square miles of San Francisco County alone, (there are only about 700,000), excellent opportunities exist for hunting, fishing, etc. Consider the need — and consider Idaho! 2016 Stillman St., Selma, Calif. 93662 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS: "The church in Fayetteville, Ark. which meets now in our new building at 2480 Old Wire Road North seems to be of a mind to work. Training classes with an active personal work program make the future for this faithful congregation look more favorable. Bro. Wendall Watts recently moved to Fayetteville to work with us. With the return of college students this fall, the basement auditorium and class rooms will be about filled. Some work on the floor and new (or used) pews will be necessary before we can use the main auditorium — 65 feet by 30 feet. Could you help us locate some used pews reasonably priced? "Howard O. Wetzel, Rt. 2, Box 213, Lowell, Ark. 72745. NOTE THE REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ON USED PEWS.

JAMES L. DENISON: "In June I finished my first year at Henderson, during which there were 12 baptisms, 10 restorations, and 42 to place membership. On July 19, I closed a meeting at Newport, Ark., with 2 baptisms and 1 restoration. On July 27, I closed a meeting at Batesville, Ark., with 2 baptisms. My next meeting begins Aug. 24, with the Cove Bend congregation in Floral City, Fla." 3402 Henderson Blvd., Tampa, Fla. 33609.

ROYCE CHANDLER is available to teach singing schools. Write him at 412 N. College St., Auburn, Ky. 42206.

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio And Kentucky

OBEYED THE GOSPEL Illinois: Peoria at 1509 E. Paris Ave. 61603 — Tony Fyock, a young man, was baptized. Indiana: Ellettsville at 303 Temperance St. — one baptized. Hammond at 6532 Arizona — two restored. Indianapolis at 860 S. Belmont Ave. — one baptized. Ohio: Hamilton at 1040 Azel Ave. — month of June — one baptized and restored. Mason at 110 W. Main St. — Family of Ralph Mullins, who is a former Blue Ash elder, identified on July 13. Sciotoville at Harding Ave. — Betty Hazelbaker was baptized on July 20. Tallmadge at 737 Southeast Ave. — two restored. Two withdrawn from because they stopped attending services. Kentucky: Bowling Green at Morgantown Rd. & Parkside Drive (West End Church) — one placed membership on July 13. Glasgow at 100 Linwood Drive — Mrs. Jearldean Williams was baptized and two restored and identified. Louisville at 4437 S. Sixth St. (Expressway Church) — one identified. At 1320 Gardiner Lane — one baptized and three restored. At 4001 Taylor Blvd. (South End Church) — seven placed membership and two baptized. At 1916 Rockford Lane (Shively) — three placed membership. (Near Morehead) Blairs Mill — one baptized. Owensboro at 2920 New Hartford Rd. Brother Harold Blain of the Whitesville congregation brought four people here Sunday afternoon and baptized them.

GOSPEL MEETINGS: Illinois: Glasford (Peoria area) — Brother Gately held a tent meeting; it was located across the tracks from the water tower. Franklin Park — Vestal Chaffin of the Shively Church (1916 Rockford Lane in Louisville, Ky.) held a meeting. Largest crowd was about 54. The church has only about 20 members. Peoria at 1509 E. Paris — August 25-31 with Luther Blackmon. Ohio: Hamilton at 1040 .zel Ave. — August 18-22 with Raymond Harris of Peru, Indiana. Youngstown at 570 Sherwood Ave. / gust 18-22 VBS in the afternoon. Kentucky: Louisville at 4724 E. Manslick Rd. — J. F. Dancer, Jr. closed a meeting on July 17 with a small church meeting in a rural community between Somerset and Russel Springs. At Expressway Church — August 11-15 VBS. AT Shively — August 4-8 VBS. At Wendell Ave. — August 11-15 VBS. Tompkinsville at the Armory Road Church — August 18-24 with Ferrell Jenkins preaching at 7:30 P.M.

MOVING PREACHERS Illinois: Pekin at the 13th St. Church — Ralph Givens moved here. Indiana: Jamestown Church — Dean Gampp, who is a member of the Harding Ave. Church in Sciotoville, Ohio, plans to move here and work with this church after the first of September. Griffith at 344 N. Griffith Blvd. — Cecil Belcher starts work with this church about September 1. He ends five and one-half years of work with the church at 6532 Arizona Ave. in Hammond, Indiana. Portage — Ben Puterbaugh ends his work with this church around the beginning of August. Ben moves to Oregon. Ohio Cincinnati at 3789 Glendale — Milford Rd. 45241 (Evendale Church) — Wright Randolph, who formerly worked with the church in Canoga Park, California, moves to work with this church around August 1. Franklin — Wendell Wiser, who lived in Big PREACHER WANTED: Tucumcari, New Mexico — Contact Albert Mitchell, telephone (505) 461-1872 or 461-2817. Write to P. O. Box 43, Tucumcari, N. M. 88401.

CHURCHES LOOKING: Illinois: In Franklin Park — This church has only about twenty members. The members stand for truth. Support is available for a faithful gospel preacher. Contact Vestal Chaffin at 4204 Sunflower Avenue in Louisville, Ky. 40216. Ohio: In Sciotoville (Portsmouth area) — Church on Harding Avenue. This church has need for a good experienced preacher. This church is self-supporting.

LUTHER G. ROBERTS: Leaves Tucumcari, N.M. September 1 for Freeport, Texas. His Freeport address: P.O. Box 2646, 77541.

LOOKING AT SPECIFIC CHURCHES: Illinois at 1509 E. Paris Avenue in Peoria. James Fox, evangelist, completed one year of work here as of July 25. The year's work gave these results. (1) Forty-Five obeyed the gospel. Twenty-Four brethren were restored. Twenty-One people were baptized. Home Bible studies accounted for many of those baptized. (2) Three men were selected and appointed as deacons in the earlier part of 1969. (3) Two VBS were held in August, 1968 and June, 1969. (4) Gospel meetings were held by Roy E. Cogdill in December of 1968 and James P. Needham in April of 1969. (5) A young people's training class was held to produce interest among the young people. Elders are Dellas Roberts and Cecil Halley. Ohio: At the Church of Harding Avenue in Sciotoville — partial wages are sent to Ronald Mosby in Louisville and Euseblo Alagano in the Philippine Islands as well as full wages to their local man. Kentucky: Louisville: At 4437 S. Sixth St. (Expressway Church) 40214, this church sent James P. Needham to Hawaii for a twelve day gospel meeting. Brother Needham closes seven and one-half years of work with this church on August 17. He has worked with this congregation from her beginning. On August 18, James P. moves to Orlando, Fla. to work with the Par Avenue Church, where Roy E. Cogdill presently works. After a period of time and plans finally materialize, brother Needham will move out to help start a new church some seven or eight miles north of Par Ave. At 1916 Rockford Lane (Shively) 40216, Vestal Chaffin starts his fourth year of Bible work with this church during the week of June 15. At 4001 Taylor Blvd. (South End Church), a radio program was started on July 7. Kenneth Green, evangelist, is the speaker. The time is 2:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. The radio station is station WFIA (900 k.c.). Raymond Nash, Lee K. Lyons, Homer Williams and Hayward Dennison are the elders. Owensboro: At 2920 New Hartford Rd., A. C. Grider entered his second year of work during the month of June. These are the visible results: (1) In addition to brother Grider's wages, partial wages are sent to four other preachers. (2) The offering has increased about a hundred dollars per week. (3) A weekly radio program is now in existence. The time is 8:15 a.m. every Saturday. The station is WOMI. (4) Forty one obeyed the gospel. Fifteen people identified themselves. Fifteen people were baptized. Eleven brethren were restored.

PADEN CITY, WEST VIRGINIA. Tom Wheeler, who formerly lived in Frostproof, Florida, has moved to work with the church in Paden City. Paul Casebolt, who did work with this church for six years, labours at public work and continues to live in Paden City. Paul preaches for the Elk Fork Church.

CHURCH AD PAGE: A Comment — "We here appreciate the ad very much, and would like for those travelling in the Mansfield area to stop and worship with us. We have had several visitors from the ads that we had in the Guardian and in Truth Magazine. I would recommend that any congregation run ads in these two papers so that faithful members of the Church could find a faithful congregation to worship with men travelling. It is hard to find a congregation today where they don't support all of these organizations that brethren are bringing into the Lord's Church..." Delbert Mills, 1135 Seminole Ave. Mansfield, Ohio 44906. Note: In the past the making of changes in ads and the listing of new ads, has been delayed sometimes as much as six weeks due to the fact our paper has been printed in Memphis, Tennessee. Beginning in September the paper will be printed here in Lufkin and we can provide immediate change for our ad customers.

REPORT FORTHCOMING: By the time you read this, your news editor will have completed meetings with preachers and others in Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Birmingham, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The meetings were planned as sort of a public relations tour for The Gospel Guardian. But the meetings are turning out to be more of a discussion occasion on the subjects, the "peace (reasoning) offensive" and "fellowship with liberals". It turns out that we are tapping the sentiment of the brethren, feeling the pulse of the brotherhood. We will offer a report and commentary on the "pulse of the brethren" soon. More meetings in other localities are forthcoming. -- Wm. E. Wallace Stone Gap, Virginia, now lives and work with this new church. New Carlisle at Funston Ave. — Lewis Lawson follows Larry DeVore in this work. Kentucky Art Ogden now works with a small church meeting in a rural community between Sommerset and Russel Springs.