Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 14, 1969
NUMBER 15, PAGE 8-9a

A Retreat

R. L. Morrison

For quite some time now, I have been reading in various publications of something brethren call a "retreat." I have never been quite certain just what they are, but in a recent publication some interesting information concerning one has been made available.

In a four page bulletin, "SAY SO", April, 1969 issue, I found the answer (?). "SAY SO" is published by and for the students of the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. It is the regular publication of the University Christian Student Center; and was mailed by the Georgia Christian Foundation P.O. Box 1341, Athens, Georgia 30601. One article in this issue follows:

What Is A Retreat?

The Retreat was....

"5 hours of riding; Dale; pizza; salt water; Harold; noise; April 11-13; Ruhanna; wind blown look; Bob Arge; sand everywhere; 38 push-ups; Mike; "sleeping beauty"; basketball; Brenda; conversational prayer; toll — 25 cents; Harry; coordination plus; Matthew 26: 26-30; Ramona; pictures; walking hand-in-hand; Dick; 7 dozen eggs; 12:30 a.m. Sunday; Laura; team work; stairs; David; 2 lbs. of bacon; Rudy; Spontaneous singing; unleavened bread; Sara; $1 apiece; 2 chocolate cakes; Marilyn; water bottles; Lord's Supper around a table; Linda; 25 mph; The Deck; Marvin; cookie jar; late nights; Ron; laughter; "Sunset Orphanage"; Vonda; mosquito bites; intellectual conversation; Mr. and Mrs. Watson; bare feet; Mike's goose; pop the whip; Matthew 18:20; 15 azaleas; Watkinsville, Greensboro, Sparta, Tennille, Adrain, Vidalia, Bazley, Surrency, Odum, Jesup, Brunswick, and St. Simon's Island; forever and forever, amen."

Now, brethren we have it, although I am not yet sure I know what a "retreat" is, it seems to be a rather complicated thing. There are some interesting factors, not from a spiritual viewpoint, but:...there were 7 dozen eggs; two pounds of bacon; 2 chocolate cakes; pizza, water bottles, a cookie jar and Mike's goose...(cooked? I don't know)...and don't forget these...mosquito bites, sand everywhere; 38 push-ups... and The Deck (what ever that is).

In another article in the same publication the following information is given concerning this retreat: Quote: "Matthew 26: 26-30: ...these words came to life with meaning just a few minutes after twelve o'clock midnight Saturday, April 12 at St. Simon's Island...

"Gathered around a table in much the same manner as did Christ and his disciples, in an unlighted room, we partook of the Lord's Supper. To most of us, it was a new experience in communing with Christ.

"After a few moments of silence, many of us "talked with God" and with one another in prayer. I personally felt closer to God than I ever have before, and I felt like He was really listening.

"While still in a prayer state, we heard the words from Matthew 26:26-29. At this time, the bread was passed. We did not break off a pinch to place on our tongues. We each took a piece of unleavened bread, made by one of the girls there, which we could break and eat. The fruit of the vine was then passed in a "cup" from which we all could drink, as did Jesus and the twelve disciples." End quote.

Another article adds this: Quote: "AT midnight the mood was set. The lights were subdued. We seated ourselves around the table and joined hearts. We all talked to our Father as if he truly were in the midst of us. We were speaking with our hearts not just our mouths. In this close communion with the Spirit, the symbolic bread representing Christ's body was passed. We each took a loaf just as the early disciples did. Then one cup symbolizing the blood of Christ was passed around and we all drank from it. Someone started singing a song. We all joined in "When We All Get to Heaven." Our voices sounded truly angelic. We were singing with the Spirit. ...For one brief moment we all had a glimpse of heaven." End quote.

This retreat sounds to me like a group of young college students with a couple of chaperones decided to have a "week end" beach party. Shortly after midnight on Saturday night they went through some kind of process they called the Lord's Supper. NOW, my problem is to try to understand HOW the account of this kind of thing, related as it is, can be of interest or assistance to "Christianity."

It sounds to me like the result of much of the kind of teaching being done in these "so-called" Bible chairs in schools all over the country. I suspect that in most of them, one good strong sermon and the New Testament church and its work would be more than could or would be endured.

I suppose a properly chaperoned beach party could be alright — but to try to make it a work or service to or for the Lord's church is all wrong.

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