Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 10, 1969
NUMBER 10, PAGE 8-11

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

FROM EDGAR E. HOLCOMB, North Ridgeville, Ohio: "We are encouraged here at North Ridgeville, Ohio by obvious signs of progress in the Lord's work...Our attendance and contribution seems to be increasing. Work on our building continues and we may be meeting in it next month. Our meeting with Guy Roberson of Franklin, Tennessee is set for Aug. 4-10. I enjoy the Guardian very much and shall continue to `plug' it to all I can...The address of the new church building is 36350 Chestnut Ridge Rd., North Ridgeville, Ohio."

"THE MASTER'S BUSINESS," a report from Sunnyvale, California tells of plans underway to build additional classrooms. Three baptisms are reported, two identified, one restored. Reports from Sunnyvale indicate a lively, flourishing work.

SUMMER BIBLE LECTURESHIP at West End in Bowling Green, Kentucky July 21-25, 7:30 nightly Monday - "Unchanging Morals In A Changing Society," Franklin T. Puckett. Tuesday - "The Cure For Chaos" - A. C. Grider. Wednesday - "Live Coals From Dead Hearths," a study on the home, James P. Miller. Thursday - "The Causes and Cure For Church Trouble" - James P. Needham. Friday - "The Kingdom Looks Ahead" - Rufus R. Clifford.

STEELE, MISSOURI: "Recently one was baptized here at Steele, Mo. Last week we closed a good Bible School with Charles Littrell of Piggett, Arkansas assisting. Bro. Frank Puckett plans to be with us in a meeting August 4-10." Judson Woodbridge.

MOORESVILLE, INDIANA: "Several months ago (January) I moved to Mooresville and began to work with the congregation here. At that time we were assisted in my support $120 per month. Since January the church here has experienced a great deal of growth. Since January, we have baptized 7 and have restored 6. As a result of our growth, we are now able to be self-supporting." Mike Willis BIBLE LAND TOUR CANCELLED: "Having talked recently with one who has toured these lands several times in the last year or two, and being informed of the tension there, it is not our desire to lead a group into these lands with our present knowledge of things, plus brother Connie W. Adams who was to lead the tour with me will have to be hospitalized about this time, we cancel our tour scheduled for August 4-18 of this year." Thomas G. O'Neal.

PREACHER NEEDED: Church of Christ, 15th Street, Hereford, Texas. Can supply partial support. Contact Grover Durham, 613 Blackfoot St., Hereford, Texas 79045. Call (806) 364-4387."

CHURCH TROUBLE SETTLED: "The churches of Christ at Blue Ash, and at Pisgah, Ohio rejoice to announce that a reconciliation between the two congregations has been effected after several years of estrangement. Brethren on each side made acknowledgements, and prayer was offered together. A statement of reconciliation was signed by representative brethren of both churches and distributed to all concerned." Submitted by Fred Stacey, Blue Ash and Bernard Bolton, Pisgah.

PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS: "Since our last report, we have two more baptisms at Thomas Blvd. in Port Arthur, Texas. Our vacation bible school and singing school will be conducted August 4 through 8, 1969. Bro. Clint Springer, who worships with us at Thomas Blvd., will conduct the singing school. Bro. Springer is also available for preaching appointments in southeast Texas and nearby Louisiana. The work continues well at Thomas Blvd." Donald R. Givens.

THEY ARE SPOILING FOR A DEBATE ON INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: "The instrumental music 'churches of Christ' are getting more and more brazen on the music question. They say they are raring to debate anyone. I have a debate with Dwaine E. Dunning this fall in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. He teaches in their Platte Valley Bible College. Recently one of their papers (the leading one of the N.MW.) has offered 700 words of free space to anyone who will defend non-instrumentalism. Since several months have gone by without anyone taking them up they now are making light of it about like Elijah did on Mt. Carmel. Since Dunning says he will not give me any of his arguments before the debate (not that I asked for any), I hate to answer it (the position in their paper) before the debate. But, I just wish about 300 good preachers would. It would at least shut them up. Would you please make notice of this in the Gospel Guardian?" David Bonner, 2217 Redbud Duncan, Okla. 73533.

700 Words of Free. Space offered to anyone who will affirm instrumental music in worship is wrong. Would you like this space in the leading paper of the instrumental music folks in the North west? If so, just write: APOSTOLIC PATTERN, 3217 N. E. 54th St. Vancouver, Wash. 98663. Too, if you would be willing to debate the music question affirming it is wrong in worship, challenge: Dwaine E. Dunning, Platte Valley Bible College P. O. Box 636, Scottsbluff, Nebr. 69361." David Bonner A JOE H. BLUE SERMON COMING UP: So far as we know there has been no publication of any sermon or outline by the old preacher Joe H. Blue (1875-1954). Not long before the death of brother Blue he was asked to preach a sermon in the presence of a few kinfolk. This he did and the sermon was recorded. Cleo N. Blue, the son of Joe H. Blue recently made this recording available to us. We have transcribed it and will print it in tract form. The sermon is entitled "How Converted." It should be ready in August. More on this later.

LITTLE DIXIE, OKLAHOMA: The southeastern portion of the state of Oklahoma is often called "Little Dixie." I worked in this area in 1959, 1960, and 1961 and 1962. This area is one of the finest places to live in all the United States. There are no better people. The churches in the area which hold the line against innovations are active and the outlook for the future is great. At this writing I am closing a meeting at Savanna, near McAlester. Two have been baptized. John A. Trokey, the present preacher is leaving in July. If interested in the work at Savanna write E. E. Sturgeon, Rt. 3, McAlester, Oklahoma 74501. Partial support will be needed." WEW RICHARD A. HOLLOWAY has worked with the Southside church in McAlester, Oklahoma since August of 1966. He is a retired military man and this is his second fulltime work. Fifty-two people have been baptized here since brother Holloway moved to McAlester. Some of the most successful preachers we have are men who serve in the military or who have retired from the military to work part-time or fulltime with churches. Brother Holloway is an example of what this kind of man can do for the Lord. He is available for meetings, and I suggest that he would hold you a good one! His address: Box 152, McAlester, Oklahoma 74501. WEW

YATER TANT'S NEW ADDRESS: The editor of this journal now resides in Birmingham, Alabama. Write him direct at 3259 Greendale Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35243 OLD GOSPEL GUARDIAN VOLUMES: "I have a complete set of The Gospel Guardian from 1949, Volumes 1 through 20. (One issue each is missing from Volumes 17 and 19). Seven volumes are factory bound, the remainder are in hard board binders. I will sell them as a lot for $60. Jerry F. Bassett, BB Rt, 191 Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424." Jerry F. Bassett

RICHARD DONLEY: "Last Lord's Day I began preaching for the church here (Hulbert, Okla.) Ir December, I was in a wreck that almost cost me my life. After five months of gradual recovery, I am able to do normal preaching and also meet minimum requirements of my occupation."

JAMES FINNEY reports that the Fairlawn, New Jersey congregation is engaged in a building program remodeling the old building.

JACKIE H. RICHARDSON: "My family and I have begun to work with the congregation at Fairfield Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama after being in Walker. Country Alabama for 31/2 years."

J. M. GILLPATRICK of Tulsa, Oklahoma (Southeast congregation) has volumes of the Gospel Guardian 1938-1942 bound in cardboard binders. He will sell them at $3.00 each. 2706 E. St. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 C. D. PLUM — "HEALTHY AND THANKFUL" — Many are inquiring about my health. Thanks for this interest. As of now I am feeling fine, and so far as I know I am doing fine. Since April I have conducted meetings at Bowling Green, Ky (two baptisms); Port Arthur, Texas (three baptisms); Nacogdoches, Texas (1 baptism); Hilliard, Ohio (1 baptism). I am now in the middle of a meeting in Paisley, Pa. I am looking forward to the following meetings this year: Neward, Ohio, July 7-13; Sancho, W. Va., Aug. 3-10, Lewisville, Ohio Aug. 24-31; Rochelle, Ill., Sept. 14-21; Plainfield, Ind., Oct. 5-12; Mansfield, Ohio Oct. 19-26; and Tallmadge, Ohio Nov. 2-9. If you will call I shall answer." 2503 Liberty St. Parkersburg, W. Va. 26101.

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio And Kentucky

Report by George T. Eldridge — P.O. Box 96, Hilliard, Ohio Brethren: This column belongs to you. Its quality will depend solely upon you! In order for us to be UP-TO-DATE on (1) gospel meetings to be held, (2) churches looking, (3) preachers available, (4) preachers moving, and (5) other news items, you must keep me informed. In the event that your bulletin is not mailed or the church doesn't publish one, write me a letter or a postcard. I solicit constructive criticisms as well as suggestions for improving this column.

INDIANA: Connersville, 3227 Waterloe Rd: GOSPEL MEETING June 9-15 with Ed Williams. Clyde Peck will move here on June 16 from Crawfordsville, Indiana. Howard R. Eldridge baptized 3 during the month of May. Crawfordsville: Johnny Paschall will move here around June 16 from Cincinnati, Ohio. Hammond 6532 Arizona Ave: 1 restored. Indianapolis, 860 S. Belmont Ave: 1 baptized on 5-13 following a home Bible study by brethren Campbell & Shrum. More workers like these 2 brethren are needed in all churches. Also, on Sunday — 1 baptized and 1 restored.

OHIO: Akron, Thayer St: GOSPEL MEETING June 8-13 with Guthrie Dean. Bedford, 512 Columbus St: baptism of a husband on 5-15 resulted in a home being united in religion. Columbus, 3361 W. Broad: Delton Porter's meeting in May resulted in 3 baptisms. Dayton, 300 Haynes St: Ed Walker, Flint, Michigan, will move here in July. Hamilton, 1040 Azel Ave: Ellis Webb's meeting in May — 1 restoration and 1 identified. Hilliard, 5000 Cemetery Rd: C. D. Plum's May meeting — 1 baptism. Kettering (Dayton area): Bill Holcomb moved here in June. This is first full-time work. He will marry Peggy Williams in Sept., with Homer Hailey officiating. Medina: Lloyd Barker moves here in July — August from a fruitful work in Beckley, West Virginia. Aubrey Belue of Aurora, Illinois follows Lloyd and takes up the work in Beckley. New Carlisle, 235 Funston Ave: Larry DeVore leaves this work in June. He moves to the Caroline St. Work in South Bend, Indiana. Larry Follows Bob Neely who moves to Kokomo, Indiana. Scioteville, Harding Avenue: V. C. McCormick leaves in June — August. McCormick is seeking work with another church. Contact him.

KENTUCKY: Green's Chapel, Gospel meeting June 23-29 with Roy E. Cogdill at 8 p.m. (C.D.S.T.) Louisville, Eastland: Gospel meeting with Art Ogden — June 9-15. Wendell Avenue: Gospel Meeting — James P. Miller on June 23-29. Owensboro, 2920 New Hartford Rd: 4 identified on 5-25 from the church in Kettering (Dayton area), Ohio. Valley Station, 11408 Dixie Hwy. Morris and Anna Phillips — baptized on 5-18. Morris preached each week-end for a Christian Church in the southern part of Ky.

The gospel as can be seen from this report still has power to save souls. The gospel must be planted. The soil then must be watered. Patience is required till the fruit comes forth.

CHURCHES LOOKING: Berea, Ohio, Front & Second. Ralph Givens leaves after 18 months. He moves to Pekin, Illinois. Cincinnati, Ohio, 3789 Glendale-Milford Rd. Johnny Paschall leaves after about a year's work. He moves to Crawfordville, Indiana. Sciotoville, Ohio, Harding Avenue. V. C. McCormick leaves the work.

FERRELL JENKINS: "I have just completed my third successful tour of the Bible Lands. With this practical experience and in association with Travelmaster Tours, one of the largest and finest producers of Bible Lands tours, I believe I can show other preachers how to easily earn their own tour. For the fall and winter months there is a 10 day tour for $599 and a 15 day tour for $799. For those who are interested I would be glad to send complete information." — Ferrell Jenkins, 513 Carolyn St., Temple Terrace, Fla. 33617