Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 20, 1968

From Here & There

Fanning Yater Tant

Potted plants. Since so many of the "flower children", otherwise known as hippies, are using drugs to help them meet life's problems, and since one of their accepted names for mariajuana is "pot", do you suppose we should refer to them as "potted plants"?

Oiling the machinery. The Herald of Truth reported that they spent $152,468.00 in 1967 in "support solicitation." This represented 13% of their total take of $1,191,036.00. One of the big criticisms of the old-time missionary society was that it took such disproportionate amounts of funds collected to "oil the machinery" and keep it working. It will be interesting to see if Herald of Truth is able to keep down the "overhead", or if it follows the pattern of such promotions in the past, and keeps spending more, and more, and MORE to keep the money coming in.

Cause and effect. Robert Farish sends us a provocative little paragraph from a recent magazine article. It reports that in Maryland they are talking about boosting the tax on alcoholic beverages. They want extra money for community health programs — specifically they need to increase their facilities for caring for alcoholics. It seems to us the tax ought to be accepted as fair and equitable. Why shouldn't the drinkers be asked to care for the drinkers?

Marshall Keeble. In his ninetieth year Marshall Keeble on April 20 laid his burden down. We regret, of course, Brother Keeble's gradual drift from the fundamentals of the gospel he preached so effectively during the early part of his life; but who can question the enormous good he did in bringing about a better understanding and closer relations between his race and the white race. The reports we saw said he had baptized about 40,000 into Christ during his long and active life of preaching.

What they want. One confusing thing about all the "demonstrations:, whether student, negro, poor people, farmers, garbage collectors, teachers, or what not is that the demonstrators never seem to know exactly what they want (except money, of course.) But a recent student rebellion among the negro students at Northwestern University was refreshing for its candor. It seems the students there struck and demanded that the cafeteria menu in the future should include "chitins' and collard greens." What? no 'possum and taters?

Short conversation. Preacher (to hospital attendant): "I am so sorry that she died before I arrived. How well I remember leading her to Christ more than twenty years ago. I still get a quiet chuckle when I remember how naive and old-fashioned she was. She was even shocked at the idea that a preacher would smoke! Of course, I soon helped her to understand that this was a trivial thing, and really had nothing to do with a man's Christianity. I even persuaded her to take draw on my cigarette now and then just to help her overcome her quaint old-fashioned ideas. Please tell me, what caused her death?" Hospital attendant: "Lung cancer, sir. I'm sorry you couldn't have been here to help her over the last few weeks. They were pretty horrible."

Aid for dependent Children. Everybody feels sympathy and compassion for innocent and helpless children. Therefore the governmental program of "Aid for Dependent Children" (like the orphan homes among our own brethren) has been a sort of sacred cow that nobody dared oppose. A recent study in Chicago, however, showed that 70 percent of ADC clients has one or more illegitimate children; and 53 percent of ALL ADC children were illegitimate. In New York City, six out of every ten illegitimate births into ADC households were to unmarried mothers who already had two or more illegitimate children. One senator, vigorously opposing increases in the program said, "Any girl is entitled to one mistake; but no girl has the right to make her `mistake' an habitual way of life."

Old copies. "I see pretty often in the Guardian that some one is wanting copies of past issues of the paper. I have nearly all the old Guardians, and some of the old Bible Banner. I will give these free of charge to any preacher if he will pick them up at my house. Or, I will crate them and deliver to a carrier in one lot for $5.00; or will assort and pack single volumes for $1.00 per volume. There may be a few missing." J. A. Wilkes, Route 5, Box 129, Crossville, Tennessee 38555.

Fair Exchange. "I have single issues of G. G. Volume 6, 1 through 32; also Volume 7, numbers 18 through 50. I'll be glad to send these to anybody who will order me a Bound Volume 18 in exchange. I also have a few single issues of Volumes 1 through 4; and all of Volumes 3; 5; 8; 9; 10." H. Osby Weaver, 1526 E. Avalon, Santa Ana, Calif. 92701. (Editor's postscript: Volume 6 is in shortest supply of any of the back issues. Only a relatively few of these were preserved and bound.)

Correction. A few weeks ago we made mention of the new Social Security ruling that makes it compulsory for preachers to pay Social Security taxes. Well, some five or six good readers have corrected me. It is NOT compulsory — IF the preacher will file Form 4361 with the government, which form provides exemption for any one who is opposed to Social Security on the grounds of religion and conscience. We believe most of the Amish preachers are claiming the exemption.

Conjugating "irregular" verbs. Here's a new game for long evenings. Examples: I am firm; you are obstinate; he is a pigheaded fool. I am sparkling; you are unusually talkative; he is drunk. I am beautiful; you have quite good features; she isn't too bad looking, if you like that type. I am factitious; you are fussy; he is an old woman. I am friendly; you are gabby; she is gushy. See?