Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 30, 1968
NUMBER 5, PAGE 10-11a


Floyd D. Chappelear - 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

Mansfield, Ohio: A gospel meeting June 10-16 with Bro. Roy Hall from Fedge Cr., Ky., 7:30 each evening.

Charles House, Box 1031, Douglas, Arizona 85607, Jose Ponce, who has been preparing himself to preach, and who obeyed the gospel about 13 months ago, was selected by the Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico, to be their new preacher. Brother Ponce is trying to find 500 PESOS ($40 American money) full support, as he begins the work there. Bro. Ponce is not married, and is 21 years old. Juan Alvarado has manifested an interest in starting the work in Naco, Sonora, Mexico (30 miles west of Douglas). He is in need of $200 per month full support. Write him in Spanish, or write Santos Gomex, Charles House, or Juan himself for more details.

Church in Garland No Longer Meeting: A few weeks ago we announced in this paper concerning a church meeting in the First Street Shopping Center in Garland, Texas. This church is NO LONGER MEETING. One family has moved to Irving and the bulk of the members are now in fellowship with the Scyene church in Dallas.

James Trigg, 1605 West Irving Blvd., Irving, Texas: On April 21 brother Trigg read his letter of resignation stating that he is leaving in peace having been asked by the elders to stay. He will begin in the work at Greggton church in Longview, Texas, following A. C. Grider there. It is our understanding that brother Grider is returning to Kentucky.

W. C. Hinton, Jr., C. P. O. Box 179, Nagoya, Japan: We appreciate the continued help and interest. Have taught 15 lessons in Japanese since last writing, plus work on Japanese tract, correspondence course, Bible charts, and travels to Osaka three times and to Yokohama and Yaezu to preach. Pray for our efforts and continue the progress in the Lord in your area, too.

B. J Thomas, Haynesville, Louisiana, Billy Gordy writes "Greetings from South East Asia." He is stationed in Korat, Thailand. Billy is at present meeting with a group of Christians, about 10 or 12 in number, on the base, and plans to preach for them each Sunday.

Lewisville, Texas: Ward Hogland of Greenville will begin a series of lessons with us on June 17th to run through June 23rd, the services will be at 7:30 in the evening through Saturday night and at 10:15 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. on Sunday. The location of the church building is easily reached by those traveling thru the city on Interstate Highway, 35-E as it is only a few blocks west of the highway at 1200 West Main and all members passing thru the city during these dates will find a warm welcome.

Charles Ritchie, 500 Oak St., Dumas, Texas: I came to Dumas in 1937, to work with the 6th & Meredith congregation. (The only one is Dumas then.) I continued with the group until 1948, at which time I decided that, rather than to be moved around every two years (as the custom in the church is,) I would make my home in Dumas, work with my hands and preach any where they called me. Which thing I did for eleven years, with or without pay.

In 1959 the brethren at Cactus, Texas ask me to come and work with them.(Cactus is a small village with a Phillips Chemical Plant, 13 miles north of Dumas.) By 1964, due to a great reduction in the employees at the Plant, and disposal of the housing project, the church was faced with a problem. Rather than abandon our buildings, which were clear of debt, we decided to move them to Dumas. We borrowed $5000, bought a lot on Oak St. and moved our buildings in the spring of 1965. Since that time we have lost about 35 members due to transfers and layoffs at the Phillips Chemical Plant. We have, during the same time gained about 25 and at present we have about 30 members. Our loan payments are $69 per month, and up to the present the church is paying me $50 per week. We are living dangerously but we will survive. Recently, I told the congregation that I would take any cut in my pay necessary to save the property.

Now, why am I reporting these facts? Frankly, I was reluctant to do so, but emboldened by similar reports in the Guardian, and encouraged by some of my brethren, I decided to make this report. I do not submit this as a "plea" for money, nor do I want anyone outside this congregation to feel responsible for the obligations we have assumed here, but just in case some individual or congregation has something in reserve waiting for a worthy cause and would like to volunteer, we believe ours is a worthy cause.

If you are concerned, write, asking any questions you desire. You may also contact W. E. (Bud) Ervine, 6th & Meredith congregation here in Dumas. Also, J. M. Gilpatrick who preaches for the Olsen Park congregation, 4700 Andrews, Amarillo, Texas.

Report from Australia: Sam Binkley, Jr., April 29, 1968. Since our last report a number of things have happened. Our son, Dan, who is finishing his second year at Florida College this week, and will be preaching at East Side in Athens, Alabama this summer, has decided to go with us and preach in Australia. Most of his travel fund has already been received and about one half of his regular support has been promised. Of course we are very happy that he has decided to go, and believe the arrangement to be a very fine one. He will be living with us, and we will be spending much time together studying, and house to house teaching of the word of God, and each will be preaching where we are needed and opportunities are presented.

Last Saturday my wife and I received our visas, and Dan received his reclassification from the draft board, and a check for $500.00 toward his travel fund which brings the total to almost the amount needed. We are deeply grateful for the response, and will provide a report to those making contributions upon our arrival in Australia, or as soon thereafter as possible. Our present plans are to remain in Sydney for about two or three months working with brethren Harkrider and Everett, and then decide exactly where we will live and concentrate our work. Plans are to leave here about the middle of August, the exact date to be decided upon later. We ask that you pray for us to the end that we may speak with boldness the truth of God which He has revealed in His word.