Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 24, 1969

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

TORCH: Torch is a monthly publication published by Billy K. Farris, edited by Wm E. Wallace. We have been told that the reprints in the paper make it "priceless." Torch is quite different. Subscribe for $2.00 per year. P. O. Box 9, Lexington, Alabama.

HAROLD SPURLOCK of Kilgore, Texas will become the editor of Sentinel of Truth. Charles A. Holt, Jr. is stepping down from the position.

W. Doug Burgess in a meeting at Pine Hills in Orlando, Florida June 23-27. Burgess is also a scientist, biologist and college professor. He will deal with the science of beginnings in the meeting.

David Claypool at Lawrenceville, Georgia May 5-11 in a meeting...Homer Halley at Snapfinger Road in the Atlanta, Georgia area June 9-15...Ronald Mosby at West Murray, Ky. May 5-11...J. T. Smith at Lafayette, Georgia April 21-27, Cullom, Tennessee June 16-22 Truman Smith Cedar Avenue in Moundsville, W. Va. May 4-11....

Huey P. Hartsell will move to Corinth, Mississippi in July to join Eural Bingham in the Lord's work around the Corinthian area.

Floyd D. Chappelear in a meeting in Bowling Green, Missouri April 27-May 2...Jere Frost in Barberton, Ohio April 26-May 3...Don Bassett at Shively in Louisville, Ky. April 25-May 2...John Iverson at 10th and Lincoln in St. Joseph, Missouri April 20-27.. Cecil Willis in Tallmadge, Ohio April 21-27...

Voyd N. Ballard, 6810 N. 60th Ave., Glendale, Arizona 85301: "The work goes well here at 60th Avenue in Glendale. We just closed a good meeting with Bro. Choice L. Bryant of Fresno, California doing the preaching. We had good crowds every night and Bro. Bryant did an outstanding job. He preaches the gospel in its fullness and completeness. One was baptized during the meeting, and we had one restored a few days before the meeting."

Johnny Stringer is moving to Port Arthur, Texas, Imhoff Avenue, to join Bill Cavender in the work in the area. Stringer will be available for preaching appointments elsewhere.

Connie Adams in a meeting in Glenwood Hills, Decatur, Ga. April 20-25 and Hollywood Dr. Jackson, Tenn. May 19-25.

Baptism In The Name of Jesus Christ: We have numerous requests for material on this subject. Jimmy Tuten, Jr. has a good tract on this subject. Order from him at 3800 Blaine Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63110.

Leo Row!: "Brother Paul C. Keller, of Moundsville, W. Va. preached in a gospel meeting at the Greensburg Church of Christ March 17-23. One was baptized and all were strengthened by the excellent lessons delivered by brother Keller. Since we moved here August 1968, there have been three baptisms and four restorations. The work is making good progress in Greensburg." Rt. 4 Box 12-D, Greensburg, Ky. 42743.

COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI: "Please include a note in your 'Tel-Al-Gram' that the Columbus Air Force Base congregation would like to have names of any men or families moving in with change of command from SAC and training base this summer. Just have them contact David Haynes, Columbus, Mississippi."

Cecil Willis is scheduled to be with the 50th and University church at San Diego, Calif. May 26th through June 1st.

Hillard, Ohio: April 19 — All-day service with James P. Needham. 5000 Cemetery Road...C.D. Plum at Hillard in a meeting May 18-25.

AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF DANIEL SOMMER: The printer is working on this book. It is a book compiled by Wm. E. Wallace from material supplied by members of the Sommer family. Most of the material was written by Daniel Sommer himself. We believe this book will be a valuable asset to the literature embracing the Restoration Movement and subsequent history. Daniel Sommer lived from 1850 to 1940. The book should be off the press by July 1. It will retail for $4.95. Place your order on our pre-publication deal for only $3.50 in advance. Order From the Gospel Guardian Company. Pre-publication orders will be acknowledged and receipted.

CAPSULE SERMON: Modern Day Noah Back Then — Those Who Do Not Believe In Hell — "A flood, Lord, that's gonna' destroy all living things? Aw, come on! You're too kind and merciful to do that." Was He? Is He? (Matt. 24:41,46)

Those Who Follow God's Word — Generally — "God was specific as to how many animals he wanted in the ark, but there's no harm in taking a few more. Think of the good we can do with more horses, chickens, and cows."

Those Who Do Not Respect God's Word as Sufficient Authority — "God said build one ark, but a few more smaller boats ought to be constructed and tied to the Ark of God. Of course, these boats were not mentioned, but they are necessary as far as I'm concerned. God also said use gopher wood, but he didn't day I couldn't use oak or any other kind, so it's up to me."

Those Who Cry "Faith, But Not Obedience" As Essential To Salvation: "Certainly I believe in God. I trust him. He will save me without obedience. I don't have to move with fear, or build an ark, and I don't see how the flood waters will save me! I'll just sit here and believe and be saved." See Heb. 11:7; Gen. 6:22; I Pet. 3:20,21.

Put all the above attitudes together and see what you come up with. Any wonder things are in a mess today? — By Larry Ray Harley, 602 W. Lee, Plano, Ill. 60545 THE DANIEL SOMMER "COMMENTARY" ON THE OLD TESTAMENT IS SELLING! Several churches have purchased from 10 to 30 copies to use in classes, or to distribute. This publication is a loose-leaf, unbound unit of about 200 pages 81/2 by 11, punched with three holes for insertion in a notebook. The "Questions, Remarks and Comments" on the Old Testament by Daniel Sommer provide one with a most excellent commentary on the Old Testament. It is receiving enthusiastic reception. We had thought of raising the price from $2.50 to $3.00, but have decided to hold the price at $2.50. Order from The Gospel Guardian Company.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We continue to get many encouraging compliments from our readers and customers. They come in the mail every day. While we do not answer all these appreciated remarks, we read every one of them and take note. These expressions mean much to us. We also receive occasionally criticisms and complaints. These too are appreciated. They help us. Here are some samples of remarks we receive daily: "Enclosed find check for $5.00 to renew my subscription for another year. It is a very fine paper. I wish I could afford to send it to all the folks I know." (Mrs. Glen O. Smith, Alliance, Ohio). "Let me express my appreciation for your publishing of 'The Underground Church of Christ' by Leroy Garrett and the excellent series by brother Farish on the difference between individual and church action. Both were informative and provocative in their varying spheres. Regarding material of this kind, I can only applaud and say, 'Encore, encore.!" (Larry Ray Halley, Plano, Ill.) As they say on the radio stations, "Keep those cards and letters coming friends."

HERSCHEL PATTON of Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee at Single Road in Houston, Texas April 21-27.