Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 10, 1969

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

C.D. PLUM was in an automobile accident early in March. He escaped with minor injuries. His son Charles, a law officer, observed "I don't know how you got out alive." The car was totally demolished in the accident.

FORREST HURST is preaching in Lebanon, Ohio rather than Indiana as previously reported.

J. T. Tuten, Jr.: "I will be in a meeting with the church in Warrenton, Missouri, April 14-20. This is a small and struggling flock who continues to walk in the old paths. I am looking forward to being with them again."

PREACHER AVAILABLE: Terrell L. Cook, 38. Has served as a deacon, teacher, treasurer, and preacher part time. He has preached on a part time basis for the church in Center, Texas providing his own radio work called "Religious Fact or Fable." He has been in the insurance claims business for many years. He recently sold his business and now plans on entering fulltime preaching work. Married, one child. Here is a mature and capable man who will do well in the fulltime work with a congregation. Write him at P. O. Box 602, Center, Texas 75935 MEETINGS: Knollwood congregation, Dayton, Ohio April 14-18 with Austin Mobley preaching...Wilmington, Ohio April 28-May 4 with Wm. E. Wallace preaching...Haynes Street, Dayton, Ohio with A. C. Crider preaching May 5-11...Loveland Heights, Loveland, Ohio April 28-May with Norman E. Fultz preaching...Mason, Ohio May 18-25 with John Iverson preaching...Danville, Kentucky April 13-20 with Wm. E. Wallace preaching... Roy E. Cogdill will be at Haynes Street April 7-11, Dayton, Ohio...Irvin Lee at Lockland in the Cincinnati, Ohio area April 7-11...Belmont in Indianapolis, Indiana May 5-11 with Leonard Tyler.

NEW CONGREGATION IN MARION, INDIANA: This new congregation is meeting at 1435 W. Second St. in Marion. Cecil Willis is preaching for the congregation. Norman Midgette has moved to Marion to preach for the other congregation.

A NEED IN MILBRIDGE, MAINE: I will be retiring from the Air Force August 1, 1969 and will begin work with this small group of Christians. This is a thinly populated town with many small towns close by, which offers a great potential for the salvation of many souls. I worked with these brethren from July 1965 to February 1967, during which time their attendance increased from about 9 to 72, including 15 baptisms and about 30 restored. They have an admirable desire for the Truth and have been tried with liberalism and proven successful. Being in the lower income group they are unable to furnish any support for me at this time. But, I trust this will change after some concentrated effort there. Brethren who have preached the Gospel there are James Hahn, Scottsville, Ky., Jesse Flowers, Oak Grove congregation Miami, Fla., Bobby Thompson, North Miami, Fla., and Tom Bunting, Bergen, Norway. They can all attest to the enthusiasm of these brethren. I will arrive in Milbridge about August 15, 1969. I am still in need of about $400.00 each month. I consider this to be a minimum for myself, my wife and our five children. My move to Milbridge will be paid by the Air Force. I have been preaching the Gospel for the past ten years throughout the country. At present I am sharing the preaching with two other brethren here at 807 Grant Avenue, Novato, Calif., since the move of Brother Don Givens to Port Arthur in January 1969. Any further information concerning myself or my intentions may be obtained by writing me. I welcome all inquiries." W. C. Sandefur, 309 Bolling Drive, Hamilton AFB, Calif. 94934 Telephone: 707-838-4065.

COME TO JAPAN: Full time preacher of the Gospel urgently needed in Yokohama area! Opportunity to work with English-speaking congregation while learning Japanese language. We can furnish travel fare and partial support. If interested, contact Earl Chilson, CTCS U.S. NSGA Box No. 2 F.P.O. Seattle Wash. 98768.

O. FRED LIGGIN is working in South Africa. You may write him at 34 Henri Road, Eldoraigne, P.O. Valhalla, Pretoria, South Africa. In order to receive his reports write for the "Voice of Valhalla" 3001 Furman Blvd. Louisville, Ky. 40220.

POTEAU, OKLAHOMA: Don Willis, Wichita Falls, Texas will preach in a meeting April 7-13th. Jack Huff, local preacher.

BILL CREWS to be in Tyler, Texas, Garden Valley Road for a meeting April 13-18.

CAPSULE SERMON: "Hand in Hand" — It has been years since we saw them together. Oh, but they were quite a couple! They used to stroll down the lane and across the meadow quietly discussing the troubles and joys of the day. Where you saw one you always saw the other. You could just "feel" their love for one another. When little ones were born into the family, you could sense their joy by the look in their eyes and the happy way they busied themselves in nourishing and training them. And whenever others were in need or sorrow, they were always there to provide relief and comfort. Yes, they were a loving, gracious pair, but then we began to notice that their relationship was changing. They didn't spend as much time together; quiet moments were spent alone. It was so sad, so pitiful to see them gradually drift apart. Hmm, surely is terrible because they were so good to others; so wonderful; so full of love and hope; so...Who was it? 'Twas a man and his God. By Larry Ray Hefley, 602 W. Lee, Plano, III. 60545.

DELTON PORTER of Lewisburg, Tenn. will preach in a meeting at the Broad Street congregation in Columbus, Ohio May 11-18.

GOSPEL GUARDIANS NEEDED: Hubert A. Moss, Sr. 171 Hillier, Akron, Ohio 44310 needs the following copies to complete his files: January 8, 1953, all of September 1954, May 3 and 10 of 1956. Everybody look in the attic, or basement, right now!