Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 31, 1968
NUMBER 26, PAGE 7b-8a

I Finally Listened To "Impac"

Wm E. Wallace

Yater Tant had mentioned the "Impac" thing to me a number of times before it hit the market. After "Impac" was produced and made available for sale, I heard Tant and others make sales pitches about it. After moving to Lufkin I became more intimately acquainted with the "Impac" program, although the "Impac" organization is now distinct from The Gospel Guardian Company. Recently in Ohio I listened again to Tant's salesmanship concerning "Impac" as he gave formal presentations of the product. Through all this I thought that the "Impac" program would be a good thing for those who need it. I realized further that those who avail themselves of the product would have to use it regularly as suggested to receive the full benefit from it. I could recommend it to others, but had not entertained the thought that possibly the thing might do me some good. My work with The Gospel Guardian does not depend on what I think or do about "Impac."

Recently during a prolonged batching season, while wife and daughter were on vacation with in-laws, I undertook the task of building wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling book casing for my, study-office at home. I planned to work late one evening on this project and it occurred to me that I might enjoy listening to "Impac" records while engaged in the work. I "borrowed" an Impac kit from The Gospel Guardian office and stacked the long playing records on my ten-year-old Sears-Roebuck "Silver-tone" record-player and began work. And how I enjoyed the evening! I worked from five o'clock in the evening until past midnight without thinking of taking a break. I was absorbed in my work, and in listening to the New Testament being read so beautifully. I missed some verses here and there while hammering or sawing. The time passed and passed and passed, and it was nearly one o'clock A.M. before I thought of looking at the clock. It was a real pleasant experience to imbibe and absorb God's word from the "talking Bible." I retired to my bed truly refreshed in mind, though I felt due weariness of body.

That evening with the "Impac" "talking Bible" is one I will not forget. It changed my ideas and feeling about the Bible on records. I didn't have to go to the record player frequently to change a record, or to turn one over. You see, the "Impac" New Testament records are fixed so you can stack them on your record player mechanism for continuous playing. The reader moves from chapter to chapter, from book to book as your record player mechanism drops record after record on the turntable. I listened hour after hour, like the Jews of Bible times, to the reading of God's word.

Well, after this experience with "Impac" New Testament records, I decided to listen to the four personal motivation records in the Impac kit, to see what they might do for me. I listened to one a day for the next few days. Lo, and behold, I got quite a charge out of them too! That is, they charged me with a feeling of enthusiasm. Side two of record one sort of amused was too novel to do much for me, but after my family returned home I tried this side two of record one on my daughter and it did much for her in the way of relaxation. The other sides of the four motivation records in the "Impac" kit impressed me quite well. I grasped their value and could feel the enthusiasm of the speakers. I came to realize what these motivating methods could mean to an individual who wants to do more for the Lord.

Now I am not a salesman for "Impac", nor do I reap profits from the sales. I am writing out of an honest enthusiasm for a product about which I formerly held little interest. I can freely recommend the "impac" program to any who will use it as directed. It will put some life into you and put you to work for the Lord. Tant tells me that Impac would do more for me if I would take it a little at a time, as prescribed, over a prolonged period, rather than just listen to it straight through. Testimonials from those who use it as prescribed come to the office describing the changes made in their lives.

What is this "Impac"? "Impac" stands for Intensive-Meditation-Planning-Action-Conversions. It is designed to put you to work for the Lord. It shows you that you can work for the Lord, informs you how to do it and motivates you to get on with it. It is an outstanding personal-work program, good for individuals or groups.

I once told Tant that "I ain't about to pay no $89.50 for no bunch of records." Of course I still have the "Impac" kit "borrowed" from The Gospel Guardian office and will try to avoid making long as I can get by...but I would consider $89.50 a small investment toward the saving of more souls.

Cadillacs and Imperials cost more than Chevrolets and Fords. "Impac" costs more than some "talking Bibles" on the market, for the same reason Cadillacs and Imperials cost more than Chevrolets and Fords. The "Impac" kit has more, has the edge, has that little extra something. The personal motivation records are unique. The cost of planning, preparing and producing the extra quality coupled with the normal marketing and selling arrangements of a capitalistic nation dictate the price. Also to be considered is the number of "extras" — Bibles, literature, et cetera — in the kit.

Yater Tant didn't ask me to write this article, nor suggest the writing of it in any way. In my travels I note the various reactions and opinions about the product and after finally listening to it I thought it well to record my impressions. "Impac" is taking hold, new editions are in the making and sales are flourishing. Above all, some brethren are reaching people with the truth...people who might not have been reached had not these brethren been motivated by "Impac" — motivated by the word of God and the principles of "getting with it" as contained in the "Impac" kit.

So, brethren, after finally listening to "Impac", I can enthusiastically endorse it and recommend it. "Impac" is like anything've got to use it to benefit from it. Use it, and it will do wonders for you in the work of the Lord.