Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 31, 1968
NUMBER 26, PAGE 6b-7a

Letter From James Bales

Sept. 19, 1968

Gospel Guardian P.O. Box 470

Lufkin, Texas 75901 Dear Brethren:

My attention has been called to a criticism in the June 20, 1968 Gospel Guardian, (p. 117). First, I participated in no march. In fact, as far as I know there was no march. If there was a symbolical representation of a march on the promotional material of Hargis' convention on communism, I had nothing to do with it, and was not aware of it. I am not sure that I even saw a copy after it was mailed out. Second, if Dr. Hargis sponsored a temperance rally and asked me to speak on the Christian and alcohol, I would do so even though the rally by its nature would be one that was concerned both with Bible teaching and an effort to get America to turn away from the bottle. Third, if I have an opportunity to speak to a religious group on communism, I do not think I have compromised the faith because I speak on communism and not on something else. If you are invited to speak at a civic gathering, and they sing a religious song with an instrument, do you feel called on to speak on instrumental music at that time? Or if you speak at a school chapel where the instrument is used? I do not sing with the instrument under such circumstances — or under other circumstances either! Perhaps some who hear me on communism will hear me or read me on other subjects at other times. I have known of cases where my work on communism has led to contacts which resulted in conversions. Fourth, if we do not win the struggle against communism, we shall not have the freedom to discuss our differences in public discussions or through the printed page.

Cordially yours, James D. Bales