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October 17, 1968
NUMBER 24, PAGE 7-10

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

MEETINGS COMING UP: Bellaire church in Houston, Texas October 20-27 with W. R. Jones preaching...Downtown congregation, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. October 28-November 3 with James R. Cope preaching...Pontiac Illinois October 28-November 3, Leslie Diestelkamp preaching...Hazelwood, Missouri, beginning October 28 with Harry Rice preaching...Lexington, Ky. October 21-27, David W. Claypool preaching.

NEW WORK IN DEL ROSA, CALIFORNIA: "Arrangements have been made to begin meeting in the Native Sons of the Golden West building on January 5 of 1969. The building will allow us to have at least five classes and perhaps seven. We will have it all day Sunday and Tuesday evening. The rent will be $150 per month and the meeting place is located at the corner of Del Rosa Avenue and Palm Street. The location is excellent."

LAWTON, OKLAHOMA: "Lawton, Oklahoma has a population of 77,500 and there are six large liberal churches here. The Brockland church of Christ was started in Sept. 1964 by the Joe M. Watson and Bill Holladay family. A few months later Ethel Crow moved to Lawton from Apache, Okla. and began meeting with this small group. I moved to Lawton in December 1967 from Palmetto, Florida to work with this church and at that time there were about 20 members with an attendance of 20-25. Presently there are 14 members and our attendance runs 25-30 (in November we will lose one family of five.)

"In April (1968) we purchased a mailing permit and at present are mailing one bulletin a month to about 500 addresses, with only 10 or 15 going out of Lawton.

"In May we purchased two lots in the Brockland area for $2000.00 ($200.00 down and $50.00 monthly) plus the water and pavement which exceeds this amount, and is payable to the city over a period of about seven years.

"On June 15 we had a storm in Lawton that blew our meeting house off its foundation (we were renting a house) and we had to cancel a meeting with Don Willis scheduled for the next week. We had spent about three full days extending the auditorium, painting, etc. in preparation for the meeting. We began that Sunday to meet in my home and will continue to do so until a suitable meeting house is built...

"We have received a total of $1038 from different contributors for the purpose of building a meeting house...I am presently in need of $75 monthly support. If anyone is interested in helping with our building and/or my support we will be happy to send a detailed report to you or answer any questions you might have. Write to me: Larry A. Bunch, 1911 Glenn, Lawton, Oklahoma 73501.

MAURICE E. DARE - In MEMORIAM - "Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?" (II Samuel 3:38)"

A man of many talents, completely consecrated to the Lord, thoroughly devoted to his family, a true and benevolent friend, a highly capable executive, a kind neighbor, a good citizen, in every respect a stalwart and faithful Christian. Any superlative relevant to man could appropriately be applied to him. It is impossible to find words to portray the life of this great man of God who has been so suddenly called from his earthly experience.

Maurice E. Dare was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey, July 31, 1921, being 47 years of age at the time of his death of a heart attack on September 3, 1968. He held B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Illinois and association with various industries took him for periods of residence to Charleston, West Virginia, Louisville, Kentucky, Richmond, Virginia, New Martinsville, West Virginia, and Marietta, Ohio. At the time of his passing he was Vice President for Administration, Squibb Beechnut, Inc. and resided at 11 Ford Place, Murray Hill, New Jersey. The business connection which he seemed to prize above all others was his membership on the board of directors of Florida College.

Wherever lived, he was very influential in the church as a teacher, as a preacher or as a simple disciple engaged in good works. Similar to his capacity to influence others in business, he was a leader among the brethren. He was one of the prime movers in establishment of the West End church of Christ, Richmond, Virginia in 1956. More recently he served in the same capacity in starting the Chatham, New Jersey church. In all his religious activities he was set for the defense of the gospel and stood firmly opposed to all innovations of man, including those which have invaded the ranks of God's people. Many were his philanthropies, his helping hand being extended wherever he could perform an act of kindness. His charity was administered with humility and whenever possible in anonymity. One business associate, a Christian, remarked as he shed tears at his bier: "Everything that Maury Dare did in business he did as a Christian. Any decision in which he had a part had to be based on Christian principles." Another, not a member of the church of Christ, said, "there was nothing as important to Mr. Dare as the church."

As evidence of the esteem in which Maury was held, floral tributes lined the walls of a large room in the funeral home in Summit, New Jersey, where his body lay. The hundreds who filled the parlors on the afternoon of Sunday, September 8, for the memorial service included a business associate who flew from Bierut, Lebanon to be present, another from Seville, Spain and others who came from distant points within this country. Strong men wept unashamed. Beautiful vocal selections were rendered by Christian friends of the Dares. Four other close friends participated. Edward Thornton, an elder of the Chatham church read scripture and prayed. James Finney, evangelist of the Fairlawn church spoke as did Wayne Hemingway, another elder, John L. Nosker, an elder of the West End church, Richmond, Virginia led the closing prayer. In paying tribute brother Finney mentioned that in all his conversations with brother Dare he had observed that, in addition to his family to whom he was so dedicated, his prime interests in life were the church of the Lord and the education of youth. Interment was in Overlook Cemetery, Bridgeton on Monday September 9, where a brief service was conducted by Larry Shoe, preacher for the Chatham church.

Brother Dare is survived by his wife, Rachel Kopel Dare; a daughter, Miss Nancy Lynne Dare; his father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dare; a brother and a sister. It is difficult to think of Maury Dare as dead for he was so vivacious and enthusiastic at all times, sacrificing himself in order to accomplish as much as possible while time permitted. Consequently, those who mourn his passing have the assurance that he is not really dead but alive in the paradise of God. Moreover, he will live on in the hearts of the many whose lives he touched, for though he rests from his labours his works will follow him. Then, on the morning of the resurrection as eternity dawns, he will participate with them in that glad reunion of "just men made perfect." --John L. Nosker BOOK REVIEW - "DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE" A Christian View by Guy Duty. Is marriage ever so completely dissolved that there are scriptural grounds for remarriage? What should be the attitude of the Church toward divorced persons who have already remarried? Many such individuals live under a sense of condemnation. Advisors who have not thoroughly studied the subject add to their confusion. The book is written, not to encourage either divorce or remarriage, but to provide biblical guidance to those already the victims of broken vows. You will not likely accept all the author's conclusions but you will find the book a most helpful study of the divorce and remarriage question. Order From The Gospel Guardian $3.50.

FROM C. D. PLUM: "Lord willing, I'd like to be busy preaching until I can no longer preach, and when that times comes I'll tell you my dear brethren." Brother Plum's meeting schedule - Shelbyville, Ky. October 27-November 3; Wilmington, Ohio November 10 - 17; Concord, N. C. November 24-December 1. He was in Youngstown, Ohio in September and Lisbon, Ohio in October. Write him at 2503 Liberty St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 26101.

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What's In A Name? A young countryman visited his uncle in London and was sent one Sunday evening to meet his girl cousins who had gone to Church. They were members of the choir at Holy Innocents' Church, and their cousin was warned not to confuse that church with All Saints' Church, which was not far away. Not being familiar with the big city, he lost his way. At last he got on the track of the church and, arriving in the actual street where it was, he saw a congregation flocking out of a church some distance ahead. Anxious not to miss his relatives, he accosted a passing policeman. "Excuse me, constable," he said, "Can you tell me whether these folks are Holy Innocents or All Saints?" "They're neither," said the man in blue: "They're Wesleyans."

SPECIAL REPORT FROM CHILI - "Thirty-Seven Years of Prayers Answered"

On May 27, 1931, a small group of men met in Limache, Chile, and agreed to wear the name Church of Christ and be Christians only, something completely unheard of in Chili at that time because here there were only religious denominations. This determination caused persecution toward all of us who were convinced that only the written Word of the Holy Bible was our rule for preaching salvation to the people. Having experience with different denominations and being unable to be in agreement with them in their methods and doctrinal forms, we few agreed to call ourselves Christians like the disciples at Antioch. Our decision was to work by faith even though we might stand alone. Thanks to God we have not remained alone because at long last He is hearing our pleading. He has said, "I will be with you always, even to the end of the world." Also, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Of those who began in 1931 all are dead but me, but the Lord is raising up new workers. Our prayer has been that our God might raise up workers because He can raise up workers..."

We were beginning to think that God had closed the door on us; and that is when He began to send workers for His Cause, answering our prayers, and now the fire is truly burning. Who will put it out? The true Church of Christ has always been persecuted and will continue to be; so now we are giving encouragement to the ministers of Christ. There remains only 1 survivor of the initiative to restore the Church of Christ in Chili, and he is now over 80 years old, and he continues to work among his brethren by faith. My great desire is that each man that stands for Christ be a watchtower of the cross like the song which says, "I am a watchtower on earth. I have a message of love. I am seeking souls, lost souls for Christ my Lord."

Note: The above report is brother Rodriquez's own story, in his own words. As brother Morgan suggests, the story should "stir your love for souls and your desire to send workers to all the teeming millions who have not heard." "God only knows in how many places of the world there are similar groups born of the everlasting Word and not knowing whether they are alone in their struggle for truth."

— Wew