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October 10, 1968

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

From The Tidewater Region Of The Tar Heel State — Two Reports You Should Read

Plymouth, North Carolina: On February 20, 1966, eleven Christians began meeting in the name of Christ at the county courthouse in Plymouth, N. C. to worship God after the New Testament pattern. They were determined to speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent; doing God's work in God's way. Gene Lyles of Lancaster, Texas conducted their first gospel meeting in March of 1966. At the close of this meeting, arrangements were made for Bro. Lyles to move to Plymouth to work with this newly established congregation. The West Pleasant Run church in Lancaster, Texas where Bro. Lyles was at that time laboring, agreed to send him fully supported to work with this new congregation. He began his work with them on July 3, 1966. Since that time four other meetings have been conducted with Barney Cargile, Pete McKee, J. B. Grinstead and Tom Baker doing the preaching.

In September of 1966, the church purchased an acre and a half of land in the West Haven addition of Plymouth on which to erect a meeting house at a purchase price of $3,300.00. This lot has sufficient space for auditorium expansion, off street parking and a preacher's home. In March of 1967 construction of meeting house was begun which consisted of an eighty seat auditorium, four class rooms, a cry room and preacher's study, plus rest room facilities. All labor except the brick laying, was accomplished by the men of the congregation. The total cost of the building ran about $10,000.00. On July 23, 1967, worship began in the newly erected building. Since that time property indebtedness has been reduced to $5,315.67 as of September 1968. In October of 1967, the church here relieved the church in Lancaster of $200.00 per month of Bro. Lyles' support. The church here has never begged nor received a single dollar from any church, nor does it intend to start doing so. It is deeply grateful to the West Pleasant Run Church in Lancaster for their sending and supporting Bro. Lyles in the work here.

The church now consists of 16 members. It has an average attendance of 30 for each service. Its weekly contribution averages around $115.00. Since its beginning four souls have been baptized into Christ. There has been no great increase in number, and we certainly make no boast of great progress in this direction. The work has been difficult and the fruit has not come forth as we had hoped. One thing that may account for this is the fact that the Plymouth area is saturated with conservative instrumental churches of Christ which have in recent years resigned themselves from the ultra-liberal Christian Church. Feeling they have already come out of error, it is difficult to get them to see that they yet need to come further. We shall continue, however; to preach the word both publicly and from house to house, exhorting all men to truly turn unto God. We solicit the prayers from faithful brethren to the end that we may succeed in this matter. — Gene Lyles, P. O. Box 711, Plymouth, N. C. 27962.

Bolivia, North Carolina: Recently a small congregation of less than 30 members in Southeast North Carolina took a stand against modern innovations. The congregation's building is located in a rural section near the town of Bolivia, N. C. The members are talking of moving into Bolivia or nearby South Port to engage in an active program to build up the church numerically and spiritually.

J. O. Walter is on the job with the Bolivia brethren. No man of our time has sacrificed more for the cause of Christ in North Carolina than has Bro. Walter. He has worked hard in Leakesville, Concord, and Newbern, N. C. He has assisted in many other works in the area. He is known and respected for his soundness, dedication and ability in the kind of work needed in the Tar Heel state. Those who know him and those who have supported him know of his accomplishments.

At this date (September) the following churches have agreed to help brother Walter in the work at Bolivia:

Lewisville, Texas $75.00 per month; Corinth, Miss. $50.00 per month; Eastland in Nashville, Tennessee $75.00 per month; Newport, N. C. $55.00 per month. Total support promised is $255.00. Some of this is designated as temporary.

Brother Walter needs a total of $550.00 per month in order to rent his house and do the work necessary in the Bolivia area. So he needs $300 more, now, and by January 1, he may need more. Would you help in this matter? Write J. O. Walter, P. O. Box 21, Bolivia, N. C. 28422 for more information. This is a good work for the Lord's money.

Student, 28, To Graduate In June 1969 With A Master's Degree In Business Adminstration. Desires Employment That Will Be Consistent With A Christian Life. Bachelor's Degree In Math And Statistics. Reply To Box 3079, University Station. Columbus, Ohio 43210.

W. C. Moseley: "After 41/2 years of work with the Venice Blvd. church in Venice, Calif. I will be moving sometime in January to work with the Northside church of Christ in Tucson, Arizona. At the time of this writing, the church here in Venice is looking for a man to come work with them. Our work here has been pleasant, and we have no reason to feel that it will be otherwise for the next preacher. The Venice church is composed of about 90 members, has a nice meeting house and adequate support for a preacher. Any who might be interested in a move to this area should contact the elders at 1503 Venice Blvd., Venice, Calif. 90291."

Calvin C. Essary moves to Fontana, Calif. in October — 9132 Sierra Avenue.

Layton, Utah: "The work here will be continued by brother David Settles; 19991 North 1000 West, Clinton, Utah 84015. The congregation meets at the American Legion Building in Layton, 128 S. Main St., and is endeavoring to stand for the truth of God's word in this difficult area."

Lake Road Lectures Series, Dyersburg, Tennessee: A special lecture series is scheduled for Lake Road in Dyersburg November 11-15. This will be a "special" lecture series indeed. Note the ad elsewhere in this issue.

David Smitherman writes from Victoria, Texas that "The brethren here stand for the truth — are opposed to all human institutions that men want to attach to the church to do the work that God gave the church to do. We are located North of Victoria, three blocks of the Hallettsville Highway in Northcrest...In this town of approximately 40,000 we are the only congregation worshipping and working after the New Testament order of things. At the present time we have approximately 45 members and our attendance averages about that on the Lord's Day... Albert Jennings is to hold our Fall meeting this year. Anyone desiring further information can contact me at 578-1481 (Area code 512).

Gary Fiscus Hamilton, Ohio: I am working full time with the Westview congregation in Hamilton, Ohio...the work is going very well. We now number about 150, which is an increase of approximately 20 over last year's attendance. We have purchased a new building at 1040 Azel Ave., have baptized five, and have had nine to come forward expressing their desire to work more diligently for the Lord, and asking for the prayers of the congregation...Please announce our meeting October 14-20 with Harry Ozment."

Phoenix, Arizona: John E. Freeman, Maryvale congregation announces a meeting with Cecil Willis preaching October 21 through the 27th — 3101 N. 43rd Ave.

Notice: "Service personnel being sent to Fort Jackson, S. C. and other Christians moving into the Columbia area — please contact Danny Holton 3005 Bretton Street, Columbia, S. C. 29205. Telephone 253-8989 — For information concerning church services in the Columbia area." Brother Holton adds, "Keep up the fine paper!"

A new congregation in Louisville, Kentucky, the Douglas Hill church, is temporarily meeting in the Community Room of the Mall at the intersection of Waterson Expressway and Shelbyville Road. Ronald Mosby is the preacher.

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