Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 26, 1968
NUMBER 21, PAGE 7-10

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram


MEETINGS COMING UP: Hershel E. Patton at Huffman in Birmingham, Ala. Oct. 13-20...Patton in Red Bay, Alabama December 1-7...William S. Allen at Mill St. in Leitchfield, Ky. Oct. 7-13...Harvey J. Williams at Shively (Louisville) Ky. Oct. 21-27...Robert Turner at Preston Highway in Louisville, Ky. Oct. 21-27... Luther Blackmon at Haldeman Avenue, Louisville, Ky. Oct. 6-16...Frank Smith in East Orange, N. J. Oct. 27-November 3, Utica, Ohio Nov. 6-13...Lindy McDaniel at Southside in Altus, Oklahoma beginning October 20...Oliver Murray at Haltom City, Texas Sept. 30-Oct. 6...Hoyt Houchen at West Side in Fort Worth, Tex. Oct. 6-11...Oliver Murray in Corrigan, Texas Oct. 14-18, Cloverleaf, Tex. Oct. 21-27, Greenville, Tex. Nov. 4-10, Sulphur Springs, Tex.

Nov. 18-24...James R. Cope at Valley Station, Ky. Oct. 13-20...Robert Crawley at Manslick Road in Louisville, Ky. November 6-13...J. F. Dancer at Cyclone, Ky. Oct. 21-27...Dancer at Ft. Wayne October 7-13...Franklin Puckett at High School Rd. in Hueytown, Ala. October 14-20...L. E. Sloan at Shepherdsville, Ky. Nov. 6-15

Worthy Works Needing Help

O. D. DIAL in Sherman, Texas - Brother Dial is working with Westwood in Sherman. This is a strategic work. The prospects for growth are good. Brother Dial needs financial support badly. His present salary is far below par. Write him for information at 1034 S. Walnut, Sherman, Texas 75090, telephone 893-5006. This is a worthy work to assist brethren.

MARION, N. C.-Earl Robertson reports, "Marion, N. C. is situated in the base of the greatest mountains east of the Rockies, and it is the site of our work last week. The Highway 70 church is less than three years old. Most of the members are very young in the faith. They have a zeal for the Lord than can hardly be found anywhere today. I have not seen their faith equalled many times. Brother Thomas J. Elliott is doing the preaching there and is a good worker. The church is hungry for the truth. They own one of the best lots in town and are now getting ready to build. We would hope that they are in their new building by fall. Six adults were baptized during the meeting. Perhaps others will obey soon."

BOLIVIA, N. C. - J. O. Walter has moved to Bolivia, N. C. from Newbern, N. C. The small group in Bolivia recently took a stand against modern innovations. Brother Walter says, "they want someone to teach them the truth, help them remain in the truth and guard them against erroneous teachers." Walter is the man for the job. No man has sacrificed more in the work in the state of North Carolina. He has spent his life doing just what was necessary to help small, struggling groups in the Tar Heel state. Brethren, write brother Walter at Box 21, Bolivia, N. C. 28422. He needs salary support and will send you all the information you need about the work.

Thomas F. Shropshire, 1210 Elsa Jane, Bossier City, La. 71010. "I moved to Bossier City about the middle of Feb. this year to work with the brethren who meet at Foster & Patricia. At first the work was somewhat discouraging but has gradually taken on new life and the prospects for substantial growth look promising. A number of people have moved in and have become identified with the congregation. New records have recently been set in attendance. One was restored some time ago and recently two were baptized. Interest has picked up, unity prevails and the condition of the congregation in general is indeed encouraging. I moved to Bossier City without adequate support. The brethren here have extended themselves beyond what they promised me when I came. Although it appears that they will be able to increase the amount still more, and though I am already receiving some outside support, I am still in need of $200 per month additional in order to receive a reasonable wage. I would be willing to furnish anyone who may be interested in having fellowship with me in regard to my support, with a detailed account of the amount I receive and from whom. Brethren, pray for us in the work here and if possible, help us in the support."

BROTHER IN PHILIPPINES IN NEED OF SUPPORT: "This appeal is for Bro. Valentine B. Culeng, Midsayap, Cotabato, Philippines. He is in need of support of about $75.00 or $100.00 per month. While working with the Calmont church in Ft. Worth, we supported Bro. Guleng along with Romulo Adguma. When the "liberal" brethren left us, we had to drop one, and chose to drop Guleng. Recently I received a letter from Agduma telling me that Bro. Guleng has taken a stand publicly for the truth as regards the 'institutional' question and sponsoring churches. I have also had two letters from Bro. Guleng himself telling of his needs, and his ideas concerning 'church cooperation' and related issues. As far as I know, he is sound in faith, even though I do not know him personally. If a church wants to do some work where there are very few faithful brethren preaching, you might do well to contact him. If you want to contact Bro. Romulo B. Agduma for reference, address him at M'lang, Cotabato, Philippines. Bro. Guleng's address appears in the first part of this report."

— Jady W. Copeland, 5337 Keynote, Long Beach, Calif.

LUIS TREVINO IN NEED OF SUPPORT: "This young man is perhaps one of the most valuable Mexican evangelists within the entire brotherhood. He is too valuable to 'Kingdom Business' to waste his time at secular work. One church recently went out of 'business' causing him to lose some of his support. He needs $45 per month immediately. Write him DIRECT and enclose a check to P. O. Box 453, Douglas, Arizona, 85607. Add him to your budget. He sends out regular reports in English. Pray for all of us here." — Charles F. House.

Jeffery Kingry writes from Viet Nam calling for help for needy children. After describing the plight of a number of individual cases he says, "I am sure there are needy children, widows and orphans even in your town or city. But this war makes many more orphans and widows, and maimed than we have with us in the States. There is pain and misery everywhere here in Vietnam. Love is a precious commodity here. Not often seen or expressed. I can only hope that the unused love that separates us from the world and makes us different from other people, might find heart to alleviate the lack here. Any help, whatever, from individual Christians, will be passed on in your name to those children in need here. If you desire any information you may get it through me." Jeffery Kingry AF19838328, 196th Light Inf. Bde. HHC, TACP, APO San Francisco, Calif. 96256

M. ROY STEVENS - A HELPER OF MANY by Dean Bullock: Our esteemed brother and beloved Preacher passed away in the early morning of August 18, 1968 at the age of 69 years, 6 months and 22 days. He is survived by his faithful wife and companion of almost forty-nine years: Hallie Mae; by four sons: Eldred, Hulan, R. J. and Lanier; by a daughter: Nancy Ruth Page; by a host of other relatives. Two funeral services were conducted for him. The first at Clute, Texas at 10 A.m., August 19, 1968; the second at Yoakum, Texas, place of burial at 4 P.M. the same day. I preached the sermon at Clute, assisted in the service by Homer Hailey who was in a meeting there. Herman Sargent conducted the service at Yoakum, assisted by Albert Jennings, local preacher there. Large crowds assembled at both places to mourn, with the family and multitudes of brethren in many sections of the country, the passing of a noble and generous man. M. Roy Stevens was a remarkable and unusual fellow; a versatile individual. He was an efficient and effective preacher, a capable teacher, an excellent and outstanding song leader and teacher of music, a wise counselor, an energetic personal worker. He was one with a stabilizing influence among brethren; a spiritual builder. And one of those stalwart souls in whose home many persons found warmth, depth, delight and genuine hospitality. He had a fine sense of humor, a ready wit, a cheerful disposition. People were attracted to him. He loved people and people loved him. More than that, he loved the Lord, the truth and the church. Most of what M. Roy was to me is forever sealed in my heart. He led the singing, in his inimitable way, in the first meeting in which I ever tried to preach. As a young, immature and inexperienced preacher, I sought and received from him advice and assistance. Our paths crossed many times through the years. We worked together closely on numerous occasions. He was a source of strength to me. What he was to me he was to others. A host of preachers, song leaders and church leaders were encouraged and helped on their way by him. He indeed was a "helper of many". M. Roy was

baptized by his own father, Texas H. Stevens, in 1915. He served the Master for about fifty-three years. His good influence will live on. "He being dead yet speaketh'? He still speaks by faith and example to sister Hallie Mae; to his children (three of whom are preachers, one an elder) and to many brethren whose lives were touched by his. Only eternity can reveal the true impact of his life. "For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Spirit and of faith: and much people was added unto the Lord."

Cecil Douthitt reports "Two more were baptized yesterday, a mother and her daughter, at the Southside Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Ark...Floyd Chappelear reports, "In our first two months we have seen four adult baptism, three actual restorations, and one confessed sins."...In a meeting last sunmer near Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee (Mt. Zion) eleven were baptized and twelve confessed publicly their sins. Colly Caldwell preaching...NEW CONGREGATION - C. C. "Bud"

Hunter, Rt. 2, Box 565, Enumclaw, Washington. "On June 30th I began working full time with a small group of zealous Christians known as the Sierra Vista church of Christ. Enumclaw is a town of 4,000 people in the heart of the dairy country. About ten families separated themselves from the North Hillcrest congregation because of liberal tendencies and practices in connection with church supported institutions. Of special mention should be J. C. Clifford, Sumner, Washington, who held a bible study each week."

Johnie Edwards reports 22 baptized, one restored and 2 identified at Ellettsville, Indiana during July and August....4 baptized in his meeting in Portsmouth, Ohio in July; 5 baptized in his meeting at Waco, Indiana in August.

Foy W. Vinson:"After over eleven years of work with the Congdon Avenue church in Elgin, Illinois I have moved to Dallas, Texas. Bro. Ray Ferris of Kenosha, Wisconsin will follow me at Elgin. I will continue in the insurance business and will be preaching for the church in Allen, Texas. All correspondents please note my new address'.' 7980 Briaridge, Dallas Texas 75200 More Meetings: Jack Kirby with Pear Ridge in Port Arthur, Texas September 16- 22...Johnie Edwards at Youngs Creek, Ind. October 7-13 and 9th Avenue church in St. Petersburg, Fla. November 6-13.

From Ferrell Jenkins: "In June a meeting at Donelson (Nashville area), Tenn., in which Foy E. Wallace, Jr. was preaching, was terminated because of his criticism of 'modernism' and 'liberalism' in the church. In the August issue of First Century Christian is a personal statement by bro. Wallace. It is interesting and I feel certain that many brethren would like to read it. In explaining why six pages of the paper are devoted to the matter Roy Hearn, co-editor with Franklin Camp, says 'we are far behind schedule in our opposition to such trends as will cut us loose from our moorings of truth and set us adrift again upon the sea of denominationalism.' Among those who support the human institutions and sponsoring church arrangements have been sown the seed of 'Where There Is No Pattern,' and 'we do many things for which there is no authority' and now they are reaping the tornadic results with tears that are too late. First Century Christian sells for $2.00 per year from P. 0, Box 18433, Memphis, Tenn. 38118. Ask for the August issue."

"Bro. Bob Franks of Lafayette, La. is still in Oschner Foundation Hospital [Sept. 1], New Orleans...My last word was that he was improving. This faithful man has served Jesus faithfully through the years in spite of severe arthritis and other ailments. He has done one of the best works I know of in Lafayette. Should you desire to help him in his tremendous expenses you can write to him at 507 S. College Rd., Lafayette, La. 70501...He is greatly deserving of our assistance." Bill Cavender in "Messenger of Truth"

John J. Miller, Jr. is now working with the church at Pleasant and River Drive in Bremerton, Washington. He would like to receive bulletins. Address: Rt. 1 Box 926, Bremerton, Washington 98310.

We missed an issue, the September 6 edition, because of important we are still a little behind. But we are working to catch up on news.