Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 2, 1968
NUMBER 1, PAGE 10a-11


Floyd D. Chappelear - 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

There are three children in Crane, Texas who need to be placed in a home where both husband and wife are Christians. There are two boys (4 and 5 years old) and one girl (3 years old). They are in full custody of the state welfare lady in Crane. They are adoptable, and the family from which they come is legally forbidden to bother the children or who ever takes them.

The welfare lady insists upon placing all three in one home. And she insists upon finding a couple who really want children, not just some couple who is willing to give them a home because they need one. So if any reader is really wanting to adopt children, please contact me.

The children are all healthy and normal in every way.

J.G. Jenkins, Rt. 2, Box 233, Odessa, Texas

C A. Cornelius, P. O. Box 302, Pea Ridge, Ark. During March 10-17, we preached in a meeting with the church of Christ meeting at 704 Broadway, LaPorte, Texas. We worked with this fine church from April 1st. to December 1st. 1967, during which period of time we feel that much progress was made, and in which we learned to love them for their stand for the truth. The meeting was productive of four restorations, two identified, and three baptisms. This church endured about four years of division, but is now working in peace and harmony. I predict that they will make their influence felt in that area in years to come.

We have recently purchased a home here, having reached that age when one is spoken of as being "retired." However, we shall continue to do whatever we can in teaching people to worship and work in the way God has revealed to his children. We are available for meetings (a limited number), and "supply preaching." How gratifying to see the truth spreading throughout this land and country, as well as in foreign lands. Let us "work while it is day."

Don Freeman, 1010 Taylor Ave., Richmond, Va.: C. D. Plum of Parkersburg, West Virginia will be with the church of Christ in Forest Hill, Richmond, Virginia April 21-28, 1968 in a gospel meeting.

Two were baptized into Christ the last Lord's day in February here at Forest Hill. We are looking forward to the meeting with Brother Plum in the hopes that more souls will be saved.

Larry Bunch, 1911 Glenn, Lawton, Oklahoma, 73501: The amount of our monthly support has changed considerably since I sent the last report. Permanent support: McAlester, Oklahoma, $50; Lewisville, Texas, $50.00; Wichita Falls, Texas, $100.00; Highlands, Texas, $100.00 (house allotment). Temporary support: E. K. Brown, Miami, Fla. $100; Haileyville, Oklahoma, $25; North-shore, Houston, Texas, $25.00; Nederland, Texas $200.00. This brings our monthly support to $550.00 plus $100 house allotment. We stand in need of about $50.00 monthly for utilities allotment (the house rent is $115.00 monthly).

Brethren, we are most thankful for the interest shown by all concerned and trust that we will be able to perform a work here that is accepted and approved by God as well as all those helping support us.

Edward Fudge, 610 E. Avenue B, Sweetwater, Texas: Jerry Phillips of Baton Rouge, La. will preach in a gospel meeting with the Christians who meet at 610 E. Avenue B in Sweetwater, April 8-14. God is blessing us with additions and spiritual growth for which we are grateful.

Guthrie Dean, 1900 Jenny Lind, Fort Smith, Arkansas: This is my meeting schedule for the coming year. Pekin, Indiana, April 17-24; Salem, Ind., April 25-May 2; Cambden, South Carolina, May 21-29; Indianapolis, Indiana (Trader's Point), Aug. 14-21; Martinville, Arkansas, Oct. 13-19. Some between Sunday meetings are still pending.

Bill Hall, 110 S. 77th Street, Birmingham, Ala. The elders announced to the congregation last Lord's day plans to provide full personal support of $600 per month for bro. George Pennock in Nigeria and $150 per month for Bro. David Watts in Butler, Alabama. It was further announced that an additional $50 per month will be provided for bro. Gay until his return from Nigeria.

To report these plans and anticipate their execution — if the Lord wills — is a thrill to this writer. We continue to move forward and with Paul can say, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Gene Warman, 7202 Madison Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46227, (Southport area); We have a meeting scheduled May 26-.Itne 2. Bobby Owens of Tampa, Florida, will do the preaching. I will do the preaching in a meeting at the Old Gospel Hill congregation near Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, April 21-28. We have had two baptisms and one restoration here at Southport recently.

Jerry Parker, 5327 York Rd. Charlotte, N. C. On March 3, I started work with this small group of Christians. This is the only congregation in the Charlotte area that is standing in the "old paths." They stand against all innovations, for example, "The Herald of Truth." They contend for a "thus saith the Lord" in all spiritual matters. When in this area, worship with us.

Another faithful and loyal congregation had its beginning in Saratoga, California on March 13, 1968. The first Lord's Day meeting was attended by 72 in the morning and 77 in the evening. Much interest has been generated in the starting of this new work.

The meeting place for the new work is the Odd Fellows hall and the Fireman's hall (the buildings are next to each other) in Saratoga. The street is 14414 Oak St. Saratoga, California.

The time of our meetings until school is out will be as follows. Sunday morning 8 to 9 A.M. Sunday evening 5 to 7P.M. Wednesday 7:30 to 8:30 P.M. We have rooms for six classes and both buildings are equipped with nice places for group assembly.

Brother Warren R. Cheatham has been selected to work with the new congregation. Brother Cheatham has just completed three years work with the good church which meets at 1050 Remington Drive, Sunnyvale. Brother Cheatham's address will remain the same possibly until school is out. There is harmony and fellowship between the two works and support has been offered by the Sunnyvale church if needed.

For further information concerning the Saratoga work you may contact brother Cle Riggins, 7528 De LaFarge, San Jose Phone 252-3498.

Philip R. Morgan, Clasificador 1154, Santiago, Chile: I am constrained to seek support for the men here that I know are prepared to do a good work for Christ. John Bannister has part of his support and will be in Chile within two months with God's help, would like to repeat the appeal I made in November for support for Carlos Capelli. This man has been preaching without support for the past four years in a church he helped start. He is a mechanic making about $200 monthly but would be willing to take a cut to $150 monthly in order to dedicate his full time to the work in his country where there is only 1 supported worker and 25 million people. He will need at least this amount because he will be marrying a young lady from the congregation here next month. The church he works with is in Bella Vista, but he lives in a smaller town near the city proper. For more information you may write to me or to him at Casilla 12, Derqui, Buenos Aires, Argentina.