Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 12, 1968


The church is looking for a preacher. I have made no plans as yet.

Floyd D. Chappelear - 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

John M. Wilson: The Church of Christ, which meets on Calla Ave. here closed one of the best meetings last evening, with Brother Elmer Moore, from Lufkin, Texas doing the preaching in most of it. Brother Glenn Melton, of Highland, Texas preached the last service. (The best meeting we have had, since the beginning of this congregation). Three families came with Bro. Moore, Bro. James Wilson and wife of Houston, Texas, Bro. Glenn Melton, wife and children, and sister Melton's sister from Highlands, and Beaumont, Texas.

These three men are all faithful Gospel preachers, taking their vacation time coming here and helping out in this Gospel effort. There was more than half of this city visited by these men, going from door to door, handing out tracts and inviting people to the meeting.

There were some twelve or fifteen hundred tracts handed out during the meeting and was carried by grown men, experienced men, who asked to enter those homes and talk to people about their soul salvation, and did on many occasions. The reception to these men was great. They did not enter these homes with a "chip on their shoulder," trying to pick some argument, but pleading for New Testament Christianity. We thank God for men like these, who will come, not only come but will work, while here.

The preaching was good and true to the book. Many have heard and many have read the tracts. There was no additions at this time, but the seed was sown, and we are sure there will be a harvest. We recommend these brethren anywhere for Gospel meetings. It was my first time to have the pleasure of laboring with them. Frederick, Okla.

Paul K. Williams: Brother Mokoka and I have been studying for more than two months with Mr. David Mzolo. Mr. Mzolo was a preacher for the Apostolic Faith Mission church, a Holiness denomination which practices triune immersion. This 66 year old man was troubled about some of the doctrines of his church and came to bro. Mokoka desiring help in understanding the scriptures.

From the beginning, Mr. Mzolo showed keen interest — Last Thursday afternoon, after we had finished a study of the Holy Spirit, he said he was very interested in being baptized. However, he said that there were some things about his circumstances which I must understand.

It seems that it is the policy of the South African Government not to allow any African to remain in a city unless he has a job. The government is "deporting" the jobless Africans back to the homelands of their tribes. Thus if Mr. Mzolo were to leave the Apostolic Faith Mission, he would have to have his pass changed. In leaving the Apostolic Faith Mission, he would become unemployed, subject to being sent away from the house he has built, etc.

I told him that I could not promise him a job as a preacher, but I said that we would do what we could to help him, as we would any needy Christian. With only that assurance, he decided to be baptized.

Bro. Mzolo has been preaching for about three different African congregations and expects to have influence in bringing them to the truth. We pray that this will happen. We will face the problem of his support in the near future. I did my best to discourage any hope of much support, as I did not want such a hope to be any part of his decision to become a Christian. But we may be forced to give him support to keep him from being sent away. Pray that our decisions will be the best. If it is necessary to give him some support, I think the Johannesburg church can manage it temporarily.

M. Fred Stacey P.O. Box 42075, Blue Ash, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242: If any of the brethren could supply me with information concerning a church of Christ in Bangkok, Thailand I would greatly appreciate it. We want to know if there is a church there and if so where it is located. Write me at the above address.

An Unusual Appeal for Help Ezekiel A. Akinyemi, P.O. Box 4064 — U.I., Ibadan, Nigeria; Greetings. I am a gospel preacher who have had some association with the American gospel preachers who have labored in Nigeria. Last month, June, I launched a monthly gospel paper, the sole aim of which is to teach and defend the truth.

Please, I seek an obligation from churches in America that may be willing to help me. I have read some of the bulletins they publish. These bulletins can be of much help to me if only I can have a regular supply of them. Please, I wish you help me appeal to churches through the Gospel Guardian to put me on their mailing lists for their bulletins. I know this will cost them extra postage, but they can be contented they are helping me in a good cause. They can think of what good it will do me as an editor to learn of their experiences and current problems.

(Editor's note) Brethren, this seems to be a most worthy request. Please note: He is not asking for funds to run his journal but rather is seeking help in preaching the gospel through the medium of the printed page. Help him if you can.

Alert to the Dangers of Evolution If you are interested in learning more about the findings of scientists who reject the theory of Evolution and accept God's word as a perfect revelation to mankind you are in luck. An organization known as the "Creation Research Society" was formed in 1964. If you would like to learn more about this group and perhaps join it write brother Eugene Britnell, P. O. Box 3012, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203. Dues for sustaining membership are $5.00 per year. For this, you will receive four quarterlies each year, one of which will be the annual yearbook. These will contain articles by various members of the Society as well as reviews of pertinent scientific literature. It looks worth investigating.

Iverson To Hold Meetings Brother John Iverson has resigned his work with the fine Red Bluff congregation in Pasadena, Texas, and will be devoting his full time to the holding of gospel meetings. This is a work he loves, and in which he has very few equals among faithful gospel preachers. The Red Bluff congregation (perhaps with the help of another church or two) is going to underwrite Brother Iverson's support, thus making it possible for him to assist many small and struggling congregations which are unable to have a meeting with their own resources. He plans to enter this new field of labor by September 1. Any congregation desiring to contact him for a meeting may write him at 2614 Pickerton, Blvd., Deer Park, Texas.

Voyd N. Ballard, P.O. Box 236, Lafayette, Calif. 94549: During the past eight years my preaching work has been with the church in Concord, California. During this time many have been taught the Truth and continue to live in faithful obedience to the same. Six men have been taught and trained and developed into faithful gospel preachers, and these continue to preach the Word. Two of these six men are now serving as elders in a faithful congregation in the state of Oregon.

I would now consider preaching work with another congregation. I am not interested in any place that will not back the preaching of sound doctrine. I would be interested in hearing from any congregation that needs a preacher to "preach the word."

W. E. Coffman, 2706 East 51st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105: Shortly after beginning my seventh year with the Southside church in Tulsa, I asked the elders to release me, if possible by September 1.