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August 8, 1968

Gospel Guardian Gram

Cecil B. Douthitt At Southside In Fort Smith

After "retiring four times" elder Cecil B. Douthitt has accepted fulltime preaching responsibilities with the Southside congregation in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Brother Douthitt has been preaching the gospel of Christ for 54 years. Included in the places of his service are Park Hill in Ft. Smith, Haldeman Avenue in Louisville, Ky., Southside in Brownwood, Texas, 19th and Broadway in Paducah, Ky., Birmingham, Ala., Lakeland, Florida, and Martin, Tennessee. Bro. Douthitt enjoys excellent health and encounters many opportunities to do good for the Cause. He is well respected among Ft. Smith Christians as he is everywhere. His long life of service continues and it appears he has settled on Ft. Smith as home. He is the sage of the city.

Brother Douthitt's meeting work has taken him into most of the states. He continues to preach in a number of meetings each year. As a writer brother Douthitt has contributed more to the fight against current innovation than can be measured. He has contributed articles to The Gospel Guardian from the beginning. His writings appear frequently as you turn back through the pages of the major publications. He has authored a number of outstanding Bible study helps.

Among the debates in which Douthitt participated was the one with Tom Warren in Houston, Texas. This was a most important event and the liberals were not very enthusiastic about having the debate printed without considerable modification.

Sister Douthitt continues to serve at the side of her husband of fifty years and more. She is a faithful and loyal saint who graces her husband's work with the charms of Christian womanhood. May God bless the Douthitt's with many years.

— W.E.W.