Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 5, 1951

On Starting A New Congregation

Glenn L. Wallace, Abilene, Texas

In Hindley, England, meeting on Argyle Street is a congregation of 115 Christians, and a more loyal and determined congregation cannot be found. Most of these brethren are workers on small wages and are poor in this world's goods, but they are doing an outstanding work for the Master.

Frank Morgan, who has recently been preaching in the United States, is supported as a full time evangelist, and he is sent wherever the elders feel he can do the most to advance the cause of Christ. Two years ago the Hindley church went into the nearby settlement of Ince, and began a "mission" that has continued until this day. There was not a single member in this community of twenty one thousand people, so the work had to be done from the ground up. It was my privilege to preach in a meeting in this town, and I know something of the difficulty of securing a place to conduct a service. Ince has Catholics, Church of England members, Baptists, Methodists, and all the other groups represented in the British Isles. Add to this the reserve of the Britisher and his dislike for anything new, and you will realize the task the brethren faced.

Brother Morgan, Tom Kemp, and others walked the cobblestone streets from house to house, talking, leaving tracts and invitations. Several services each week were conducted, and at last the effort began to produce results. Today, a congregation of twenty one members, composed of former Catholics, Protestants, and some of no former church connection, make up this congregation. This work has been done—not with the use of "loaves and fishes"—but by long hours of faithful preaching of the gospel. The work is a testimony to the determination and sacrifice of the Hindley brethren.

They have done their part, and they have about reached their peak if a suitable place of worship cannot be erected. At present, the little group is meeting in a home, but this is too small and unsatisfactory in many ways. The Hindley Church has already looked toward the purchase of a good location on an important street. They are going ahead with plans to erect a meeting place for the Ince brethren, but without some help it will be a long process. The house can be built for about $3,500.00 or perhaps a little more.

Brethren, here is an opportunity to help a group of people who have not solicited help but who need it. They are members of a nation that suffered much during the war, and if there ever was a sacrificing band of Christians, this group can be called such. The same thing can be said of the British churches in general, but my information about this particular work happens to be greater than about other work. Would you like to help? Then go to your bank and have them write a check on some New York bank that does overseas business, and make the check payable to the "Argyle Street Church of Christ, Hindley, England," and mail to Leonard Morgan, 44 Lord Street, Hindley (Wigan), England, or S. Winstanley, 363 Atherton Road, Hindley Green (Wigan), England. These brethren are elders in that church. Mark your check, "Ince Building Fund." They will acknowledge your gift and will be grateful for your help.